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The Pipe District

Address: 45 Science Park Rd, #01-09/10, S'pore 117407
Opening hours: 11am to 3pm, 6 to 10pm
Contact: +65 6873 0143
For more info:

I was browsing through Instagram to search for new cafes to visit and came across this café serving interesting Charcoal dishes.


Allow me to cover this topic about the food trend recently. I feel people are not giving enough credits for the effort to those who spend so long and so hard to make all these food trendy and interesting for us.

Seems like a trend for having charcoal added to the dishes or food that are with added colouring now.
I guess using charcoal is good way to hide the charred or burnt parts ya? Wahahahaah.

#Food Trends?
#Trendy Food?

Are you up for this fast changing food world now? 

It's no longer about just food tasting good. It is more about their presentations and whether are they worth the hype for the Millennials now.
The layout of your restaurant, café have to look unique too. They have to tell a story, they have to be the whole package. Anything less and you will not expect the crowd. These are what the people are looking out for nowadays.


Recent food trends can go from colourful Rainbow (they also call these Unicorn or Galaxy)  Food and Drinks.....

to Charcoal incorporated Food ~

Character Cafes (Hello Kitty, Pompompurin)
Franchising popular F&B from overseas (Dazzling Cafe, Kiss the Tiramisu)
Cold Brew coffees, 
Durian associated food (even steamboat!), 
Japanese food trends like Chirashi Don and Poke Bowl (healthy eating?)
Cheese cake, Cheese tarts, 
Salted eggs, 
Local Fusion cuisines, 
Avocado trends,
Talot drink, 
Tom Yum Popcorn. 

There are just so many to be constantly keeping up with. It gets pretty exhausting.

BUT as a consumer, I really enjoy all these lah. You know me lah, I like to be on par with trend mah.. Wahahaahaha... Oops.


Ok, enough.

Went a little off the topic there.

Back to The Pipe District~

I went on to check out more about this restaurant.
Their menu seems so interesting, and the layout of the restaurant looks pretty insta-worthy too.

What am I waiting for?
Let's go and check if it's worth all the hype!!

It was further inside of Science Park. You can take the Bus 200 from Exit B or walking which will take you about 15mins from Kent Ridge Mrt (Exit A) with the pace I'm walking ya ... :)
Most probably you can reach earlier at your own pace lah, Wahahhahaha.

Looks pretty chic no?.~

There's indoor and outdoor seating.

Live band are available at the Outdoor area too!
Drink and chill there~ on those days that are not so hot maybe. 

Indoor seatings are surrounded by metals, pipes and wood décor.
Have a feel of an industrial-themed settings with Modern European Cuisine~
Isn't that interesting?
And so Insta-worthy right?
Probably a good place for photo shoots too~

Just for your info, you may also host your own private or even company events here!

Teleported to London~

Realised that we forgotten to order their *MUST TRY Himalayan salt block dishes!
Oh man! 

But no worries, I believed I'll be back here again as there's still many other interesting dishes in their Menu! Really rarely that I will say that I will re-visit a place again but there is something about this place that keeps me wanting to come back for more. HEHE!

Just look at the Chicken Wings Freak Out!
You can choose over 9 different flavors!
I wanna try the Chilli Crab, Satay, Salted Egg, Cheese and Marmite!

Spoilt for choices but there's only the Six of us, and we don't wanna be stuffed only with Chicken wings right?

Handcrafted Pizza~
All those different Pizza bases to choose from!
Green Matcha Pizza sounds interesting right?

Charcoal or Matcha, which to choose?
Fret not, you get to combine Two pizzas into One!
What? We certainly can have the best of both worlds here. LOL!

*Create your own Pasta*
Choose the kind of meat, the pasta and the sauce to your liking~

*The Dark side of Charcoal Fish & Chips*
This is their Signature Battered Fish and Chips!
*Charcoal battered sides*
*Design your own Fries!*

*Their wide selection of drinks menu*


My Goodies all the way from KOREA~ WootWoot!

Thanks Shin Mei Mei~ <3 p="">

Charcoal Smoked Duck with Orange combined with Green Matcha Wild Mushroom @ $27
(This was the create-yourself pizza. This was what we created.)

 I wouldn't say that it was very fantastic, but it does taste not bad~
Looks unique too no?
 Have you ever ate a Charcoal Black Pizza?
Not those Chao Ta (Charred and burnt) Pizza, okay?!
This is being black on purpose, not unintentional.

*Charcoal Battered Onion Rings @ $4! (top picture)
*Charcoal Ocean Calamari @ $8 (right, bottom picture)

Since everything is black, it gets a difficult to tell which is which. 
But all you have to do is to pop them in your mouth and you will know! HAHA!
Look at those serving sizes!!

Salted Egg Butter Chicken Wings @ $10
(topped with Fried Garlic)

This was so good. So appetizing and not oily!
When this dish was served, we unanimously thought that the chicken wings might be soggy because of the thick coat of gravy outside the wings.

Surprisingly it was not! Not. At. All! 
It was still crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
The sauce was so good too, not too gelat. We even use its remaining sauce for the Onion rings~
Don't waste the good stuffs right?

I really think I need to go back there again to try other flavors too!

Atlantic Cod Fish & Chips with Sweet potato Fries @ $24
Served with green salad, tartare sauce and sesame dressings

Choice of  either Sweet potato fries or Normal fries (had to go with those sweet potato fries lah~)

Just take a good look at this! Doesn't it look so special?
Have you seen BLACK BATTERED FISH before?

Next, look at that portion size. Three BIG FAT pieces of Fish!
What more to ask for?!
The fishes are fried nicely. Juicy, flaky and not dry!

Mussels & Clams in Chilli Crab Sauce @ $22
Served with Garlic Bread

Portion of clams and mussels was pretty generous too. 
However, we felt the sauce was not potent enough. Lack of some kick. 
Nonetheless, not a bad dish~

Grilled Salmon, Penne and Pomodoro Orange sauce @ $20
(This was a create-it-yourself dish. So this was what we chose and created.)

Since I have never heard of Pomodoro (and I was lazy to google during that time), so I thought it sounded unique and might taste quite special too.
But when it came and after we have tasted it, it was a little disappointing.
It was just a sauce made with Tomato along with Orange. 
And I feel that it was a tad too dry.
Ok, shall try others the next time I visit then.

Crispy Chilli Softshell Crab Mantou Burger $18
Singapore Chilli Crab sauce, topped with poached eggs, served with wedges and salad

Different texture for each different layers, but it was too big a bite for whole burger.
Had to dissect them and eat them separately. 
One of the poached eggs was overcooked, but the other one was still flowy though. Shall give you a pass then!
The softshell crab was still crispy. Well done!

Nowadays, I see many such Mantou Burger dishes in cafes~ 
Must be trending too eh~ Infusing Asian and Western food together.


Too full, no more room left for dessert~ Wahahahahah
There's always first time for everything. We finally have no more space left for desserts.

A place for blogshop shoot, maybe?

Finish gossiping already or not ah?

Hello from the other side~

Any kind of beliefs are still beliefs. LOL! 

Seemed like a good place to organize a drinking/pool night~

Now if you will excuse me, I shall be your singer for the night~

Where's my band at?

Really love their "industrial" designs.
 Look at how they recycle those pallets into furnitures!

Now, one with my girls~

With the only guy... 
Count yourself lucky to be surrounded by a group of pretty young girls~

And feel free to use their pool table too~!!!

It's free!
First come, first serve basis.
So, just play only!

Total damage about $25/- per pax, which is pretty reasonable right?


I felt this is definitely a place everyone should check it out. 
A nice and cosy place to chill, not too crowded too. 
Prices are definitely affordable for their servings. Food tasted good and with a variety of choices to choose from. 
Service was fast and helpful. Live band available outdoor and you can get to play a few rounds of pool with your friends? 
Have a drink with this humid weather now if that is what you need!

I would rate it a 9/10.

Thanks for reading.
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