Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where and how much i got for my furnitures, appliances, lightings, etc...

Giving you guys some details of where i gotten my furnitures, appliances, lightings, etc...
So that you guys can also have a rough idea of how much these things are gonna cost you when you get a flat!

So i got my most of my furnitures from JB, have been looking around, but still feels that this furniture shop seems more reliable and more variety.
And because Sam's parents gotten their furnitures from them too, so we can get some further discount!
The exchange rate at the time for me was around 2.52.

 photo Lotten_zpsae630522.jpg
Check them out in FB: Lot Ten Furnitures

 photo 20130924_003942_zps431552c5.jpg
Tv console

 photo 20130924_004058_zpsf56ac77e.jpg
We didnt realised that there's LED lightings until it reached our place!
abit beng beng la... lol....
But pretty cool... wahhahaha

 photo 20130924_004106_zpsed871b7a.jpg

 photo 20130924_003834_zpseaa3652b.jpg
Coffee table, which comes along as a set with the TV console.
There's 2 drawers at the side.

 photo 20130924_003842_zps6ae3a9b1.jpg
So, Tv console + Coffee table cost RM2350 = ~SGD930

 photo 20130924_004327_zps479e45f4.jpg
3 seater sofa with 2 incliner...

 photo 20130924_004410_zps2aaa85e1.jpg
Quite cool right...
It can go even lower when you are lying on it...
Looks like Lorenzo right.... lol

 photo 20130924_004525_zps55cf48f9.jpg
1 sofa seater with incliner...

 photo 20130924_004620_zps5be587b6.jpg
Leather Sofa
- One 3-seater sofa with 2 incliners
- One 1-seater with 1 incliner
- Two squarish sofa

This cost RM 6350 = ~SGD 2500

 photo IMG_9456_zpsd3504d18.jpg
Dining set (1 table + 6 chairs) + glass panel on the top to prevent scratches
This cost RM 2280 = ~SGD905

 photo 20130924_003314_zpsa7131adf.jpg
Rose wood table with 2 drawers
Cost RM 400 = ~SGD 158

 photo IMG_8383_zps99c4f862.jpg
Master Bedroom set
- white bed frame
- wadrobe
- 2 pcs side tables
- 1 dressing table with mirror

We got it at RM3600 = ~SGD1430
Pretty worth it isn't it?

Master bedroom Queen size matress plus 2 pillows
- cost RM 2900 = ~SGD1150
Forgotten what brand was the mattress, but was a pretty not bad one...
Their mattress over there are not bad, they have got some brands, but just couldnt remember suddenly...

 photo 20130924_005342_zps8ed22e19.jpg
My queen size bed..... if only my room is big enough for a King size.... :(

 photo 20130924_004949_zpsc0606343.jpg
My master room wasn't big enough to place the BIG BIG wadrobe... so i placed it in my blue blue guestroom....
And i super duper love this wadrobe with so many compartments

 photo 20130924_005055_zps7cb6bbaf.jpg
There's 3 columns...

 photo 20130924_005121_zpsba0591bf.jpg
eh... sorry... my bags are abit messy....
But that's the best that i can place it liao.....

 photo 20130924_005327_zps3a162744.jpg
2 side tables provided.

 photo 20130924_005415_zps4bf62916.jpg
Supposed to be a dressing table with a big mirror...
But i chose to use it as my drawers for my home clothes! :)

 photo 20130924_004716_zps83c7af2b.jpg
mini chair for the dressing table... placed it in the study room instead.

 photo 20130924_004915_zps563c6439.jpg
Guestroom pull out bed
Cost RM 800 = ~SGD317

Guestroom bed mattress (1 super single & 1 single)
Cost Rm 690 = SGD273

 photo 20130924_005452_zps5633e600.jpg
Bought this smaller customised wadrobe for RM2600 = ~SGD1030
Just realised not very cheap actually.... making myself feel better... i'm paying for the workmanship...

 photo 20130924_005517_zpse1fab54a.jpg

 photo 20130924_005536_zpsae64e9ba.jpg

So, in total we spent RM21920 in that furniture shop,
after GST will be RM23507.90.
And RM300 for Levy.....
Final cost: Rm 23807.90 = ~SGD 9838 deliver to your doorstep
Ok la, pretty reasonable with so many stuffs...
I doubt you can get this price in Singapore.

For lightings, i really strongly recommend ppl if you are able to drive around JB....
They are really so much cheaper and more variety...

Along Molek, plentong areas, there's a whole street of shophouses sellings lightings.

 photo 20130924_005712_zpsbfea9bae.jpg
Got this KDK ceiling fan at RM405 = SGD160 with controller.
You definitely cant get this price in singapore...
Have checked in singapore, its selling around 400++

 photo 20130924_010403_zpsfc2f9652.jpg
Gotten this Alpha heater also in JB, same place where i gotten my KDK ceiling fan.
This cost RM375 = ~SGD148
This is selling around $200+ in singapore

 photo 20130924_004203_zpse140797f.jpg
2 Ceiling lights (living room & masterroom)
LED.... it looks pretty cool...
RM 196 for both, so its only SGD77 for 2 ceiling lights.

 photo 20130924_010905_zps4dfcaf31.jpg
Kitchen ceiling lightings at RM120 for 2. = SGD48

 photo 20130924_003243_zps63f44430.jpg
Dining Table light cost RM154 = ~SGD61
You cant get this price in singapuuuuu

 photo 20130924_003132_zpsf119b95e.jpg

 photo 20130924_003213_zpsd7d2d3e2.jpg
3 ball lighting along my short corridor cost RM 150 = SGD 59

 photo 20130924_003732_zps693c94e2.jpg

 photo 20130924_003605_zps67a6ec41.jpg
Apple shaped ceiling light for my green guestroom.
This costs RM250, slightly more ex but cos i love the design la!
But its still cheap, only SGD99!

I have also gotten 2 bulb holder for my both toilets, looks pretty cool enough...
Forgotten to take pics. Come over my house to view then! wahahha
2 bulb holders cost RM10 = SGD4? so cheap!

I have also gotten 2 downlight ( i used to thought its called spotlight) lol....
Cost only RM86 which is better quality ones.... LED de lei... only SGD34?!!

Those uglier normal ones can cost only RM10-20!

Anyway..... ppl always say i'm pretty lucky and fortunate....
Was treated as a princess in the past at home... dont have to do housework... dont have to wash my clothes, iron my clothes, cook, etc.... 
But now i'm doing a great job... ok anyway that's not the point....
Wanna say that.... All that we have gotten in JB were paid by Sam's parents :)
And our renovations were paid by my parents!

Am really grateful and appreciated their help!
I'm a fortunate girl :)

Below are some of the stuffs we gotten in Singapore, and of cos we paid for these... :):):)

 photo 20130924_004809_zps44872245.jpg
Sofa bed - Navy/ivory stripes $279 + delivery $29.90
Total cost $308.90 from Courts

 photo 20130924_011636_zps95b79617.jpg
Got this table from IKEA, if i'm not wrong it should cost around $249?
Self assembly.
Table for the study room.

 photo IMG-20130713-WA0032_zps96143568.jpg
Tokyo storage shoe bench (white) $95 from V.hive (Jurong point)

 photo IMG-20130713-WA0036_zpsc838c6ff.jpg
Camry shoes cabinet $289.
After 5% discount, its $274.55
Free delivery, from V.hive too.

Below stuffs are from SPAZIO BATH & KITCHEN which is at Balestier....
- 2 sets of 1pcs toilet bowl + 2 toilet sinks ($330 per set) = $660
- PVS bottle trap included
- Basin tap (common toilet) $41
- Basin tap (masterroom) $59
- 2 sets of sprayer set and angle valve ($35 per set) = $70

 photo 20130924_010454_zps6790c295.jpg
This is called the 1 pc toilet bowl...
Dunno what it means right??!!!
Currently, 1 pcs toilet bowl are more popular over here, it looks more modern...
And of cos it will cost slightly more than 2 pcs toiletbowl.
If you still dont understand the difference, go google the pics...
Dont bother buying those branded all expensive ones, cos they always change their spare parts, and might be troublesome for you in future, if you have to change any spare parts inside...

 photo 20130924_010427_zps4a72fddc.jpg
Got this at $35, which i think you can get much cheaper ones at NTUC...

 photo 20130924_010415_zpsea10a378.jpg

 photo 20130924_010505_zps63171cf7.jpg

 photo 20130924_010537_zps638142bd.jpg
Got this at around $50plus

 photo 20130924_010724_zps8231ccfc.jpg

 photo 20130924_010808_zps39d409be.jpg

Below stuffs are from VIVA NUEVA PTE LTD also at Balestier area

Rain shower for Common toilet: $250
Kitchen sink + PVC bottle trap: $120
Kitchen sink Tap: $60

 photo 20130924_010827_zps2a3eec4f.jpg

 photo 20130924_010919_zpsfa79b37c.jpg

 photo 20130924_010937_zps614abac6.jpg

 photo 20130924_011018_zpsf3a871b3.jpg

 photo 20130924_011101_zps0be289f5.jpg
Got this at Jurong point for around $10+++

 photo 20130924_011257_zpsd9aec368.jpg
Got this Fridge during the IT & appliances fair at Expo...

LG GR-M562GSH 2 Doors Fridge

 photo 20130924_012515_zps690a8de4.jpg
Child lock, Fast Freezingk, Hygiene fresh, adjusting the temperature

 photo 20130924_012503_zps298924f0.jpg

 photo 20130924_012047_zpsa897f5f8.jpg
Got this Philips airfryer at $269 with free extra pan at IMM Best Denki.

You can also get it at Jurong Point Fairprice extra, i saw its selling at $279 but giving quite some goodies.

 photo 20130924_012229_zps55585292.jpg
Hello kitty sandwich maker bought at appliance fair at $37

 photo 20130924_012236_zps4c7e39e2.jpg

Bought the Fumehood and stoves at KAH HOCK REPAIRER & TRADING 
Blk 87 Circuit Road, #01-989, 370087

Sam got to know this seller through online forums. The guy quoted us with quite food price actually.
And you dont actually need to go down to the shop. You can just tell him the model and colour that you want. Upon delivery, you can then pay him.

People recommend that Fujioh is a better brand for fumehoods and Rinnai for the stove.
Actually they have packages like Rinnai fumehood and Rinnai stove and likewise for Fujioh which will be cheaper. But we thought of just pay a little more extra to have better ones.

Rinnai's fumehood need to use charcoal, so troublesome... you need to always change charcoal.
Fujioh has got a little container to absorb the oil or residues, blah... till date.. i have not clear it... lol...

I've also bought the Sharp washing machine from them which is slightly cheaper than in retail shops.
This washing machine got this Ag+ Ion benefits.

Rinnai Gas Hob(RB7502D-GBS) & Fujioh Gas Hood (GF900V) $1,140
Sharp Washing Machine (ESR 90 HNA) (9kg load) $465

 photo 20130924_012324_zpsdbfe4163.jpg

 photo 20130924_012345_zpsfee6b130.jpg

 photo 20130924_012405_zps66a4b9fa.jpg

 photo 20130924_012310_zps4e8fe0a6.jpg

 photo 20130924_012411_zpsa2e355b3.jpg

 photo 20130924_012531_zps915c2f4f.jpg

 photo 20130924_012539_zpsb020989c.jpg

 photo 20130924_012601_zps39962b01.jpg

 photo 20130924_011322_zps24f6247e.jpg
Got this 47inch TV during IT fair.

LG 47LA6200 47" Cinema 3D Smart TV
- 3 years warranty
- HDMI cable
- Blue ray player
- Four 3D glasses
- Free wall mounting

 photo 20130924_011410_zpsae8249d3.jpg
Got this 42inch TV during IT fair.

Toshiba 42       LED TV
- DVD player
- Free wall mounting

 photo 20130924_011343_zpsb81ba6ba.jpg
Big mirror for my dining area from IKEA
This cost $169.

That's about it for my house decos.

Check out my before after renovations
Renovation of my new home nest.....

Come visit my place during my mini housewarming on 2nov2013!

Next, I'll post on my wedding stuffs! (preparation work, wedding day, wedding night, etc.)
However, it will take a while I guess.
Cos, I have resumed my studies sadly... so will take some time to blog about it.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my posts.
Should you have any queries, feel free to drop me a mail at

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