Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spathe Public House

Address: 8 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #01-01, Spore 238958
Contact no: +65 67351035
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 12pm to 11pm
Sat & Sun 10am to 11pm

For more updates:

Asked my colleagues for some good Café recommendations and from the list that she gave me, "Spathe Public House" sort of pique my interest. "Spathe" is actually pronounced as "Speyth" which is what you call the first petal when a flower blooms. Interesting isn't it?

And so, I was walking pass some shops in Liang Court and I happened to come across this shop selling super duper cute and princess-y bed frames for children.

OH MY GOONDESS!~ I want to get one for Valerie leh! But sadly, my house is not big enough~ SAD! SO SAD!

Well, perhaps we shall see in another few years. Thinking of revamping my house when little Valerie grows a little more. :)


So pretty right?!

I had to use GPS to locate the Café. Seriously, I don't think we can live without technology nowadays.



HAHAH! Punny!

I really like the place and the ambience.
It's a Brick and Timber shophouse kind of concept.
This place is not too noisy too so you can chit-chat with your friends and family comfortably without having to raise your voice while having some drinks.
Quite a decent place to chill. I APPROVE!






The Menu~

Hi, Wendy!

Who's this pretty boy?!

oh. it's a lady. Go away la...






Sous Vide Spanish Octopus Salad $23
(Mixed leaves, orange, crispy shallots, honey, whole-grain mustard vinaigrette)
Very, very generous portion of Octopus. It was cooked properly so it was tender and tasty. The overall taste for this salad was flavorful with a tinge of tangy citrus from the pieces of orange. 

Nutella Iced Chocolate $10
Super sinful but it's cheat-day with my girlfriends!!!
IT'S DAYUMSSS~ and actually, it wasn't as sweet as we expected! So that made us a little less guilty I suppose. Also, NOT GELAT AT ALL!

Spathe Garlic Fries $8

My colleague told me that this is a "die die must-order" dish and so we must order lah.
We find it not too bad, nothing can really go wrong with garlic isn't it. Seems like there are Salted Radish (Chye Poh) which I think in a way helps to enhance the flavor of this dish.
Not too shabby. Something different from our usual Truffle Fries or just plain normal fries.

Signature Black Bun Lobster Burger $35
(Whole Lobster tail, Hash browns, Avocados & Braised Tomatoes)

 Insta-, Snapchat-, Facebook-Worthy dish...
So much to catch up with social media nowadays, too many social media, too little time~
Though the lobster was quite big, it was tad overcook and a bit tough. Maybe it is frozen because obviously fresh lobster tail would have cost much more. The Braised Tomatoes made the bottom layer of the burger became soggy. I, personally would suggest them to separate the sauce instead.
Overall, the burger don't taste too bad lah. I have tried way worst.


Belgian Waffle & Fried Chicken $17
(With Spathe classic Texan spiced sauce)
Singapore have a lot of different rendition of Chicken & Waffles, and I have tried a few and I don't quite get the whole "Sweet & Savory" idea.
But this, is really one of the better ones.
We loved the texture and the waffles is so light and fluffy! The chicken itself is very flavorful and it tasted even better after you pour the sauce over it.
This dish makes me want to keep going for another bite. YUMS!

Photos taken by Wendy.
Our in-house Photographer.


Time to let down our hair and have some DRINKS~
Ciders (left to right)
Magners Apple $16, Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime $13, Kopparberg Pear $13
I like the Strawberry & Lime one. It's very refreshing. I LOVE!
Ever since I got pregnant two years ago, I have been cutting down my alcohol intake and I also hardly seem to like drinking already. I guess that is a good thing. haha!
Cheers, Sisters!

Decided to order some fries to go along with our Drinks!

Sweet Potato Truffle Fries $10
Nothing fantastic, the fries were a little soggy. Maybe it was us that are not used to sweet potatoes and truffles together, I'm not sure. So, I think we will just stick to the Garlic Fries then. :)




That's all for today's entry!
Hope you enjoy~
Stay tuned for more updates.
If you guys have any requests or any cafes that you would love me to do a review on, just drop me a comment or an email.

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