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Timbre Plus

Address: 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, Spore 139957
Opening hours:
Mon to Thurs 6am to 12am
Fri & Sun 6am to 1am
Closed on Sun
Live music performances on Mon and from Wed to Sat nights.

For more updates:

By MRT: Drop off at One-North MRT Station. Go to level one of Fusionpolis via exit C. Exit the main building, cross the street (Ayer Rajah Avenue) and locate Launchpad Block 79 (green building).

Saw lotsa people sharing posts on Facebook about this new hype Timbre + or Timbre Plus. Apparently, it is one of those "Must-go" places now with their "Must-try" dishes too.

It is not difficult to locate the place at all! Just follow the directions that I've provided above.
Easy peasy~

and Here we are!

Looks rather cool from the outside.

It looks like a hawker-centre-kind of concept.

Some stalls were closed. Maybe they were opened for daytime crowds.

We checked online for some of the Must-Eat recommendations... and of course we wanted to try them out to see if they are really as good as they are said to be. Tsktsk.

It's quite hot and stuffy in the inside, we gotten our seats more to the open area, which is cooler and slightly windy.

 First dish from KUSH:

Chicken Curry Rice Bowl $10.80
(Grilled Chicken, Grandma's Rempah)
All Rice Bowls come with Japanese Rice, Onsen Egg and Sambal Kang Kong

It's an interesting dish in my opinion. With Japanese Short Grain rice, Onsen Egg, along with the Curry Chicken and their Sambal Kang Kong. Can you imagine that combination?

Their Grilled Chicken was tender with that smokey, charred note. The sauce wasn't shioks though...
It felt like a drier version of a curry but doesn't taste like a curry. The Kang Kong was a tad overcooked. Overall, I felt that the idea is creative but still not as fantastic as it sounds.

So, then again if you were to ask me if I will order it again, I will tell you I won't because the price is slightly steep for something so simple and definitely not worth the hype.

Notice the extra $1 charge for Tray deposit on the receipt?
Timbre+ operates a $1 return tray system. So, when you order food which require a tray, you will have to pay $1 as a deposit. After you finish your food, clear up and return your tray at the collection point, you can have your $1 return.

Please be reminded to place 1 tray at a time. The sensor can't sense stacked trays, and my friend did that.. and lugi the $1.... lol.

Now it's the Salted Egg Craze... and of course we are in the craze together with the rest of them.
I mean, who could resist Salted Eggs on everything!

We ordered a portion of Kush's Salted Egg Fries too because it was also mentioned under the "Must-Try!" section. Hmmmmm.

Salted Egg Fries $8.50

It was quite disappointing. I tell you why... before I collect the Fries, inside my head was a bowl of fries with generous amount of Salted Egg sauce all over, just like how KFC's Cheese Fries would look like.
But nope, it came with the sauce on the side... and because the sauce wasn't warm so it's thick and a little sad. The Fries were hard and dry too.

Not worth the hype... at all.

Next are the Nasi Lemak Handrolls from Dusk

It is selling at 3 for $10 for these Nasi Lemak ones. There are quite a few other kind of Handrolls. The thing is, you don't get to mix them at 3 for $10! BUT WHY?!

We all felt that these Handrolls are really quite interesting. Look at these, Nasi Lemak in Handrolls leh. How much more Fusion can these get already? They taste pretty decent too! We enjoyed it! The Nasi in the Nasi Lemak very Lemak leh... Haha!!

They also got add Peanuts and Ikan Bilis inside to complete the whole package hor! Mai Siao Siao!

So does these pretty little things worth the hype? Of course!

Next up: Salted Egg Wings from Two Wings

The wings are exactly how they look, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. These factors would be good enough for normal fried wings but we ordered the Salted Egg Wings and so we felt that the Salted Eggs taste wasn't strong enough. And you can see quite an amount of oil on the board... quite disappointed actually.

Read online that we should actually order the Original Wings from Two Wings instead.

And because we felt like having some Luncheon Meat Fries, so we ordered some along with the wings from Two wings.

I really never had dry Luncheon Meat before but this is really really very dry! I could have done a better job with my Airfryer at home than this...

$14.90 for 6 pcs Chicken (mixture of drumlets  & wings) + Luncheon Meat Fries + 1 Soft drink

Worth the hype?
Maybe Just the Wings.

The next dishes from Portico Platos

Compression of Rock Melon with Jamon Serrano Ham with Herb Pesto Dressing $10

Compression of fruits is to give the food an attractive translucent appearance and a pleasant, surprising texture.
The appearance was rather interesting and creative. Juicier and softer than usual Rock Melon.
Having it together with the Ham and pesto sauce... gave a tinge of sweet and savory, it's not that bad.
Would make a great starter or appetizer.

But I probably would not order it again. It is unique but not amazingly enticing.

Worth the hype?
Maybe for once.

Pacatas Bravas, Black Garlic Mayo $10

Fried Potatoes cubes with their special concoction sauce.
This was surprisingly good. The potatoes were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and goes very well with the sauce too!

Worth the hype?
Yes, not too bad!

Argh? There's GST for this stall.

Our Food~!

They have a wide varieties of beer! Much needed for our hot and humid weather!
And also due to the humid weather, the ice melts twice as fast and thus, the beers are not so chilled.

Also, you have to queue quite a bit for the beers because they are the only store that sells beer so everyone are queuing for their beer. Imagine the beers are no longer chilled even before you made it back to your table... boo....

Met a few familiar faces...

Everyone's here to tryout this new place!

The loser lost and got punished with our leftovers again! 

Done with our food!

Please remember to return your trays and stuffs to claim back your $1.

The place where you return your tray

The trays were detected by the sensor, so once you have placed your tray in the conveyor, you will get your $1 refund.

But please take note! No stacking of the trays, the sensor cannot sense stacked trays... they are not that SMART!

My dear friend over estimated the machine and placed a stacked tray into it and only gotten back $1! HAHA!

Our overall experiences at Timbre+ was not as good as we anticipated. We don't really enjoy majority of the food we tried and they are kind of overpriced. Maybe this kind of price would be more understand if we were to dine in a restaurant?

They have live bands performing there the night we went but the songs selection were so-so too.

Please dress casually and lightly, the entire place is not air-conditioned at all. We chose the place right under the fan and yet we were still feeling warm.

So, is the food and place worth the HYPE?

Answer is NO! Sorry, but we won't be back again~
But people out there, of course you may still feel free to have a visit though :)
Visit and let me know your views!

Thanks for reading :)

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