Monday, April 22, 2013

A day out with the love ones.

Finally a day out with my Precious again!
Saw many ppl posted pictures of some lego exhibition, so decided to check it out!

So, have found online that its the Art of the Brick exhibition, and was extended to 26 May 2013.

The Art of the Brick
the Art of Brick

A short little background of the Art of the Brick exhibition.

Unlike most people, New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya never stopped building, creating and exploring his own imagination using LEGO® bricks which he has played with since a young age. In this critically acclaimed and the first major museum exhibition to use LEGO bricks as the sole art medium, Sawaya transforms them into awe-inspiring and thought-provoking sculptures, elevating the toy to the realm of art.The Art of the Brick at ArtScience Museum will be the biggest yet, showcasing 52 sculptures including the iconic sculpture Yellow, a 6-meter long T-rex dinosaur skeleton, and – to be unveiled for the first time – a sculpture of ArtScience Museum.

Next coming up would be-> Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb

Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb
Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb
Opening 27 April 2013 (Tickets available 1 April 2013)

So there's 6 of us (Me, Sam, Rayne, Steven, Sorsan & Lijia).
Tickets selling at $15.
For Singaporean and PR, at a discounted rate of $13.

 photo pictures121_zps2e1f13f7.jpg
Tickets to the entrance of the Exhibition

 photo pictures114_zps26355fd0.jpg
You can also buy a combination of the 2 exhibition tickets at a discounted rate of $24?
I forgot the exact price, its between $24-$26.

 photo pictures136_zps7d9635b5.jpg
Time to go in!

          photo pictures141_zps0dee2add.jpg
Too excited!

 photo pictures219_zps530c5e0b.jpg
The Art of the Brick~!

 photo pictures134_zps3346477e.jpg

 photo 564703_10151374005642549_264933378_n_zps41cf4c04.jpg
A group photo~

 photo pictures116_zps33d9231b.jpg

 photo pictures147_zps47dd9880.jpg
The man~

 photo pictures159_zps1caf520c.jpg

 photo pictures145_zpsbfb787c3.jpg

 photo pictures151_zps6a91138c.jpg

 photo pictures142_zps65fea3a0.jpg
Its apple against Apple!

 photo pictures140_zps0b29b1cd.jpg

 photo pictures161_zpsee7decfd.jpg
My hand aint long enough...

 photo pictures162_zps6a75396b.jpg
Sarang hae (V)

 photo pictures163_zpse21a1d0a.jpg

 photo pictures152_zps801bfd45.jpg

 photo pictures157_zps7b12186d.jpg

 photo pictures158_zps210b4e1c.jpg

 photo pictures190_zpsfa560f47.jpg

 photo pictures191_zps1110a577.jpg

 photo pictures192_zpsbe3076be.jpg
Save the Earth!

 photo pictures177_zpse1b7b5be.jpg
Lego app~

 photo pictures234_zpsf0e2d296.jpg
You can download Lego app in appstore.

 photo pictures176_zpsdd7881d1.jpg

 photo pictures180_zps24c112e8.jpg

 photo pictures179_zps24ff032d.jpg

 photo pictures178_zps56d001f7.jpg

 photo pictures172_zps31ed8e04.jpg

 photo pictures117_zpsdf9f6bda.jpg
its MBS

 photo pictures181_zps21d89a06.jpg

 photo pictures171_zps712fc9a0.jpg

 photo pictures170_zps1682e76f.jpg

 photo pictures169_zpsa1169ee6.jpg
This shot is taken by my hubby. He always like to take this kinda shot.
He's saying that its missing something down there!

 photo pictures185_zps183599b9.jpg

 photo pictures188_zps689d8095.jpg

 photo pictures182_zps6ac70f73.jpg

 photo pictures164_zps6bfc0a30.jpg
Our shadow~

 photo pictures165_zpsd3c25296.jpg
What's happening behind the scene~!

 photo pictures168_zps0bcb3281.jpg
For that, he's going to KILL his wife!

 photo pictures166_zps7b2f47a2.jpg
After all the quarreling and fighting, we are back to normal again~!

 photo pictures167_zps048719fe.jpg
lovingly always~

 photo pictures193_zps2e88c694.jpg

 photo pictures196_zps3e03b1f6.jpg

 photo pictures198_zps0490177d.jpg
He and his silly acts again~

 photo pictures199_zpsb38b9c15.jpg

 photo pictures200_zps6df3eb81.jpg
Not sure is Lijia afraid of the dinosaur or afraid of me!

 photo pictures204_zpsf86099ec.jpg
This is pretty cool... the lightings and shadow...

 photo pictures208_zps8bee8a91.jpg

 photo pictures209_zps96b10bb8.jpg

 photo pictures206_zps59e40efb.jpg

 photo pictures207_zps3037b067.jpg
Seriously, this clean freak guy is pressing his face against this elastic frame

 photo pictures215_zps55880c33.jpg
Foot reflexology, a little painful to walk over it in a fast speed though.

 photo pictures217_zps4bb91394.jpg
Its lego notebook

   photo pictures119_zps42faa15e.jpg
Writing his lame wish again...

   photo pictures120_zps517e2d0c.jpg
Spreading to the world, "Siak, Siap, Siazz, Jiam, Siaozz, Long Juan Feng..."
dont understand? nvm.... Its lame anyway.

After the exhibition, we actually planned to have picnic at marina barrage. However, due to the rain, we have decided to go have DIM SUM.
Wendy & Hongzai came to pick us up and we headed to 126!

126 (搵到食) Eating House (Open 24 hours)
126 Sims Ave (between Lor 15 & 17 Geylang), Singapore 387449Singapore

This is my 2nd or 3rd time visiting, somehow i feel the standard dropped quite a bit...
The food tasted soso....

 photo pictures122_zps0d8fcb85.jpg
century egg with minced meat porridge.
The toppings were generous though

 photo pictures124_zps56babca7.jpg
Xiao long bao with no soup inside, although the waitress already reminded us that there were no soup, we still decided to have a try.
And it really turned out to be not so nice.
Can skip this dish in future.

 photo pictures125_zpsee88cc47.jpg
Har gao~ taste pretty not bad

 photo pictures126_zps34a9a7c7.jpg
siew mai ~ its quite nice and juicy

 photo pictures127_zps37cca298.jpg
Glutinous rice ~ pretty dry, wouldnt recommend this

 photo pictures128_zpsc5f69db6.jpg
Char siew bao ~ i find it not too bad. I particularly prefer this kinda charsiew bao than those fully sealed kind...

 photo pictures129_zps569ad891.jpg
mini liu sa bao ~ its so cute.. a bite size liu sa bao, but it doesnt flow like it should though...

 photo pictures130_zpsf15c6692.jpg
chee cheong fan~ i would recommend this, its pretty nice with its sauce.
we had one with char siew and one with prawn.

 photo pictures131_zpse7df59f3.jpg
Kou rou bao ~ a little dry, lucky the pork wasnt too fat though.

After our high tea, the rain has finally stopped. So we decided to head to Marina barrage to fly kite, chit chat and 吹吹风~!!

 photo 58552_10151320497501150_114717222_n_zps5efb3c29.jpg

 photo 10053_10151320501046150_561537765_n_zpsb91b41d5.jpg
Save water please~!

 photo 72098_10151320501076150_168086534_n_zps2918dafc.jpg
Remember to bend your legs a little when taking full body shots!

 photo 46991_10151320501486150_510466302_n_zps460c4f70.jpg

 photo 13925_10151320494551150_790367157_n_zps121b6f9d.jpg

 photo 69077_10151320496251150_95655730_n_zpsf18930da.jpg
its bubble effects....
Wendy and Hong Zai.

 photo 524705_10151320496311150_18339091_n_zpsa757221f.jpg
Steven & Rayne.

 photo 529089_10151320498201150_1443505860_n_zps510d0987.jpg

 photo 524842_10151320495861150_612243966_n_zpsf88646b6.jpg
Wendy & Lijia

 photo 320000_10151320500131150_343413987_n_zpsc751fcc2.jpg
When was the last time i play with this~!!!

 photo 541409_10151320499731150_76017800_n_zps133361e1.jpg
i sat a little ugly & boyish.... but... THAT'S ME!
and Sam's like it~ chey.

 photo 563850_10151320497026150_207394076_n_zpscdc93a6e.jpg
The kite couldnt fly up onto the sky though...

 photo 529096_10151320499886150_887559130_n_zps97cf366e.jpg
Wendy's trying hard to take my unglam photos...
But i'm pretty fine with it... cos i'm BEAUTIFUL!
Any angle oso steady one la!

 photo 733801_10151320499901150_738047133_n_zpsf11f0c50.jpg

After kite flying, we decided to have some dessert!
So we decided to try the nitrogen ice cream.
Its located near Little India Mrt station...

Singapore's only Nitro Cream Cafe. Smooth Ice Cream, Sorbet; Frozen Yoghurt freshly made right in front of you with liquid nitrogen. 40 flavours or invent your own. Products not using flavourings (natural or artificial), preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilizers and are low in sugar. They also do tubs and delivery!

 320 Below Nitro Cream Cafe 33 Mackenzie Road, Singapore 228686
Mon - Thu, Sun: 1 - 10pm Fri - Sat: 1 - 11pm

 photo pictures228_zps20b8b833.jpg

 photo pictures230_zpsbe2395a8.jpg
This is just half the menu board...
Pretty interesting flavors isn't it? Garlic? caramelized onion? blue cheese?
They have lotsa flavors :)

 photo pictures232_zpsafae21b5.jpg

 photo pictures229_zpsaac88fcf.jpg

Ice cream made right in front of you with liquid nitrogen!
Isn't it cool?

   photo icecream_zpsbf114606.jpg
Pic stolen from Wendy.

As usual, i've chose the safest, dark chocolate ice cream (my fave).
It does tasted like ice cream, melt in your mouth.
I wouldnt say its very fantastic, but its rather worth to try once, looking at how the ice cream were made, pretty interesting.

Great thanks to Hong zai, who have drove us around! :):):)

 photo pictures227_zps0e6ae9eb.jpg photo pictures226_zpsc8e42a56.jpg

Cya~ :)

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