Friday, July 26, 2013

My Taiwan trip 3 yrs back

Many people have been asking me for the itinerary of my recent taiwan trip, i shall blog a more detailed one at my next blog, also with some feedbacks of the places i went, if it's worth to go, the hotels i stayed, etc.

I' ve all along wanted to go back to Taiwan, cos its a really a nice place with nice people and GOOD FOOD too!!! The last time i went was 3 years back.

Today, i shall talk a little about the experience i had in Taiwan 3 years ago first.
My rough itinerary of my 3yrs ago taiwan trip is as shown below:

Its during November 2009, its a pretty nice weather to go there during that time... cos its cooling~about 18-25*C if i'm not wrong.

Day 1:
Ximending, Shilin

Day 2:
Yangmingshan, Beitou(hotspring), fisherman wharf, night life (room 18)

Day 3:
Shopping (101, mitsukoshi, Time square, wufen pu/raohe night market)

Day 4:
Breakfast., Guess 3, Shida Night market

Day 5:
Morning train to Hualien, Taroke Park, Overnight at leader village

Day 6:
Farmosa theme park, Overnight at Nantou mingsu

Day 7:
Bus to Taichung, Feng jia night market

Day 8:
Back to Taipei, Shopping at TienMu, Dinner at Hello kitty restaurant

Day 9:
Ding Tai Feng, Travel to Jiu Fen, Keelung, Miaoku Night market, Night life

Day 10:
Home sweet Home

Some pictures taken during the trip,

I went with my colleagues, Sabrina and Song bin. We had lotsa fun, eat, crapping, looking at map...
It was my first trip ti taiwan, and the itinerary and booking of nightstay were done by them...

 photo PB243467_zpsda2563dd.jpg
We left our luggage at taipei... bringing only bagpack to hualien, taichung, etc....

 photo PB220302_zps7d279169.jpg
I think this is in Taipei 101?

 photo IMG_0222_zpsdd498d33.jpg

 photo IMG_0241_zps20307327.jpg
Taroke Park

 photo PB243510_zpscc3cd440.jpg
Lunch at Hua Lien

 photo PB243511_zps8141c06d.jpg
Looks pretty awesome isn't it....

 photo IMG_0274_zpsb5772b13.jpg
We even made friends with our neighbour, i think they are still in my facebook friend lists...

 photo PB213277_zps40b342ac.jpg
Train to Bei tou station... the hot spring station...
Pretty cool

 photo PB210249_zps513fb728.jpg

 photo PB210254_zps3fcfd773.jpg

 photo PB213275_zpsa8a24833.jpg
Have chosen this hotspring place... 3 different tempeature...
All just for uS!!!

 photo PB210257_zps37080c62.jpg
Like a shioks~

 photo PB233403_zps17204a02.jpg
Special Guest: Apple Ng!

 photo PB233433_zpsd4cdaf31.jpg
Isn't it cool? Its 蝴蝶姐姐!

 photo PB233437_zpsca35cc65.jpg
I am NO. 3~!!

 photo PB233439_zpsa9787df1.jpg
Hmmmm, forgotten her name... But she's really slim and pretty...

 photo PB233440_zps396a4e54.jpg
Errhmmmm.... used to always be in Fei ge's variety show... forgotten her name too!

 photo PB233443_zps758f0aba.jpg
Ah ya!!

 photo PB233446_zps3801434b.jpg
Camera man... ACTION~!

 photo IMG_0167_zps1b991006.jpg

 photo IMG_0048_zpsf7cbfb7d.jpg
Where do you think we are heading next?

 photo IMG_0058_zps96502ffe.jpg
Night life!! it's Clubbing time of cos~
With her around, confirm must club one la!

 photo IMG_0065_zpsfb6a7c78.jpg
Anyway this club is opened by 庹宗康, Room 18
A lot of handsome guys.... drooolinggggg.....

 photo IMG_0389_zps61dad8ed.jpg
We went Farmosa theme park.... hmmm, soso la...
Not very thrilling...

 photo IMG_0281_zps41bc29e1.jpg
A scene from Jiu fen

 photo IMG_0427_zps17d62769.jpg

 photo PB280263_zps18acac81.jpg
I still remember, this cafe allows your pet doggy to rest and eat there too.

 photo PB283662_zps0d737b6b.jpg

 photo IMG_0431_zpsf20dad4d.jpg
We went to do manicure too....

 photo IMG_0444_zps410ccefd.jpg

 photo PB280236_zpsd883bba1.jpg
Many people said its a must try at Taiwan, actually i dont feel much differences as compared to singapore de lei...

 photo PB280289_zpsb9e6d48c.jpg
Lastly, being a kitty fan... Of cos... must visit the HELLO kitty Restaurant man...
The food there tasted quite ok actually, price wise is not too ex too...
But well, its 3 yrs back, so i'm not sure how it is like now.

 photo PB283669_zpsccc65ed4.jpg

 photo PB283672_zpsfcc591c6.jpg

 photo PB283698_zpsc0de1c63.jpg

All these made me wanna go back to TAIWAN~!!!

So, oki doki....

Taiwan trip 03-09JUL 2013 Part 1

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6D4N Gold Coast,2 Theme Parks,SkyPoint + Crab Catching Cruise Part 2

My 2nd trip of 2013: GOLD COAST 
6 Days 4 Night Jun 2013 Part 2

Day 3: Catch a Crab~

We head to a place to catch a crab.... but ended up... the tour agency cocked up!!!so angry... we didnt do 1 activity... not sure what yuppie thingy... where we will go down into the water!!!which is why we all wore slippers and shorts.....

But well.. they compensated us for a better lunch... in the ferry...

 photo 971045_10151461093772549_1233350816_n_zps3b04771b.jpg

Cutie us... with a bunny beanie... but ended up not wearing it.. cos indeed a little weird...
Will try again next time.. but not with tour grp ppl...

 photo SAM_6112_zps907cb96f.jpg

 photo SAM_6114_zps88e92e0d.jpg

 photo SAM_6115_zps399e7073.jpg

 photo SAM_6118_zps4128bdfd.jpg

 photo SAM_6121_zpsdcb84649.jpg

Those are oyster shells... in case you cant see clearly~

 photo SAM_6129_zps2e838d72.jpg

Scenery taken from the ferry...

 photo SAM_6136_zpsac725ecc.jpg

Just act only~

 photo SAM_6138_zpsbaa36751.jpg

woah woah woah..... super big crab

 photo SAM_6143_zps54579c2b.jpg

Fishing time....
But we couldnt catch any... yucks.

 photo SAM_6145_zps8d867af4.jpg

Looks pretty yummy.... grilled scallop... but all these are not for us!!!!

 photo SAM_6150_zps435a94d9.jpg

Its a live crabbiieee....

 photo SAM_6154_zps714a55bf.jpg

Kiap Kiap Kiap!

 photo SAM_6157_zpse1245bc0.jpg

Elmo with 2 CRABS

 photo SAM_6159_zps51fc9288.jpg

 photo SAM_6161_zps3e9d6dd9.jpg

Feeding the birdssss.... dunno what is it called..

 photo SAM_6165_zpsdaf82d6a.jpg

Fresh Oyster! like a shiok only~

 photo SAM_6167_zpsd64f4344.jpg

Yes Sir!

 photo SAM_6170_zpsccaeaa13.jpg

 photo SAM_6174_zps91b3db5d.jpg

The Three musketeers!

 photo SAM_6190_zps64547952.jpg

Supper nice n filling lunch in the stationary ferry..

 photo SAM_6195_zpse0e88b95.jpg

So big... like a shioks!

 photo SAM_6204_zps9cab5009.jpg

Jump Jump Jump

 photo SAM_6209_zps58f8970e.jpg

We are going to PICK FRUITS~!!

 photo SAM_6210_zpsd0bc6655.jpg

Hi, I'm selling my friends~!!!

 photo SAM_6212_zps5efc42aa.jpg

Pui puiss....

 photo SAM_6215_zpsa88f7684.jpg

Before fruit plucking...
We shall go for some lessons about fruits first....

 photo SAM_6216_zps71e9cc70.jpg

 photo SAM_6217_zps0a3597bf.jpg 

Looks pretty disgusting? but... adding it with ice cream... tastes not bad eh....

 photo SAM_6218_zpseb988507.jpg

Pomegranate... Dragonfruit... all pretty fresh..

 photo SAM_6219_zps7f902f88.jpg

mixture of fruits and sauces... and became a dip for chips..
and it tasted pretty nice!

 photo SAM_6220_zps31b996ce.jpg

 photo SAM_6221_zpsb0984bc3.jpg

 photo SAM_6236_zpse8c1d926.jpg

Its macadamia... freshly picked!

 photo SAM_6237_zps17a85eb6.jpg

 photo SAM_6238_zpsa2876a35.jpg

Open ur own macadamia

 photo SAM_6246_zpsa9d2a6a2.jpg

 photo SAM_6247_zps76b4d8ef.jpg

 photo SAM_6248_zps6056415a.jpg

My mum's favourite...
She was so happily running towards the orange trees to pluck them!

 photo SAM_6257_zpsd6c2877a.jpg

Visiting a farm now~
Hi, meh meh

 photo SAM_6259_zps8fc97632.jpg

Feeding of meh meh.....

 photo SAM_6262_zpse41c4106.jpg

Just for show only~

 photo SAM_6267_zpsfa7bd276.jpg

This horse can got a super big tongue with lotsa saliva!!! arghhhh!!

 photo SAM_6273_zpsbbac2372.jpg

It's Kangeroo again~ so cute!

 photo SAM_6277_zps26a5154d.jpg

 photo SAM_6279_zps4bdad8bc.jpg

Have you take this mini toot toot train~..

Its pretty cool!!

 photo SAM_6292_zpsdc25da5f.jpg

Like a shioks.

 photo SAM_6297_zps20389de8.jpg

 photo SAM_6310_zps6dbd46ce.jpg

The train is coming, the train is coming... the train is commmiinnnnggggg...

 photo SAM_6311_zps9a417200.jpg

 photo 425361_10151461090792549_79090227_n_zpsbe60d9cc.jpg

 photo 946556_10151461089872549_1300968470_n_zpsdfefef6e.jpg

 photo 970519_10151461094657549_154207209_n_zps4435a4e2.jpg


Day 4: It's Shopping TIME!!!

We took a cab to HArbour Town which cost about 30++ aussie!

We bought lotsa lotsa stuffs...

Everything is so cheap!
Guess how much is a polo ralph lauren over there after all the discount!! $30++ sgd!!!

 photo SAM_6320_zps77dc56b1.jpg

We had a PIZZA affair....

 photo SAM_6327_zps53b4adf6.jpg

Look at the stuffs we bought!!
denim shorts at only 3aussie! cheap la!
Just buy only man!

We took a cab back to our hotel, and cos there was a traffic jam...

It cost us 50++ aussie...
So, the whole trip of going to and fro.. cost about 100++ sgd.. my god~!

We went to have dinner at a nearby chinese restaurant.. cos mummy felt like eating roasted duck...

oh man... everything is expensive in Gold coast...
Wonder if their pay is high over there!

 photo SAM_6328_zps6223cf7b.jpg

 photo SAM_6329_zpsdbbc4753.jpg

 photo SAM_6330_zps4f020cf5.jpg

 photo SAM_6331_zpsd46cdd7a.jpg

This meal cost 60plus aussie.

 photo SAM_6335_zpsf811e06e.jpg

The food we bought!!! lol....


Day 5: Movie World!


 photo SAM_6337_zpsaa8092b7.jpg

 photo SAM_6340_zpsd265568a.jpg

Here's our ticket.

 photo SAM_6341_zps48d8d2b8.jpg

 photo SAM_6346_zpscc3ea713.jpg

Ice age 4d experience....
Soso only eh...

 photo SAM_6351_zpsb301cd91.jpg

 photo SAM_6354_zps36e75b8b.jpg

piang piang~

 photo SAM_6357_zpsc88c38e6.jpg

 photo SAM_6359_zps666206aa.jpg


 photo SAM_6361_zpsdc0430de.jpg

We got to know the trick... and manage to win this Beep Beep... plushie!!

 photo SAM_6363_zps33eb5cdb.jpg

 photo SAM_6370_zps5125db8d.jpg

Pink super man cape~

 photo SAM_6371_zps5a6bafea.jpg

Scooby dooby dooo... where are you~!

 photo SAM_6373_zpseb4d5b37.jpg

 photo SAM_6380_zpsadb0300d.jpg

 photo SAM_6381_zpsccabc408.jpg

Looking for his mate~!

 photo SAM_6386_zps72c7f19c.jpg

 photo SAM_6387_zpsefa59282.jpg

My passenger... Beep beeepppp....

 photo SAM_6388_zpse8f42c9d.jpg

His buddies....

 photo SAM_6391_zpsb8eb94ed.jpg

We are one big family~!

 photo SAM_6392_zpscbc1fd81.jpg

Marilyn monroe.

 photo SAM_6395_zps3f867e5d.jpg

 photo SAM_6400_zps8755973b.jpg


 photo SAM_6403_zps039cc4ee.jpg

 photo SAM_6412_zps48964e17.jpg

This sylvester kept pulling me to his side.... must be some tikopek~

 photo SAM_6414_zps0bdf78b6.jpg

CAt woman... Miaos...

 photo SAM_6417_zpsb2cb88f2.jpg

 photo SAM_6419_zps570e05e7.jpg

 photo SAM_6457_zpsb8832a5b.jpg

 photo SAM_6459_zps9d0e2f36.jpg

 photo SAM_6460_zps3e2a0683.jpg

Plaid my hair... for 30 aussie... lol... nvm.. not i pay.. oops..

Pretty angry... as we were supposed to go to the Abalone farm or something... ended up it was closed...

So, we didnt get to eat abalone~!!!
And the driver brought us to this beach instead... for 40mins... which we could do nothing much there...
Pretty disappointed with Namho~

 photo SAM_6463_zpsfef45565.jpg

 photo SAM_6464_zpsea1904c8.jpg

That's the end of my Gold Coast trip.

Stay tuned for my next entry on my Taiwan 7days free and easy trip~!

Many have asked for my itinerary...

Would need some time to update my next blog, as i'm pretty busy now with my new house.

Am going to shift in at next monday~!
Mixed feelings... but nvm, everything gonna be ALL GOOD!

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