an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Monday, July 01, 2013

25th Birthday 2013 (Part 5 with my hubby & my family)

Last birthday celebration!

My parents asked if i wanna have a dinner at some restaurant or anywhere else....
But i said NOPE, i just want some HOMECOOKED FOOD~!

 photo abcde026_zps86db351b.jpg
This is what i called HOME COOKED FOOD!!! All done by my Mummy!!!
10 out of 10!!!

 photo abcde031_zpsa82fa32c.jpg
Do you have 2 birthday cakes on your birthday?!!
I have!!!! bought by my thoughtful hubby~!!
Cos my family likes chocolate and i like strawberry shortcake!

 photo abcde035_zps7568ea5c.jpg

 photo 376775_10151539664875415_553357854_n_zps0d3b878f.jpg

 photo abcde033_zpseac9adcd.jpg

 photo 936248_10151539664870415_722566527_n_zpseeed539d.jpg
Family Photo!!!

 photo 942883_10151539664475415_212939439_n_zpsa19dc939.jpg

 photo 941512_10151539665145415_924626752_n_zps26850a89.jpg

 photo 547225_10151539665205415_669210556_n_zps22bbc7b2.jpg
My last wish of 2013, dont disturb please.

 photo 558059_10151539665240415_1143367385_n_zps6cf5d639.jpg

 photo 532275_10151539665535415_1422511161_n_zps47915d73.jpg
My Da sao~!

 photo 947295_10151539665410415_2084032441_n_zpsacc2a34f.jpg

 photo 945755_10151539665380415_1902174692_n_zps81cfc5de.jpg

 photo 945724_10151539664450415_2004077335_n_zpsdcf844ad.jpg

 photo abcde022_zps2caac3ce.jpg
Bday gift from my dasao... so cute... pony necklace~!

 photo picspicspics235_zps33586198.jpg
Gifts from my hubby~!

 photo picspicspics233_zps580dcead.jpg
Agnes b necklace... to replace my spoilt tiffany's

 photo picspicspics230_zpsf4eefcdc.jpg
Bright yellow luggage~

 photo abcde040_zps18d5bdea.jpg
Beijing + Goldcoast trip from Parents~!

End of all the birthday celebrations,
I'm a married lady now...
More commitments, have to be thoughtful, matured and less selfish...

I thanked everyone out there who have helped me to become a better person :):):):)

Next post on my Beijing trip~!!!!

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