Friday, March 27, 2015

Change Blog template

I have finally change my blog template. Didn't wanna change cos I like the cute apples... hahaha.

Anyway, I have long wanted to change already, cos the blog entry column is so narrow. I always have to resize my photos manually by measurements. Also, I myself couldn't even find some of the entries from the blog archive.

So, I got this free blogskin from Blogger Candy. You may wanna check out at the below link.

I have tried many blogskins template, but doesn't turn out well. Looks fine using the computer, but cannot navigate using mobile. Aiya, so decided to use this lohhhh.... Easy to navigate, cute and simple, just like me (cute and simple).... Wahahhaha....

And did you realize something? There's a apple shape tab icon. Cool right! Ok, maybe I suaku mountain tortoise la... Hahah... Anyway, it's called Favicon, also known as shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon or bookmark icon.

 photo appleshape_zps4t1a5lcy.jpg

 photo apple_zpshyhcto6p.jpg

There's also the search box, so you could easily search entries like Taiwan blog entries? Shangri La high tea, wedding entries, etc. just by typing the keywords...
So much easier...!

Think I got too much Food Entries recently.... cos I gonna start my DIET soon!!
So, just wanna eat shioks shioks first... wahhahhaa...

Probably, I should start blogging about myself and little Val more too.
Check out for more updates!

 photo 10947333_10152665881517549_962612617190785134_n_zpsitbrpcb3.jpg
Valerie says HI to everyone!! wahahhaahah

p.s: the photo of myself on my main blog was the slimmer me a year back. I'll be back ok!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Park at Holland Village

Park at Holland Village

Address: 281 Holland Avenue, #01-01 Spore 278996
Opening hours:
Tues to Thurs, Sun 11am to 12am
Fri to Sun from 11am to 2am
Every Monday is closed.


Finally, a chill out after my confinement...
Fyi, i have hired the confinement lady for 2 months. My confinement lady was pretty good, i shall blog about it hmmm some time later... together with all my stories during my pregnancy and post natal period.

During the 2nd month after giving birth... I started to go out, do my hair and nails, meet up with friends. Cos it's really crazy to stay at home for the whole month.

And so I have met up with my colleagues and ex-colleagues (AJALYA) without the last two. Y. A...
haha.... [A]pple. [J]eslyn. [A]nnie. [L]imin. [Y]angrui. [A]udrey

Decided to have dinner at Park - Holland Village.
And before I reached... always do some fast homework... on what are the Yummy and INstagram worthy dishes.... wahhahhhahaha

Park is alone on its own, located infront of the exit of the station, opposite of HSBC and Hatched. There were indoor and outdoor seatings... and yup... I always prefer indoors... cos got AIRCON ma.... wahhahahhaah
But of cos, I'm also ok to stay outdoor la yahhh...

 photo IMG_20141128_194000_zpssrq4odzi.jpg
For the appetisers and main course, we have ordered:

- Spam chips $8.50

Pretty crispy.
Eat it while its hot.

- Park Wings $9.50

Nothing fanciful about the wings, was a little dry too.

- Spaghetti Aglio Olio with sautéed prawn and diced pepper $17.80

Am not a fan and don't really appreciate aglio olio... But since my friend have ordered...
have a taste of it... and ya...
conclusion: I still don't like aglio olio.... haha

- Truffled Mac & Cheese

I love this a lot. Although I could smell the truffle, but couldn't really taste it in the dish, not a fan of truffle anyway. But the Mac & Cheese were cooked just nice. It's not too dry like I have tasted a few elsewhere. I finished every little single bits of it! Awesome!

- Mushroom Risotto

Tasted not bad, slight wet. But overall, still taste good.

 photo IMG_20141128_205501_zpslhgsehd5.jpg

Quite yummy. Finished within minutes. :)

 photo IMG_20141128_210227_zpsspbilyt3.jpg
Pancakes with Choco Bananas $12.50

Saw a lot of people posted the pancakes on instagram. So, it seemed like a MUST-order dessert.
However, it was really disappointing. Apart from the pancake, everything taste just fine. But the pancake tasted horrible, not sure if its just that night?

Average price per pax: ~$25 - $30 without alcohol

Overall, its quite a nice place to chill out. Should really try the mac and cheese. Pretty accessible location.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Shangri La, Rose Veranda: High Tea buffet

Shangri La, Rose Veranda: High Tea buffet

Mezzanine Level Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Rd

Operating Hours:
Mon to Thur 11.30am - 6pm
Fri to Sun and PH 11.30am - 2pm and 3pm to 6pm

Wanna try out some taitai life, hence went for a few rounds of high tea session with different group of people. Like a shioks only... wahhahaah
Wanted to try Equinox, however, they no longer have high tea buffet, only the semi-brunch lunch available. And I realized not many high tea buffets nowadays, more of like a high tea set which is non-replenishable.

I think the price has increased. $48++

 photo 20140905_155848_zps31c2cfa3.jpg

 photo 20140905_155910_zpsb69d6a3c.jpg

 photo 20140905_155935_zpsc642a2fe.jpg

 photo 20140905_160128_zpsf0bbc1e7.jpg
There was a whole selection of TWG tea.
However, I was pregnant, so I gave it to my bro instead.

 photo 20140824_181102_zpsf5e19f17.jpg
And I chose Orange juice, for Vitamin C!

 photo 20140905_160805_zpsd938cde2.jpg
A welcome tea, tasted not bad, refreshing... just had a little sip.

 photo 20140905_160755_zps90cb4a41.jpg

 photo 20140905_160215_zps47c4312b.jpg
A variety of savory cooked dishes

 photo 20140905_160221_zps3f035ca5.jpg

 photo 20140905_160228_zps24b4e477.jpg
truffle mash potato..
This was good! I had a few servings of it.

 photo 20140905_160238_zps8eae83a2.jpg
Sauté mushroom
Not bad... but my bro doesn't like it.

 photo 20140905_160245_zps08f6ee0b.jpg
Duck Redang
I find this quite yummy too. Good to go with some rice :)

 photo 20140905_160300_zps27bf3140.jpg
Beef... but I don't take.

 photo 20140905_160308_zps07892d4c.jpg
prawn mee soup. the soup was quite savory, overall was quite ok.

 photo 20140905_160518_zps56f309c6.jpg
Prawns with crispy oat and almonds.
Taste alright, but I think will taste better if its hot.

 photo 20140905_160524_zpsbd1a3579.jpg
Cod fish?
I felt its a bit overcooked? not smooth and tender.

 photo 20140905_160533_zps0b88907c.jpg
Spinach & Ricotta Canneloni
The cheese on top a little hard already. But still taste quite ok.

 photo 20140905_160543_zpsec2e8a7c.jpg
Dim sum...
soso... not really yummy. Kinda like those frozen pack ones.

 photo 20140905_160643_zps05c3e680.jpg
Fried chicken and chicky puffs.
The chicken was not bad, not oily. Taste a bit like Mcdonalds fried chicken.

 photo 20140905_160857_zps6ed483ff.jpg
The sushi n sashimi doesn't seem appetizing, doesn't look fresh.

 photo 20140905_160909_zps20ce4b41.jpg

 photo 20140905_160913_zps9af3b877.jpg

 photo 20140905_160322_zps620b1b36.jpg
Cheese corner.

 photo 20140905_160334_zps867b3739.jpg

 photo 20140905_160452_zps8e0bb29b.jpg
more cakes!

 photo 20140905_160347_zpsf1dc9cdd.jpg
Quite a variety of dessert...

 photo 20140905_160408_zps59b42e85.jpg

 photo 20140905_160420_zpsf8155004.jpg
nonya kuehs... not very yummy though

 photo 20140905_160437_zps7962657c.jpg

 photo 20140905_160819_zps031ff915.jpg
prawn mee soup

 photo 20140905_160826_zps42a170a8.jpg

 photo 20140905_160833_zps6045d8a9.jpg
my bro's.... cos I cant eat SASHIMI!!!

 photo 20140905_161051_zps9feac762.jpg
also my bro's... cos I cant eat not fully cooked food!!

 photo 20140905_162231_zpsec827918.jpg

 photo 20140905_165347_zpsf768328d.jpg
carrot cake was not bad. the carrot is so cute! wahaha... although I didn't eat that.

 photo 20140905_165357_zps2b47f0f8.jpg
only took a bite of everything...

 photo 20140905_165407_zps57a6bdb1.jpg
crème brulee
very sweet

 photo 20140905_165421_zps6c0c5f45.jpg

 photo 20140905_170627_zpsa159c882.jpg
still prefers Canele... but... Canele has closed down!!! so sad.

 photo 20140905_171638_zpsce86d74b.jpg

 photo IMG-20140905-WA0009_zpse88c604b.jpg
Me and my bro and Xindy...

 photo IMG-20140905-WA0014_zpsdaaffe94.jpg
the twins :)

Overall, service was not bad, good ambience. The variety of cos again wasn't what I expected. The dessert were really so-so. But a good place to chill though.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Chatterbox - Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chatterbox - Hainanese Chicken Rice

Address: 333 Orchard Rd, Spore 238867
Opening hours:
Sun to Thurs 11am to 1am
Fri, Sat & PH 10am to 2am

Hainanese Chicken Rice, one of our famous local food. And I was given a treat to the most expensive chicken rice in town at Chatterbox. So, basically, everything in the menu is expensive (as of for local food) cos its at hotel ma!

 photo 20140909_175734_zps789d412e.jpg
Cutie chicky.....

As a preggy mama, you will go to the toilet pretty often. So, after i'm back from toilet. The small square size table was filled with food! My crazy colleague always think we super tam chiak...

 photo 20140909_180528_zps6897f36f.jpg
The portion was pretty big. And the whole set just look atas and attractive.
The rice wasn't as oily and fragrant as compared to those hawker stalls.
The chicken were rather tender and smooth though. The sauces were so-so, nothing to rave about.

 photo 20140909_180018_zps3d43480e.jpg
My this fellow colleague who always likes to order taw gey.
Hmmm, nothing special... Just to satisfy someone's crave.

 photo 20140909_180315_zps0b7a17c4.jpg

 photo 20140909_180424_zpsea4fcb0c.jpg
Don't know why they order so much vege. Nothing special though. But of cos doesn't taste bad.

 photo 20140909_180522_zps7b0d7e66.jpg
Fried chickey. Pretty crispy. But I wouldn't say its really great.

Overall, its a nice atas place to have local food, just that I wouldn't pay this price for it again.
For tourists, I would suggest to go to those neighbouring place, hawker centre to try our famous local delights... which are cheap and good!

Yeah... more good food to come! See you again!

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