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Christmas Celebration Part 4 (With Precious)

Christmas Celebration Part 4 (With Precious)

Last christmas party at my place~ With my besties~
And the Chef is cooking today for us~
But cos her leg was injured, we will do something easier....

 photo 20131221_183311.jpg
Chop chop chop!!!

 photo 20131221_183500.jpg
Buttery base....

 photo 20131221_183258.jpg
Turkey from Ntuc.. $42!
Really too big... and kinda dry~
Was expecting a cooked one....

 photo 20131221_183937.jpg
Mushroom soup from Soupspoon~!
Added some whipping cream and some salt.

 photo IMG-20131222-WA0013.jpg
Butter fry mushroom~

 photo 20131221_183941.jpg
Shanna.... act yi ge...

 photo 20131221_183946.jpg
the Reindeer cum elf cum dunno what... lol....
doing the cutting chopping etc...

 photo 20131221_184525.jpg
Here's the chef... with her injured leg...

 photo 20131221_193705.jpg
Butter fry mushroom with onions~

 photo 20131221_193734.jpg
Butter fry broccoli with onions~

 photo 20131221_193720.jpg

 photo 20131221_193738.jpg
Shepherd's pie from Jurong point Don's

 photo 20131221_193749.jpg
Turkey looks kinda dry...

 photo 20131221_195604.jpg
Roasted potato with some herbs
This is easy and nice.... will do it myself next time...

 photo 20131221_194846.jpg
Moscato with logcake~

 photo IMG-20131222-WA0014.jpg
Let's tuck in!!!!! Super hungry arghhh!

 photo 20131221_200252.jpg
The Rudolf reindeer elfy couple...

 photo 20131221_211425.jpg
Red theme Gathering...
Err Shanna... that's maroon... winey... errr not red pls.

 photo 20131221_211455.jpg

 photo 20131221_211749.jpg
Presents presents presents!!!!

 photo 20131221_212033.jpg
The Rudolf reindeer elfy couple...

 photo 20131221_212152.jpg
Taking selfie with my Christmas tree

 photo 20131221_212303.jpg
Another one~

 photo 20131221_212316.jpg

 photo 20131221_212407.jpg
Finally a chance to take photo with my pretty Christmas tree!

 photo 20131221_212650.jpg
With my hubby of cos! Really glad to have him :)

 photo 20131221_212716.jpg
I wanna spend every Christmas with him~

 photo 20131221_212744.jpg

 photo 20131221_212844.jpg
Come on come on.... photo taking for the 4 pretty babes...

 photo 20131221_212941.jpg
Our Red theme this year! I think the bottom right lady wasn't wearing a red top....

 photo 20131221_213138.jpg
Mine's super red...
Red hat.. red hair.... red top... red skirt....

Ok, so.... After photo-taking... It's Giving of present time!!!!
 photo 20131221_214243.jpg
Hmmm... I think I have won some lucky draw?
My presents are So BIG please!

 photo 20131221_214433.jpg
A super cute bear couple terrarium from Rainy!!!
Just nice for my dining table!

 photo 20131221_214446.jpg
Pretty girl with her pretty toy...

 photo 20131221_214601.jpg
A super pretty crystal ball from Wendy...

 photo 20131221_214618.jpg
So pretty right.....
It's from FrancFranc...

 photo 20131221_214627.jpg
Like it a lot~

 photo 20131221_214841.jpg
Just because they wanted to blend something at my place, and I said I got no blender at home...

Next, it's Wendy's turn.....
 photo 20131221_215102.jpg
A pandora dangling reindeer from me:)

 photo 1510380_10151765598356150_267526729_n.jpg
Tada.... this pic was taken by Wendy...

 photo 20131221_215231.jpg
Look at this wrapping paper closely...

 photo 20131221_215219.jpg
They were made up of MINIONS!!!!

 photo 20131221_215444.jpg
88 colour palette eye shadow please... lol... lip gloss and blusher? from Rayne!
Becos Wendy mentioned on my wedding that... make up seems not bad... wahhaha

 photo 20131221_215836.jpg
Mascara, eyeliner carousel necklace and Starbucks tumbler from Shanna...

Shanna's turn to open up her presssiiieee!!
 photo 20131221_220256.jpg

 photo 1476540_10202814467507051_782107526_n.jpg
Chanel lipgloss from meeee....

 photo 20131221_220448.jpg
Cath kidston makeup brush set from Rayne!

 photo 20131221_220618.jpg
Loccitane hand cream from Wendy~

Lastly, Rayne~
 photo 20131221_220835.jpg

 photo 20131221_220850.jpg
Pretty elegant makeup colour palette from Sephora... by Wendy...

 photo 20131221_221117.jpg
ASOS clutch and a lipstick from Shanna...

 photo 20131221_220908.jpg
Daiso Christmas bag!

 photo 20131221_221349.jpg
Red owl sweater.... and Anna sui purple ruby ring cum lip-gloss... from Me!

 photo 1484181_10151892605386896_1203984737_n.jpg

 photo 936150_10151885900816896_1231135802_n.jpg

 photo 20131221_222600.jpg

 photo 20131221_222843.jpg
It's drinking and log cake time!

It's 12 already!!!!
So, i prepared Tangyuan for my loved ones~
 photo 20131222_002044.jpg
Peanut & Sesame fillings~

 photo IMG_20131222_003333.jpg
Photo taken by me... look like some hard boiled egg...

 photo untitled.jpg
Photo taken by Shanna.... like fish balls please...

 photo IMG-20131222-WA0015.jpg
Best shot taken by Wendy....

 photo IMG-20131222-WA0012.jpg
So of cos... how can a gathering ends without any drink right.....

Let's try Choya this time round....

Rayne taught us a game using poker cards....

Firstly, everyone has a glass in front of them, and a main cup for the loser at the end.
So, there's a deck of poker cards in front of us.
Everyone has to open up a card during her turn and show to  everyone.

When the card shows:
- 1 to 5 black cards, you'll have to drink 1 to 5 sips from your glass, depending on what card number you have gotten
- 1 to 5 red cards, you can ask anyone to drink the sips from their cup.
- 6, everyone will have to do a pose, e.g. a hand on your face... The last one to do so, will drink a sip from their cup
- 7 - toilet break... the person gets to go toilet anytime she wants.
- 8 - a game... You can choose to play a game with someone, e.g. scissors paper stone... loser will drink.
Or you can ask 2 person to play among themselves, loser drinks.
-9 - everyone will have to do a pose, e.g. depends on what you guys have decided earlier on.
-10 - category game... e.g. Name the polytechnics in Singapore... the one who cant answer will have to drink...
-J - the person who flip the card... will decide a rule to be made during the whole game, e.g. please raise your hand before taking a card... so every turn, you'll have to raise up your hand before picking a card.... or. another example.... no one is to speak Chinese during the game... The next person who gets card 10, can choose to remove the first rule... or to stack with more rules..
-Q - whereby you can keep the card.... when you wanna ask a question... slowly push abit in front of you unknowingly to others.... and whoever who answers you... will drink a sip.
-K - You will pour any amount of drink to the main cup.

The game will end when 4 Ks are out... and the last one who gotten the K will finish the main cup!

After we finished the games..... well cos I recommended them the china version of 爸爸去哪儿, they were addicted to the show too.... so started watching till 7am!!!
I went to bed already, and they left my place and locked the gate for me....

We should do it again on CNY when our JIAJIA is back from SAUDI ARABIA for 2wks!!!!

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