Thursday, July 27, 2017

Overeasy (Orchard)

Address: 541 Orchard Rd, #01-01, Liat Towers, 238881
Opening hours:
Mon 5pm to 11pm, Tues to Thurs 12pm to 12am,
Fri 12pm to 1am, Sat 10am to 1am, Sun 10am to 12am
Contact: +65 6684 1453

For more updates:

We will be celebrating Shanna's birthday at Overeasy.
Found out that this restaurant closes as late as 1am on Fridays.
The plan for the night was Eyelash extension (See Corene's Nail & Eyelash extension post here) and a little shopping after that. Then we make our way down to Overeasy~

A night where we will take it easy~

There's a live band outdoors!

Me and my Loots~ 

Our seats reserved!

Ms. Apple~

Pacific Coast Clam Chowder @ $14
(White wine, crispy bacon)

Tasted quite normal, nothing fanciful.
Although the menu mention something about crispy bacon, but I don't see or taste it leh~

Popcorn Chicken with Salted Caramel Popcorn @ $10

Totally overrated, felt kinda cheated by the name of this dish.
 The Popcorn and the Popcorn Chicken doesn't compliment each other at all. 
It's like they are supposed to be eaten separately. The popcorn taste bland, no salt nor caramel whatsoever. Popcorn Chicken was bland too! 

There's a saying that when you are very hungry, all food taste good. 
But not in this case, just some chicken without much seasoning, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fry. Tsk.

Beer Can Chicken (Serves 2-3) $58
(Roasted Whole Chicken, Roasted Veggies)
(Prep time takes about 45 mins)

THIS! Right here, is the signature dish of Overeasy. 
So, I'd to say that this is a "must-try" dish, no?
The chicken was surprisingly tender.
Even the part where I dislike the most (Chicken breast) was tender too!
Needless to say, for the Chicken thigh, it's silky and tender. Yums~
The portion was really indeed sufficient for the three of us.

The Chilli sauce they were using was Siracha
Always wanted to try it and it was quite good indeed.

Waffles, Mixed Berries & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream @ $12
(with Strawberry & Chocolate sauce)

The birthday girl chose this dessert as her "B'day Cake".
The waffle was fluffy. And those berries lift it with it's tangy-ness. :)

Happy Birthday, Shanna! (with your make-do candle)

Total Damage~ 3 Pax without beverages

Wefie before we end the night~

I find the place was a little noisy. Would be quite difficult if you want to chit chat.
The food were a little disappointing too. I'm glad the Beer Can Chicken managed to save the night. Service wise was acceptable.
Theres live band, a place to have a drink, closes at 1am and located in Orchard. It still considered not too bad lah.
I would rate it a 7/10.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cafes Hop @ Rangoon Rd. Enchanted, Brunches and Non Entree Dessert.

Hello! Readers of Apple's Blog! This is Rayne.

You might find it strange why there is another writer here intruding Apple's blog. 
I am invited to take over some space here to share some of my reviews on the cafes that I've hopped. 
Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I am writing them :)
There are just too many cafes for Apple to finish covering alone. So I am here to ease some of her "burden". I am sure you will be seeing me here more often
(I hope, so show me some more support, okay? hehe)


I am just wondering, have you been to Rangoon Rd?
Rangoon Road is located near Farrer Park MRT. Exit B. About a 3mins walk and you will reach this stretch of road that hold many interesting and some quite famous Cafes.

So, if you haven't already been there, you should probably go check it out.
In this entry, I will cover some of the more famous Cafes that I have researched about. 


First stop!

Enchanted Cafe!
88 Rangoon Road #01-04, 218374
Closed on Monday
(beside Old Hen Cafe)

I chance upon this cafe one day when i was browsing Instagram and I was captivated by one of the drinks they have and so I decided to pay them a visit. Yes, I am easily mesmerized by pretty food. 

tah-dah~ This is the The Sorcerer's Elixir! So pretty isn't it!

It's a non-alcoholic drink served in a glass seated in a claypot log kind of bowl filled with water and dry ice.

When serve, the waiter will shine some kind of light from above before pouring in a "potion" and stir. I guess the light is for effect purposes, to allow us to be able to see those silver dust. Wait, or maybe they cannot see? LOL.

The drink will then changes from blue to light brown with loads of purple dust inside making the whole drink very glittery.
And along with those dry ice effect~ It's is all very magical!

My verdict?
Apart from the very instagrammable presentation, it just tasted like ........ tea! Mehhh~
Actually to be exact, it tasted like Lychee Earl Grey Tea with edible silver dust.

Honestly, I was a little disappointed because I was expecting more~ 
More flavors or maybe more "magical" ingredients? 
After all, a sorcerer's elixir is supposed to be a mixture of a lot of stuffs, no?

Well, anyhow, it was a quaint and quiet place. Though they have no GST and Service Charge but that does not affect their services! 
The waitress was very kind to introduce and explain their menu to us but I left shortly after because I was only there for the elixir and not the food. :)

Now, on to second hop~ Just a few doors down..


Brunches Cafe
96 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218381
Closed on Tuesday

This place is so cozy! They have this very 80s feel to the whole place. It was like entering to a different era. The services was good too, waitress was patient with us when I'm taking my own sweet time to choose and contemplating on where to seat. Haha.

If you were to spend a little time to visit their Facebook Page or Instagram, you would notice they converted a old car into a seats for dining. I wanted to sit there when I saw it on their social media but sadly the seats are already occupied when I was there.

I assumed it would be a great area for some pictures, no?

I had the Brunches Fiery Aglio Olio with Minute Steak ($16.90).
It is okay if you don't take beef, there are other meats such as Smoked Duck, Chicken Steak or Seafood to pair with your pasta.

I really like the pasta!
The fragrance of the garlic and olive oil was evidently present.. 
The minute steak doesn't looks minute at all and I was so full after.

IMO, it doesn't go well together. Maybe it's the beef itself or maybe it's the sauce that they used on the steak. 
It somehow overwhelms and cover the aroma of the garlic and olive oil in the pasta. I know the main lead is the steak but I feel they should be of a balance somehow. 

The Chicken Steak with Cranberry Sauce ($15.90) (black plate) was an interesting mix. Kinda feels like Ikea meatballs with lingonberry. Haha. The fresh greens, lightly roasted juicy tomato and golden fries makes the whole dish very colorful and appetizing!

They have a monthly special menu and there were a few "Galaxy" series drinks listed on it but there wasn't any pictures so we got the waitress to recommend and we ordered 
Galaxy” Lemon & Mint Refreshing Soda.

It is not too sweet. Even though there's a stalk of mint (not sure as garnish or taste), I didn't taste any mint. 

After adding lemon juice (metal jar), the soda will change from blue to light purple and you can see sparkling silver dust in the drink. Yes~ edible dust again! 
Phew~ Luckily I didn't experience any stomach upset from all that edible dust. HAHA!

To make the place more so interesting, everything in Brunches cafe are for sale, from tables and chairs to antique telephones to small nostalgic toys!

Do check them out if you are interested in getting some vintage pieces for your home.


So what's after dinner? Dessert of course!

There's durian stalls along the road, IceBox cafe that serves Halal Bingsu directly opposite of Enchanted Cafe but I went to Non-Entree Dessert cafe instead to get my sugar fix!

Non-Entree Dessert cafe 
204 Rangoon Rd, Hong Building, 218451
Closed on Mondays

I saw that they are pretty innovative with their desserts and they do cute retro dessert like 'Kueh Tutu' and  'Ang Ku Kueh' with a twist but it turns out that they were only seasonal!!

So if you're heading down, please remember to check out which special they are having!

The theme when I was there was Urban Garden but I didn't get that because I didn't like what i see. Instead, I went for their famous Chocolate Avalanche ($13.90) which is Chocolate lava cake seated on a thin crunchy nougatine...

It was made this way that when you slice open the lava cake, it will drip onto the ice cream at the bottom. After all the chocolate have dripped, you will break the nougatine and let it fall below. You then eat everything together to get the best of this dessert.  *see video!

It tasted good but for the price.... hmmmm.....would i order it again? Probably not.
I'm sure there are similar and affordable lava cakes out there.


That was all I managed to cover. I will be back for more! There's so much more cafes along that stretch of road. WAIT FOR ME! For I will be back!

For you readers out there, if you visit any nice cafes that you would like me to go, please let me know! 

I hope you like what you are reading! 

signing off (for now) ~ Rayne

A little something about Rayne.

- have been with friend with Apple for 16years
- Godmother to our lovable Valerie!

- likes to DIY. 
- enjoy doing nail arts as a hobby
- enjoy playing online games and am pretty good at it


Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Corene Nail (Eye Lash Extension)

Address: 304 Orchard Rd, #06-11/#01-52, Lucky Plaza, 238863
Opening hours: 11am to 8pm daily
Contact: +65 6767 3764, +65 9791 0079
For more updates:

My dear friend, Rayne came across this Groupon deal for Eyelash Extensions @ only $28.
It was a pretty good deal.

To be honest, I have never done eye lash extension before, and I have been thinking of giving it a try.
I've seen many of my friends doing those eyelash extension before.
After they have done it, it looked as if them have permanent mascara on. They look more dolled up.

It is like wearing makeup without those time spent in front of the mirror in the morning.
Effortless is what I might call it. HAHA! 

Below is the link, you may want to check them out.

They have 2 shops, at Level 1 and Level 6.
We were instructed to go to the one at Level 1 for the eye lash extensions.

 So, for the $28 deal eye lash extension, you are only doing the one on first row.
Thickness of the lash is 0.2mm.
It was the slightly rougher ones amongst all the lashes there.
The more you pay, the more fine and natural those lashes are.
So, if you want to do a finer lash like row 2, you will have to top up $20.
As you go down the chart, you will need to add more money.
So on, and so forth. $20, $30, $40...
It's pretty simple to understand this logic no?

Choose what you deem is suitable for your face and eyes. 

Above are the "BEFORE" photos, so as to give you guys a comparison later on.


"After" photos!
I chose the C curl, 0.15mm thickness, 11mm in length lashes.

I am really liking the effect!

It's like having mascara on.
Totally effortless make up!

The lady who did the lashes for me was a Taiwanese and I have to say that she was very meticulous.
I don't feel any itch or pain throughout the whole process.
They will also recommend which length and types of lashes to choose from.
I'm glad that I heed their advice. :)

Look at those thick lashes!  

Pretty lashes~ 

 This is Rayne's. Wahahahah.
She chose the C curl, 0.12mm thickness, 8mm and 10mm in length lashes.


These are Shanna's.
She chose C curl, 0.12mm thickness, 12mm in length lashes.


This is their namecard. Do call them for appointments.


My lashes are still intact even after 3 days!

I was very careful when washing my face or when I felt that my eyes was itchy.
Maybe it was because this was my first time therefore I was super careful.
My friends told me they cannot wear their glasses properly cause the lashes are touching the lenses. LOL!
But I am still loving these lashes!

All in all, I felt it was rather worth it.
I paid $48 while the rest paid $58.
They were nice and careful while handling our lashes throughout the process.

The way they recommended what was suitable for us were quite professional.
They are also not pushy at all towards us for signing any packages etc., just kindly explain to us what are the rates if we ever would like to return for touch-up and all. 
But even when we did not sign any packages, they are still very nice to us.
Good service, good result, thumbs up!

I would rate it a 8/10!

Thanks for reading.
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