an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Monday, October 12, 2015

Valerie turns ONE (Chinese tradition ceremony of Turning One!) 抓周

Valerie turned 1 on 3rd October 2015.
Time really flies. She can stand, crawl, babble, eat, drink, walk slightly already.

May you be blessed with health and happiness.

Only when I became a parent, then I realized that there are so much to worry for your own kid.
From health to incidents to education, and whether or not they will stray when they grow up... etc.

Nevertheless, we should always have a positive mindset though... wahahhaahah.
Look at the bright side, and things happen for a reason.
We just give her what we can, of cos not to spoil her. I'm grateful that all the family members and her God ma(s) shower her with lots of love.

Ok, Let's start the ceremony!
Actually, I got absolutely no clue about this picking of items, stepping on ang ku kueh Chinese traditional stuffs. I only got to know from my parents about it like 2 weeks before her bday?
And Timothy, my nephew who was 3 wks older than Valerie just recently did this. So, I decided to join in the fun too. wahahhaahah.. As I'm writing this now, i got to realised its called 抓周. So, you guys can google on this, there's many different versions.

So, initially I managed to find a few blogposts on the items. Most of them done the 6 items instead of the 12 items. And it's only like 1 or 2 days before that I actually came across someone's blog who mentioned all the 12 items. So, nvm, let's just stick to the 6. Don't worry, I'll mention all the 12 items below for those interested.

Sam's parents, sisters and nephew came over to our place in the morning.

Lotsa ang baos for her!


Some wefies first...

Kinda look like me in this pic.


Playing with her cousin, Benjamin!

Trying to open her ang bao!

ok, BEGIN!

 I have only placed 6 items.
Below are the description for all the 12 items. 

1. Book: Studious, May become a scholar, professor etc.
2. Pen and Ink: Writer, Artist, Publishing
3. Seal: Has Authority, Politician, Judge etc.
4. Calculator: Merchant, Trader, Broker, Financial Officer
or Garlic蒜: Good in accounting 善於計算 for and calculating
5. Coin/Cash: Will be extremely wealthy
6. Chicken Leg: Prosperous, A life of satisfaction 有福氣,表示一生將不愁吃穿
7. Ruler: Architect, Product Designer, Land Development Surveryor
8. Spring Onion 蔥: Very bright 聰明(May amount to any careers due to brightness and braininess)
9. Celery芹菜: Hardworking 勤勞 and Steadfast (May amount to a personality that values hard work)
10.Wheat Grass: Agricultural, Horticulture, Natural careers
11. Sword: Soldier, Policemen, careers in the airforce, navy, infantry
12. Stethoscope: Health Services, Doctors, Vets, Nurses

Stepping on the giant ang ku kueh then step into a pair of new shoes, will have a smooth journey in life,  everything also 顺顺利利呀!

playing with a little duckie.



aiyoyo... Mummy, what's that?!!!


so happy!
Oh ya, I forgot to mention.
She's wearing a new dress too.

Argh... Mummy, cold cold and slimy slimy one.


ok, legs dab dab on the serviette before wearing the new shoes.

New shoes put on!

ok, off you go!!!


Oh... it's her favourite BOOK! wahahahah



She picked up the pen too!
Hmmmm, what's that? Looks yummy!


Ok, Mummy shall reward you with the BIG chicken drumstick!
I bought this from NTUC and just simply boil it.
And the soup was used to cook the mee sua... :)


Greedy pig

ok, enough Mummy.

Next is the also something important for birthdays.
Mee sua.... signifies long life and its a traditional birthday food.

The red eggs.
Sorry, I have never done this before. And I thought I can just put the eggs into the mee sua soup without peeling.
So, before the whole dish turned red... I quickly grab some mee sua for Val.
 Eggs symbolize birth or a new start.
Red means prosperity and good fortune.

Yum Yum!!


Mummy, I want more please.

That's the end of the ceremony!
Hope you enjoy!
Feel free to ask me questions.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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