Saturday, October 24, 2015

Archipelago Creamery + Big Eater Seafood Restaurant (Jurong West) (大食家海鲜)

There have been lotsa new cafes opening  every now and then. But its always so far away from my area. Finally, more cafes are opening at the west side, and majority at the JURONG area! Yeah!
Gonna try out one at a time.

Decided to try this one out first, since its nearer to us and its just located next to where my cousin is staying. So, its also a meet up.

Only realized its was my aunt's bday too on the day itself. So, it's a mini celebration for my aunt too.

We wanted to have dinner first then head for dessert. But the Zichar place was so crowded, so we decided to have light dessert first. :)

Archipelago Creamery
Address: 60 Jurong West St 91, ##01-09 Nanyang CC, Spore 649040
Contact: +65 90246088
Opening hours: 12pm to 12am daily

It's a nautical themed café with tiffany blue overall. A very cosy and nice place to chill.
Surprisingly, it wasn't as crowded as I expected. Probably because people are having their dinner now? But my aunt was saying normally weekday nights were rather crowded. Guessed most of them should be students studying at the café.

Of cos before I come, I know what I have to order.







A variety of flavors!


Matty and Val



My cousin, Ginna.



The kitchen is above us!




My 10th Aunt and uncle.

We chose chocolate and earl grey lavender ice cream.
They are good. Very rich in flavor. Will be back to try other flavors!
Oh ya, did you see the spoon? Its a mini spade shovel. So cute right?!!!



Here comes out Strawberry and chocolate Shibuya toast..


We all like the buttered bread sticks inside. Goes well with the vanilla ice cream.
Frankly when you are with kids around, its really difficult to enjoy your food.
But its a different kind of experience...
Offer a small amount of ice cream to Val.. wahhaha...
*there's baby chair in the café too!








Overall, I would rate a 4 out of 5 for this dessert café. It's pretty and have a nice ambience. The ice creams were good. However, the service was a little slow especially when there's not a lot of customers. Waited for quite a while for our food to be served.
But still, since the food turned out to be pretty and YUMS.... still a thumbs up! :)
and its WEST SIDE! so, thumbs thumbs all up! lol.
Would be good to have some savory dishes too....

Big Eater Seafood Restaurant
Address: 964 Jurong West St 91 #01-342, Spore 640964
Contact: +65 63970480
Opening hours: 4pm to 2am daily

Heard a lot of rave about their chilli crab... how good and how big it is!
And lucky me, I got to try it today!

Fried you tiao... My cousin's fave la...
Picky eater!

Fried prawn something something..

Stirred fried long beans

Steamed fish! good and fresh!

Here comes the chilli crab
The sauce was good eh.... and the egg is flowyyy....
Lucky it wasn't too spicy.

See how big it is!!!
And they have cracked the crabs for you already...
I just used my spoon to peel the shells... and I got this!!!

Like a shioks only!
I saw people from other tables having salted egg crabs which look YUMS!
Maybe we can try that next time!
Overall, I think the dishes here are not bad.
Their service was good too and the food came quite fast!
Rate 4/5.
Went back to my Aunt's house.

Little Val playing with Matty.

Someone talking about me?!

Hey hey... that's mine!

ok ok, share share ok?!


Nooooo, don't want!!!!


Papa!!!! Matty don't wanna play with me...


All for myself now!

Ok, let's go cut the cake!

Gotten this Halloween Pumpkin Cheesecake
from Jurong point Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery.

Happy Birthday, Aunt!

Age is a secret.


My other cousin, Gerald is still at Tekong!





Happy birthday!
May your wishes come true! Win 4D big big Ahhhh!!
Great time spent with families.
Thanks for reading!



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