Monday, October 19, 2015

Yoogane @ Westgate

Yoogane @ Westgate

Address: 3 Gateway Drive, #03-08 Westgate, Spore 608532
Contact no: +65 67107821
Opening hours: 11.30am to 10pm

For more info,

Initially, I wanted to call and make reservation, so I googled and found this number,+65 6337 7337. But it turned out that the number was for Yoogane Bugis instead.
However, when I managed to call through Yoogane Westgate, they don't take any reservation, only walk-in(s).

Ok, so it's the M.E.A.T makan time again!!! Finally, a time when all of us are free. Decided to try something else this time round other than HaiDiLao!

Decided on Yoogane since they wanna have Korea BBQ and its at Jurong area, easier for most of us...

There wasn't any queue yet, cos we reached before 5.30pm where most people just knocked off from work?




Basically, when I'm out with them... the amount of food they order sure gonna be like a crazy!
Meanwhile I went to do some quick errands.

And came back to see... 4 bottles of beer.
Yoogane's Chicken Galbi.

Alamak... ask Ting Ting to take pic of me fake cooking...
She took just the two of us.... lol


Ok, kinda fake... oh well.... hahahahaha

okok, shall let them do the cooking instead.

Free flow of salads at the salad bar.



Strawberry sauce for the cabbage?

hmmm, find it a little weird combi though.



Let Mrs Lim do the rest of the cooking ok?!


Wefie... CHeers!

Egg Cheese Roll..
This is awesome. A must order dish.
I like eggs, I like cheese. I like tomato sauce.
It's a great combi!
Look at the cheese!!!!

Marinated Chicken stew
Lots of topoki, noodles, chicken inside.
Not too spicy, taste not too bad.


Cold noodles
The noodles were very QQ. But the noodles kinda clump together though.
I still prefer the one I taste at JP - Baek Doo San.

Look at those gluttons!


Finally done cooking!
Quite a variety of ingredients in it.
However, I felt Big Mama's taste better.
We ordered sweet potato topokki too!
Something special right?







Next up is the Marinated Chicken Galbi Cheese Fried rice!

I love cheese with anything.
So I enjoy the fried rice.
After we left the place, there's queue already.

Overall, I felt the place was quite comfy. Any place that you can have MEAT and BEER together will be good for friends to chill and chitchat. Customer service wise, hmmmm I don't see the waiters or waitresses smiling while serving or cooking leh.... Can smile more or not? wahahhahahaha...
Total bill was about $200+ for the 4 of us, not sure the exact, cos someone foot the bill... oops :)
So, its about $50-70 per pax. With the beer and so many other dishes we ordered, I think its still quite affordable.

I would rate a 3/5 for this. As there's quite a variety of choices for the Chicken Galbi, toppings and side dishes to go along. Prices are affordable and cosy place.
That's all for this one!

Thanks for viewing.


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