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Baby Valerie (6 to 7 months old)

Baby Valerie (6 to 7 months old)

Time flies. Valerie has turned 6 months old. I have been eager to let her try solid food, but of cos I have to do it slower. Not to introduce too many different food at the start as her digestive system is not yet able to cope efficiently. Also they might not be interested in that first spoonful.

Their first food has to be pureed, in order not to choke on anything. Still continue to give the baby milk as its their comfort food. Remember not to force them if they doesn't like it. Offer small amount on spoon, maybe after having her usual milk feed.

Slowly introduce new food 5 to 6 days. And remember, baby DON'T NEED ANY SALT or SUGAR added to their food. It's ok for the food to be bland.

1 tsp of fruit per day, gradually increased to 1/4 to 1/2 cup in 2 or 3 feedings
1 tsp vegetables, gradually increased to 1/4 to 1/2 cup in 2 or 3 feedings
3 to 9 tbp cereal, in 2 to 3 feedings

- able to sit well
- starting to crawl
- make chewing motions
- shows interest in food
- can move food from front to back of mouth
- doubles the birth weight (for the remaining 1 year, they gain about 400g of weight every month)

Things to do and take note:
- if baby still can't sit on their own
- Doesn't respond to noises or smiles
- Doesn't reach for objects
- Cant hold her head steadily

Foods preparations to take note:
- No need of sugar, salt of seasonings for your baby's diet
- Fruits should be completely free of peelings and seeds
- Never use HONEY to sweeten food before the age of 3. (Honey is a proven source of the bacteria and has led to botulism in infants.  Infant botulism can cause muscle weakness, with signs like poor sucking, a weak cry, constipation, etc.)
- Introduce eggs only after 9months. Just the yolk below 1 year old. Egg white is more likely than the yolk to trigger an allergic reaction, which can sometimes be severe.

Check out for allergies. (To check for allergies, give the same food for at least 3 days)
- Refrain from giving your child peanut butter, due to danger allergic reactions to nuts which can be fetal!
- Bananas should be completely ripe before feeding.

Common Foods that cause Allergies:
- Wheat
- Eggs
- Milk
- Peanuts, nuts (cashew, hazelnuts, etc)
- Fish, shellfish, prawns, seafood
- Sesame

Signs and symptoms of food allergies:
- red itchy rash around mouth or body
- mildly swollen lips, tongue and face
- swollen red watery eyes
- sneezing, runny nose, cough
- colicky tummy pain
- diarrhea
- vomiting

I started with this brown rice powder.
You can find this in supermarkets or those Chinese medical halls.
You may start by adding into her milk.
Then slowly, increase serving size and to a thicker texture gradually.
This helps the babies to transit easily from milk to solids.
Its easy to digest. It can be served with milk, puree or mashed food.
More importantly,
This is 100% natural, made with wholesome brown rice
no GMOs, no sugar, salt, coloring, flavorings, preservatives.
For more info, please click below link, 
Prepared porridge with either carrot/sweet potato/broccoli.
Took some pics below.
And its my hubby who does the cooking.... wahhahaah.
He used the rice cooker and cook a big portion, so we all eat the same porridge.
We will add kimchi or those canned caixin with the porridge.
Since its just the first month of having solid food...
We only gave vegs with porridge and some cereal.
No meat added.
Oh ya, and Apple for her... by scraping method shown in one of the videos below.



My bowl of porridge with KIMCHI!!! wahahahaha
For her porridge, we will mash the potatoes...

Looked good... tasted good!





Mummy and Daddy going for a short getaway!!
But baby Val...wanna tag along too!!!

Here comes Val's Ah ma! (Grandma)




Where's my mummy?

She's not around? ok nvm... then I can misbehave!! wahhahaah






My pillow!


Mummy, I like this high chair.


a visit to IKEA

tired baby

Chair to have my meals..







Mummy... is there something on my head?



hmmm.... ok.. I like this one.


those chubby cheeks!


Mother and daughter headbands from MYBABYBOWSG.
Check out their IG or carousell.
It costs about $10-12

Hey, close them up please!

I'm trying to stand, mummy!


I'm a zebra!

Is there food?

Huh, you finished them all by urself!




Mummy, how do I look with YOUR beanie?!!







Mummy, I'm falllllingggggg

How's ma specssss


All in one great hubby!







Big bird


Gotten this cute crown band from Qoo10 at only around $5
There's different colours.
Don't bother to go to some expensive sites which are selling 10 over dollar.
I want Mummy...

Oops, the door is opened!



I'm so tired, I don't even care about my messy hair.




What is that??


Mummy, see.... I can do splitting!


I can hold my own bottles!



Best toy ever.. Cheap and good.
Good to keep me occupied.
Good for making me sleep.
eating apples!
Stroll at the park
That's all for this entry!
Thanks for reading!
Stay tuned for more updates!

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