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姐妹花 Taipei 3D2N 15-17Jul 2016

姐妹花 Taipei 3D2N TRIP

A pretty last minute trip (again). And we got the tickets in time on a super cheap deal! Only $180 to and fro by Fly scoot.

It is a short trip, mainly for EATING and RELAXING! Wahahah... I know I know people starting to question already, like how many relaxing trips I need in a year sia~

Answer: As many as I can!

Wahahahha... Anyway, ok so it's a 2.5days trip only. And also because I still wanna send Valerie to school on Friday in the morning. My bro will pick her up in the evening, and I'll be back by Sunday night to pick her up from my mom's.

Although it's just a two and half days trip, I still have to get my itinerary ready ok?! Wahahhaah, I like to plan my trips. I'm a born planner. So, as usual, if you wanna have a copy of the detailed itinerary, do drop me an email.

Date Duration Time Venue Opening Hours Address Nearest MRT Activities
15.07.16 1000 Changi airport Check in
1200-1655 Sky Flying, sleep
1655 Tao Yuan Airport Take bus to Taipei
1-1.5hr 1830 Taipei Main Stn
1900 IJYSHENG Bakery 一之軒 Breeze Plaza - 10am-12am Breeze Plaza, 100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Beiping W Rd, 3號2樓(台北市中正區北平西路3號2樓(台北火車站2樓)) Taipei
Main Station
Eat Mochi
If time permits Snow King
Ice Cream
12pm-8pm No. 65, Section 1, Wuchang St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100 Ximen Eat Ice cream
FreeBird Apt Q Emei Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 108 Ximen - Exit 6 Check In
2300 Club Myst 9pm-4am Taipei City
FreeBird Apt Q Emei Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 108 Go back sleep
16.07.16 if fail to
eat on Fri
Snow King
Ice Cream
12pm-8pm No. 65, Section 1, Wuchang St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100 Ximen Eat Ice cream
1100 Yong He Dou Jiang No. 30 Hankou Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei Ximen - Exit 6 Eat Dou Jiang
You Tiao
1200 Ximen district? Shop around?
1400 Long Time
Ago Café
1530 Voodoo Donut 巫毒甜甜圈 930am-10pm No. 28, Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110 Taipei City
Eat donut
1730 Raohe or shida Night market? duration to n fro is
abt the same. Raohe
walk 1 min from mrt stn,
shida walk 5 min from
mrt stn
1930 Shilin Jian Tan
17.07.16 1000 Ximen District Eat, last min
1200 Taipei Main Stn Bus to Taoyuan
1330 Check in Tao Yuan Airport
1535-2015 Changi airport Home 

Remember I mentioned last year in my Taipei blogpost? Before you head to Taiwan, check out Taiwan Tourism Board if there's freebies!

Normally, I'll just write an email straightaway to tbrocsin@singnet.com.sg as shown below.

or you may check out below link

I heard there’s some freebies that we can collect upon going on tour to Taiwan?
May I know what are the freebies? Can we just go down and collect?
We are going on tour during mid of July.

And the reply I got:

Our current free gift for FREE & EASY TRAVELER is Taiwan Fruit Picking Voucher (Expiry Date: 15th May 2017).
**Seasonal free gifts redemption is based on first come first serve, while stock last. **
*Each person can only redeem once per documents mentioned above and is non-exchangeable for different season free gifts*
Requirement of Gifts Redemption : Please bring your
(1) HOTEL CONFIRMATION (For one night stay. The hotel booking included eg. Homestay, resort, hotel and Youth Hostels)
(2) E-TICKET depart from SINGAPORE (with printed booking reference and passengers ) to our office at address below for redemption.
Alternatively, you may request someone to collect on your behalf with present both photocopy of documents as mentioned above.
We regret to inform you that we don’t provide mailing service for free gifts.
Address & office opening hours:
Taiwan Visitors Association 30 Raffles Place #10-01, Chevron House ,Singapore 048622
Mon.- Fri. 9:00-17:00 (No lunch time.)
How to get to our office :
From Raffles Place MRT station towards Exist B, Chevron House is on your left. Take escalator to 3rd floor security counter to exchange
your IC with a pass & take elevator to 10th floor.
You are welcome to our office to collect the brochures & maps or visit our website http://taiwan.net.tw for all kind of information like accommodation, interests & itineraries.
Central Weather Bureau http://www.cwb.gov.tw/eng/index.htm  

Eh, fruit picking ar? With such hot weather? Hmmmm.... maybe next time lah... Hahahah...
Shall just eat and slack for this whole trip~

Also, this time round, we decided to book our stay from Airbnb instead of usual hotels~

Decided to dye my hair before the trip. A friend of mine recommended me to buy hair dyes online instead. Why did I not think of that ar?! Spam so much $$$ yet doesn't last even a month!

So, I decided to buy from Qoo10 for only $8.90 leh. And it's easily to apply and doesn't fade off easily leh.

Click below link to check out the colours.
I bought Lavender, Lagoon Blue and Turquoise.I
tried the Turquoise first. Probably can try 3 colours together next ya?!
Also, a bottle can be reused for a few times leh!!!

Oh, and there's 2 person in Taiwan commented that my hair is COOL ok?!
Mai siao siao ar.

Ready to go!

Met my twin sister~

Romper theme~
and Cropped top..

Told you we are Twin sisters liao lo.

5 hours flight... so we better have something filling first

My virgin flight with Flyscoot.

Spacious and comfy.

姐妹花 backview.

Supposed to have Wendy with us. But she ended up couldn't make it.
What a waste! Air tickets and all the Lodging paid for already~

So empty?

Finally reached Taiwan around 5+ pm.
The queue was long~

Bought SIM card of course~
How can I live without the internet right?!

So I heard they are all sold out in Singapore's 7-Eleven?
And there's only 2 flavors available in Singapore?! Just look at the choices here! I'm so spoiled. HAHA!

We are set out to try all the flavors here!

Verdict: Super strong 奶味 (milk taste) in the milk tea.
Super strong 咖啡味 (coffee taste) in the coffees

But of all, I preferred Earl Grey Milk Tea.
I think Gong Cha, Sharetea... They are good enough already la.
Probably because they are in bottled form, so the craze?
No idea~

I love visiting 7-Eleven in Taiwan.
So many yummy food and drinks.

Proceeded to buy coach tickets to Taipei Main Station.
NT 90.

Waiting area

There was traffic jam, so it took like almost 2hours to reach.

Now, go search for the MOCHI!

Breeze Plaza, 100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Beiping W Rd, 3號2樓(台北市中正區北平西路3號2樓(台北火車站2樓))

Not many Mochi left~

Cheese tart was alright~

Egg tart soso, Polo bun forget about it, don't waste your calories intake.

The main lead!

They are really good! Only 18 NT, which is like SGD 0.80?
Very generous with the fillings. And the fillings got quality leh!

Now I regretted not going back on the last day to buy them back!

Saw the cheesecake stall along the way while searching for the mocha.
Rayne thought of trying it, so we shall try.

The packaging so cute.

 So we bought a box of 6. Can be eaten when chilled or frozen.
Hmmm, I felt it was a little dense. Not really worth the money and calories though.

Line store!

Hi, there!

So cute, but nothing for me to buy in there~

Headed to Ximending because the Airbnb owner is waiting to pick us liao~

Freebird Apt Q - 1 min to Ximen Mrt
Entire home/apt
Emei Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 108, Taiwan

$244 for 2 nights for 4 pax

The Flash~

Welcome to our room~

Someone's backpack and clutch spoilt the picture.

Someone's clutch is still there~

This guy was the Airbnb owner's friend who helped to manage the rooms in this area.
His name is 小黑 (Xiao Hei)
He's a little over-friendly though~

He asked us out to try the shaved Ice.

Not bad~ Generous portion of mango~

He also recommended this fried chicken which was really GOOD!


Wanhua District, 台北市 108

We chose the 爆汁( oozing juice) Fried Chicken

This was really good. Crunchy and juicy.
After eating this, the rest of the fried chicken stalls cannot compare sia~
Ok, heading back to our room and 变装!

From this~

to this!

My second time to Taiwan's Clubbing~

Super lots of people~

More people queueing for another club... Wondering what club was that.

Who is Leave?! Wahhahha.

Per pax 700 NT (SGD 30) with 2 drinks included.
A little pricey as compared to SG eh.

Alcohol super strong. Generous! Quality drinks~

Very cool eh. Shall let Valerie learn violin~ Wahahah

You may use your coupon to purchase drink below NT 300.


Mouthwash~ which was hmmm quite useful!

After clubbing, SUPPER of course!
Taxi driver recommended this place~
for its Beef noodle soup and Dry noodles with minced meat~

Really yummy leh~

電話:(02) 2371 3028
Open 24hours daily (only close during Chinese New year)

Chilli powder

There's actually different sauces and different chilli powder on different tables.
But we felt it was already good enough not to add those~

卤肉干面 Braised Meat Dried Noodles(NT 45, SGD 1.90)

Chewy noodles. Delicious braised meat and its sauce. Yums!

牛肉面 (NT 80, SGD 3.50)

According to them, the beef was soft and tender.
Soup was delicious with all the 精华.

By the time we got back and wash up, it's morning already?!
Crazy.. don't care, just sleep only!

2nd day.
Woke around 12noon... Wahahahah...

Floral theme~

I liked none of them. Because I don't like coffee~ and the coffee taste was so strong!
The smell of Sumiyaki made me recalled those days where I was compounding coffee flavors in the lab. Oh my god! It's exactly like that~ nonono~!

Their turn to be 姐妹花 to the max.
Dark top, floral bottoms.

I shall be the odd one out then.

Floral theme~

Bought this at Watson~
Can be used on lips and cheek.
Quite sweet eh~
Pinkish orangey~

Along the way, we spotted these.
Shall print some for Valerie~

Tadah~ so cute.. still comes with Peppa pig folder~

Next up: Snow King

No. 65, Section 1, Wuchang St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Opening hours: 12pm to 8pm daily

Walkable distance from our stay~

A variety of flavors to choose from~

Pork trotters? Pork floss? Tofu? Sesame Chicken?

I wonder how they come about having these flavors on ice cream!

And so, we chose a Safe flavor (Dried longan), another 2 weird ones to try ( Pork floss (some bloggers mentioned it was not bad) and Curry flavor)

Pork Floss Flavored Ice Cream

Not very strong flavor, a little bland yet a little saltiness.
Slight taste of pork floss. But it's still weird.
Rayne said it's like eating frozen soup.
She said probably how they come about with these flavors, could be one day they freeze their overnight soup and taste it and decided to make it into Ice cream. Lol!

Dried Longan Flavored Ice Cream

Sweet, strong longan taste.

On the outermost right is the Curry Flavored Ice Cream.

We couldn't even finish half of it. It's just too weird.
Like the curry puff curry but frozen.

So, the overall experience was Meh~
Although a lot of unique flavors, but they aren't tasty at all.

But of course if you have free time and wanna try out something weird ok Unique, then go ahead and try!

Chocoolate x Line

Yoz, hip hop girl over there~


Next up: Longtimeago Cafe
No. 9, Lane 21, Section 1, Anhe Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Opening hours: 11am to 9pm daily

If you are visiting on a weekend, you will have to spend a minimum of NT 300 per pax.

Anyway, just google your way there!

New specs from F21 only around SGD 10.

Thanks for jotting down notes for the food and places we tried~

So, I actually have a blog editor, photo editor and Notetaker sisters~

Apparently I saw many cute latte art from Instagram for this café. But they told me they no longer do it. And this is the most Instagram worthy drink recommended by the,

It's just normal hot chocolate drink lah~

Mentaiko Pasta

(Anyway the menu is in Chinese).
Very creamy, Salmon taste a little fishy. No mentaiko taste.

However, this fried tofu was very good! Yum Tum Tum!
Very thin and Crispy coating, very soft and smooth inside.
The sauce was nice too, compliments it.

I always prefer menu with pictures. Some more this menu in Chinese, so I just point whatever I saw in the menu lah~

The Ice cream was nice. It's Raspberry Ice Cream. Probably also compared to the Snow King Ice cream, this was so much better. Very refreshing.
However, the waffle was so-so, a bit soggy.

Total damage NT950 (~ SGD 40)

Nice customer service though..

Eating so much, we decided to walk to our next destination.
Took about 20ish minutes I guessed?

Next up: Voodoo Doughnut 巫毒甜甜

No. 28, Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Opening hours:
Tues to Sat 24hrs
Sun and Mon 10am to 10pm

It was rather empty though.

Blurry pic, shakey hands.
Too excited because the place looks so pretty and instagram worthy.

Even the toilet~

Machiam I booked the whole restaurant~

Upon spending NT 200 if I'm not wrong, we gotten a free Maple bar.
I did not the Bacon Maple Bar, should have gotten that.

And we mentioned twice that we are getting the Dirty Snowball instead of the Old Dirty Bastard.
But we still gotten it. But we went to change it afterwards.

Here comes the correct one~

Verdict: This place is just instagram worthy.
The donuts really not worth the calories eh.

The Voodoo doll - Chocolate was bitter.
Dirty Snowball - The strawberry icing, shredded coconut and peanut butter just doesn't seem to be right. The icing was a little hard.
Blueberry cake - Oh ya, its really like a cake.
Instead, we actually preferred the free Maple Bar.

Their donuts are quite different from what we usually have.
The texture was more like cake/bread.

It's a good place for photography and chilling though.

Total damage: NT 215
SGD 9ish for 3 donuts, a little pricey too ya~

And so, we decided to walk again~
Another 20ish minutes.

Next up: Raohe Street Night Market
Raohe St, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

Opening hours: 5pm to 12am

Watermelon juice less than SGD 1 leh.. Where to find in Sg!

Colourful pretty drink~

Not too bad~

Recommended by the Airbnb guy.

But sorry, we still preferred our Singapore Shilin's Oyster Mee Sua~

Decided to try. NT 50 (~ SGD 2)

You can actually find it in Singapore.

It just taste like jelly lo~
But it looks pretty la~
I chose the Watermelon milk. There is a tinge of watermelon flavor.

Soo Bing Bing at Westgate
but its cheaper here though.

Like yummy.

But weather too hot, too many people.
No feel to eat~

My 3rd time to RaoHe, its always so packed.
And I always ended up not eating much food. Cos a little pek che. lol.
Still prefer Shilin Night market though.

Let's get some drinks first~
So hot and thirsty.

When you buy 2 items, you get to have lucky draw for some discount!

I like this Earl Grey Milk Tea~

Next, we were deciding on ShiDa, Shilin or Ning xia night market.
So we thought we were quite full. So Ning xia is for food, Shi Lin we have been.
Hence, we took a cab to Shida Night Market (more on fashion).
Walked too much the whole day~

Next up: Shida Night Market
Lane 39, Shida Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

But hmmm, like nothing much eh.
Ok, giving the fact that we reached there around 10pm lah, maybe most stalls are closed.

Ok, walked back to MTR to Ximending~

Tabao food back to our room to eat!
Hot die tired us!

My all time favourite cheese potato!

Beef lovers~

Need to wait, hence didn't buy~

Tried 综合口味 (Assorted flavor)
Should have gotten the original one. Taste better.
This was kinda too much different ingredient. Kimchi, corn, raddish blah~

Too dry. Nothing special.

Fried Cuttlefish.
Not bad! Chewy inside, crunchy outside. And the sauce was nice too!

Normally, there's some street stalls after 10pm when the shops are closed.

Taiwan McDonalds selling Hello Kitty Pillows, but all sold out!

These are all freebies on the street.
So nice right. Free masks eh!

Our loots.
Peppa soft toys for only SGD 4!

To be taken when it's hot~

 Using the free masks!

Day 3 aka last day

Stripes theme~

Next up: Yong He Dou Jiang 永和豆漿
No. 30 Hankou Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei

They removed a number of dishes from the menu~


No. 22, Hanzhong St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

This was recommended by the Airbnb guy.
He recommended the 饭团 Onigiri to try.

He also pre-warned that the Auntie is very fierce.

Looks almost the same menu as the Yong He Dou Jiang~

New outlet 用和豆浆大王 just across the street of the old one.

No. 4, Lane 6, Emei St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

He also recommended the Pork rib noodles. But only opening at 11am, shall come back later.

So we went next door to ask the opening hours, and meanwhile buy Duck Blood! 鸭血!
Rayne likes it though.

You can get Chia Te Pineapple Tart from 7Eleven~
So convenient.

Accumulated stamps and bought this Line Stako at NT 199 (SGD 8.50)

Brought all our food back for breakfast.

Verdict for Yong He Dou Jiang 永和豆漿: It was my second try and I still don't get what's the rave about. Bought 烧饼. But very dry eh. You tiao was normal, SG ones better.

Verdict for 西门町豆浆: The rice was dry, and it falls apart. The pork floss taste different from the ones we had in SG. Overall, we don't enjoy it.

I still like my Earl Grey Milk Tea, and 7eleven Oden~ Yums.



No. 4, Lane 6, Emei St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

Back again.... and its opened!

Supposed to get the noodles... But as we were in a rush, so we tabao to Airport.
And gotten just the Pork Ribs and Braised Pork rice.

But hmmm, look at the Braised Pork rice, like a little patheric eh... meat so little.. and mostly fats...
As for the Pork Ribs, maybe they were cold already? It was a tad too oily and not much meat.

Took train back to Taipei Main Station and walked to bus terminal to buy our Coach tickets back to Taoyuan Airport.

NT 90.

If you were to cab from Ximending to Airport, it will be NT 900 to NT 1000.

Bought Pork ribs and Braised Pork rice at the airport (Homee Kitchen)

Nicer than the previous one eh.

Many asked what you wanna do in Taiwan for just 2.5days sia?
Aiya... YOLO man.
Just fly there to eat can or not? wahahhahah

Time to fly back. Boo.

Best food we tried this time round was the
Monga. 艋舺雞排 and 小吳刀切牛肉麵.

Go and try now already man!

Avoid visiting in Jul, it's really really HOT!!!

That's all for our short trip to Taipei.

Thanks for reading.
Feel free to drop me a message, and follow me on the social platforms below!

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木星 said...

Hi, googled and found your tw trip entry. Just to let you know the guy comedian Nono was one of the owners of the 艋舺雞排 shops :D

Anyway thanks for some of the nice food places in your entry

Apple said...


Yup yup, I was aware of that... it was so good!

Kelvin Yap said...

Hi, I saw the bnb room that u stayed. Can I know how the condition of the room as I might book the room too for my aug trip. I saw some review that it have ants around,noisy and so on.

Apple said...

Hi Kelvin,

thanks for reading.
The room that we stayed was quite ok.
Anyway we shopped n eat till late every night.
So, we are only back late night. Not much noise I guessed?
COs we slept quite well, haha..

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