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New Zealand 10d9n South Island 14May-24May 2016 (Part 3)

To be continued:

Franz Josef - Fox Glacier - Lake Matheson - Hokitika - Alpaca Farmstay - Christchurch - HOME

Day 6:

On the way to Franz Josef~

Reached hotel at nearly 8pm! Fortunately, the receptionist waited for us if not we gonna have to sleep in the car liao.... Do remember to check what time does the reception counter close, or at least inform them if you are gonna be late.

The Terrace
SGD 417 for 2 nights, 5pax.
2 Rooms, 1 bathroom, 1 sofa-bed, Free Wifi, Free MILK each day!
There's also a glow worm path near to the hotel.

So dark already...

The reception recommended this place for dinner~
And we realized that all the recommendations from the locals were really good!

Cakes and Pastries all looked so yummy!

Cheesy cake so smooth and creamy! Yums.

But the gluten free brownie was a little dry and hard.

Just drink only man~

Sick of western food already? Finally some Asian food! And it tasted not bad also leh.

The receptionist recommended this Kentucky Fried Chicken Burger. Not bad too~!

It's so BIG too~!

Fish and chips again?!

Ended Day 6. Slept early as we gonna have to wake early the following day for our hike at Fox Glacier!

Day 7:
Breakfast prepared by the Early bird, Lijia as usual.
She became slightly emo as our trip was coming to end soon... Oh crap~

Ok, let's go!

Driver for the day.
In case if anyone of you are interested to know, I do have a driving license. And I did drive in New Zealand, but just only for some shorter route. Seemed like no one dare to sleep or even close their eyes while I was driving, hmmmm, wonder why... wahahahahaahah

Booked the hike from:
HeliHike (with no hotpool)
You may choose to hike at Franz josef too.
But we chose Fox Glacier as we researched that it will be slightly easier for beginners like us?
Franz Josef steeper, longer hike, ice caves slightly bluish, Carpark is further, more commercial shops nearby, near Peter's Pool (hotpool).
Fox Glacier cheaper, less steeper, shorter hike, ice caves more towards whitish, Carpark nearer, lesser commercial shops nearby, near Lake Matheson   Nearer to free glow worm walk
The package includes all the footwear, outerwear and all equipments needed.
ok, let's go!
This was my second ride on a Helicopter. Did once in Grand Canyon.

Front seat Yeah!

So pretty, isn't it~

Landed! Luckily, it was not a long ride. If not, I guess I might be vomiting already when the captain did all those turning and rotating.

Our guide~



The guide built the steps for us~

This big piece of ice is actually EDIBLE!

If you looked closely, sam is holding onto an ice as clear as glass!

 Guess what we were doing?
We were drinking water! Fresh and sweet!


Vomiting waterfall! HAHAH!

Fishing? Wahahahah

It's really pretty up here. I'm so glad that we were able to proceed with this hike. Weather was good.
Everything was good. I truly enjoyed myself with this hike.

Just lick it~

They should be thankful to have such a great photographer in front of them!

Heading back already~! Sians.

The guide was funny, helpful, nice and know his stuffs well!

All hungry after the hike and coldness...

Time for lunch!

Food was yummy! Seems like the restaurant in New Zealand all got standard one leh. All taste not bad eh. Very flavorful and generous with the portion.

After the heavy lunch, time for a stroll.
Lake Matheson!

See the mirror image that was created by nature itself~

It's just so pretty~~!!!!!

This was not photoshopped at all! It was truly a mirror image!

It's just so breathe-taking!~

Yeah, collected our FREE MILK from the hotel stay!

Catching the sunset~


Trying to take some silhouette photos!

After the sunset, we went to the supermarket to get some food for our budget dinner.


After dinner, we went to look for glow worms!
In Franz josef, there's 3 places where you can search for glow worms. One was near our hotel. Since we didn't manage to go to the glow worm cave, we need to explore this one of course.
After walking for about 20 to 30 minutes, we managed to see quite a number of glow worms, however it's definitely not as magnificent compared to a glow worms cave lah. But it was still not bad afterall. Anyway, the path is pitch dark ya, so we used our phone's torchlight while walking along the path. It's quite scary leh.
End of Day 7 already? My goodness.
About the hotel stay, it was alright. Still considered comfy lah. Clean and tidy too. Near the supermarket and there's free milk everyday. Would rate it a 7/10.
Day 8:
Heading to our Farmstay.... Our trip is ending soon... MAKE TIME STOP!?!!

Ultra big KIWI!

Lunch break at Hokitika

Porky's takeaways? But a Fish logo?!


Our food wrapped with newspaper~
Kinda interesting ya~

Sweet potato fries~

Fish and chips again~

Seafood basket~

Why no free sauce!!! alamak... Wahhahahah
Vintage car sia~

Actually we did not actually planned to come Hokitika, just that it was sort of along the way. And we saw some pretty pictures of Hokitika beach online. Let me show you some below that I saw online.

Probably it will look very pretty during sunset bah. But we were there in the afternoon and the sky was a little dark.

Below are pics taken by us~

Our Hokitika photos looks a little solemn isn't it, i guessed it's a way of saying how we felt when the trip is coming to an end. HAHAH!

Titanic please~

Continue our journey to our farmstay!

So nice to have a stop-over like this... Mini picnic with your loved ones.

Looking like a google images?! wahahhaah.. So pretty, isn't it.

Trying out ice creams which I cannot find in Singapore. Surprisingly the texture of the ice cream wasn't what I expected. I thought it was going to be hard. But it was all soft and smooth inside leh. hmmm.
Something worth a try~

Pete's Farm
2 Bedroom, 2 sofa-bed, 1 toilet, 1 washer, Free Wifi, Free breakfast~
Sheep shearing and contact with sheep and alpaca~
440 NZD ( ~SGD 417) per day for 5 pax

It's a very nice and relaxing place~
A good place for retirement~ Wahahhaahah

You can choose whether to have breakfast at the owner's place or have it send to your cottage.
Of course go to the owner's place and have a chat with them la... Sociable a bit when you are overseas.. wahahhah

Baa baa white sheeps~

And Pete, the owner of the farmstay recommended us to head over to The Plough Hotel for our dinner.
It was real good and service was superb.


The restaurant is also very kids friendly. There's toys for kids~

Food was yummy and big portioned. Customer service was good! Dessert was only alright.
Nice place to visit~ Would rate a 8/10.

There were some board games on the farmstay too. So, we played some games, chit chatted and drank for the night. Really enjoy this trip with them.

End of Day 8. Haiz~

Day 9:
Heading to Christchurch. Time flies. 美好的时光总是冲冲流去~

Christmas mood. Wahahhaha~

Breakfast at Pete's house~

Freshly baked blueberry muffin by Pete's wife~
So nice of her! and it's yummy too!

What fruit was that eh? Forgot to take and try! Wasted!

Put on boots... all prepared to step on the sheep POOOOOOOOP

Let's go!

Red spot represents that the sheeps are pregnant~

 A sheep dog

That's Pete who is going to show us some sheep shearing.
He's the only one who does all the sheep shearing everyday~

Did you spot the poo there? Wahahahah~

Hand-made knitted wool sweater, scarf, beanie, etc~

Time to visit the Alpacas~

So cute~

There's a trampoline there?! Have been longing to try jumping on it~

Bought a little cute sweater for Valerie~

Knitted scarf~

Headed to our stay in Christchurch next~

Airport lodge Motel

2 Bedrooms, 1 toilet, Free Wifi, Free Milk too~
NZD 195 (~SGD 184) per night for 5 pax

Cheap and good.

Saw the 2 bottle of milk? It was given to us free for this hotel stay.

Asked the receptionist for some recommendations for dining.
She listed a few, and we decided to try "Strawberry Fare".
And I must repeat again, all their recommendations are GOOD!
Trust the LOCALS!

How late is late? No idea... Wahahah.. Check it out yourself!

Summer Pea Risotto

Roasted Chicken Supreme

Simply Salmon

Pan Fried Daily Fish

Chefs' Tasting Plate

Tropical Heat

 Be it the mains or the dessert... all was delicious! And Lijia actually finished everything on her plate for once!
Rate: 9/10

Forfeit for losing in the guessing of total bill amounted.

After food, we walked around Christchurch. But there wasn't much things to do in Christchurch eh.
Most of the churches are under maintenance after the earthquakes. In fact, Christchurch kinda look gloomy and sad.

Thought of heading to their shopping mall but they close at 5pm.. alamak.. so early!

How about playing a game of chess?!

Came across a Museum next to the park so we decided to go in and take a look. It's free, but you are free to donate too.

Nothing much to do, no where else to go, and it's drizzling again....
So.... find some place to chill and EAT again!

Maybe Monday doesn't like you either~ LOL

Quite big portion of Fries~

Pathetic Churros~

After snacking, the boss was still hungry. Hence, came here for dinner. Also recommended by the receptionist.

The food and customer service was not bad. But it's really smoky in there, maily because it's Teppanyaki ma.
Would rate 7.5/10.
Back to the hotel to have some rest before heading to the airport and end our trip (unwillingly)!

oops... Hubby's luggage overweight!

Eating again~

There's Pie Face at Aussie airport. Shall give it a try.

Meh.... So So leh~

Yeah, able to charge ma phone!

Le Hubby's hands gotten so dry... even cracked and bleed.

Old man's hands.

Eating again!

Flavor of the year: Coconut~

So happy to see Valerie outside waiting for her Mummy and Daddy!
So nice of my bro to bring her here to surprise us!

Hi, my cutie little pie~

That's all for our New Zealand South Island trip.
There were some places where we have missed out. Some due to weather, some due to hmmm negligence on our part, forgotten to check our bookings. Nevertheless, it was an awesome trip.
New Zealand never failed me at all!! It was really a relaxing place with great sceneries. Apart from that, the locals were pretty nice and the food was great!
Great holiday with great companies!!
If you wish to have a detailed itinerary, please do drop me an email.
Thanks for reading.
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