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New Zealand 10d9n South Island 14May-24May 2016 (Part 2)

To be continued....

Queenstown - Mokelake - Glenorchy - Paradise - Arrowtown, Arrow River - way to Franz josef

Day 4:

We reached Queenstown! Gorgeous clear blue sky welcoming us! Isn't it awesome?~

Just as I was saying about the clear blue sky...

The Rain God also decided to welcome us instead. Oh dear...

Reaching our hotel real soon~

Cadbury Court Apartment
$626 for 2 nights (5 pax)
3 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, Free Wifi. Washer and Dryer available.

Walking distances to the supermarkets and eateries.

Hi there, Mr Men~

This is one of the reason why I always wanna go in to take the pictures first.
This is what happens when they are reached the hotel first... unglam messy living room~

Kinda weird to have the washer and dryer in the toilet~

act only~

Another one~

Seriously, I don't know what was I doing with that pose either~


Ok, time to source for our dinner~

Found you! Fergburger!

One and only in the world because they do not take franchising. Interesting eh~

''While there are no plans to move to larger premises, Fergburger chiefs are always thinking of ways to improve the operation, from staff induction to equipment used, to maintain the highest standards, Mr Bradley said.
Rebuffing daily franchise bids is part of the legend of Fergburger, but ''we're just very proud of the product and the quality that we offer here in Queenstown,'' he said.
''If we were to have taken up on those offers, I don't think we'd have the same control, the same product, the same special experience and we believe in Queenstown.
''We want to keep it as one little special place for those lucky enough to visit Queenstown.''

Bambi sounds interesting!

Let's tuck in already!
Try if it's as good as mentioned!

And the verdict.....
YES! You guys should really try them if you are at Queenstown!
Very generous with the portion and ingredients.

These were really legit Onion Rings!

There's a lot of eateries. But we were too full already~

There's a Cookie Time stall in Queenstown.

But a little tip for you guys ok. If you gonna buy the cookies for your friends... the supermarket are selling the cookies way cheaper!!! Wahhahaah.

Ok, but it's nice to visit the stall too, of course. They are selling their merchandises including tshirts and plushies. Also, you can mail your postcard from here. Interesting right?!

They also come in boxes, so you can give as a gift.

Send a postcard cookie for just $10~

You can get these in supermarkets~

A variety of cookies~

it's freaking cold~

Looking at the apartment available in New Zealand~

Just drink only, every night. JUST DRINK ONLY!

Hokey pokey ice cream was one of the items on the food hunt list.

And the verdict.... Nothing special... and I just realized that you can find it in Singapore.
Chey boo~

The Afghan biscuit that I shared in my NZ Trip Part 1 post is way nicer than this Afghan cookie.

Cheers to our friendship~
More years to go~
Time for bed... Someone is going for Skydiving the next day!

Day 5:

Cowardly us except Lijia who decided to go for Skydive.
I really thought of trying la, but I watched a few videos of skydiving on Youtube. I don't think my heart can take it la, I will end up going dizzy and puking and then my whole day will be wasted liao. I can't even handle the Roller Coaster. It's not that I don't dare to take one, it's just that my body can't take it. Got the spirit but don't have the body for all these. Boooo.
Rayne and I accompanied Lijia to the place where they will pick her up and bring her for her skydive. But but but, 天不做美。。。with the unpredictable weather.... that day was not suitable for skydiving.
Changed to next timing, and even for the next day, it was still NOT OK TO DIVE!!

 And since no skydive today, we shall do some photo-taking as it was still early. Let the guys sleep in a little longer lah~

Let's check out their library~

 Before the guys awakes....
Let's try exchanging outfit~

Preparing for our picnic later on...

Duckie outfits~

Off we go, heading to Moke Lake~

Did you spot something eye-catching? Wahahahahah...

Whoops, okok, we shall not disturb~

When I was young, I always wanted to visit New Zealand.
To me, New Zealand is filled with FRESH AIR, green grass and fields full of animals.
And I could just lie freely on the grass rolling here and there....

But... hmmm I was only partially right about it though.
There are fresh air, green grass and lotsa animals.
But I don't think you would wanna roll around the green grass... as there's lotsa POOP!

It's just so shioks to see such views everyday.

We reached!

We were so fortunate that the weather was so good. Quick, take more pictures before Rain god is back!

Was forced to take this lame shot. 

Some people commented that this looked like some scene from an Indian movie... lol.

Did you spot (Little) Red Riding Hood... wahahahahah

New Zealand is about sightseeing, right?... and PLENTY PLENTY OF PHOTO-TAKING of course!

Pardon the shadows... wahhahahah

It's truly so amazing~ I am in love with this place. And it felt like we have the whole place to ourselves!
Feel free to take photos!
Enjoy the fresh air... Release all your stress..
Just relax only~

He wanted to have the V between the 2 mountains. I thought it was ok mah.. He said I took a bad shot. Boo~

Running for our lives!~

Bye Meh Mehhhhhzzz~

Next stop: Glenorchy~

We were actually trying to look for the sign below... But I think it was further down towards the end. And we don't have much petrol left, afraid that we might not be able to get back... And so we just make do with this instead.

In Glenorchy, you can do activities like horse-back riding and Lord of the Rings tour. 

Time for Food again~

Today's soup is BEER! Nice!

The portion was big. And the Fish and Chips were not bad eh. The batter was not too thick either.
Fish tasted pretty fresh and the coleslaw was nice too.
I would recommend this place for their Fish and Chips!

Heading back soon as we were going to have dinner buffet at night!
Remembered I mentioned previously that although we missed out the glow worm at Te Anau, we took the money and put it to good use.
We were going to take the Gondola up hill to have a great view of Lake Wakatipu and have a Yummilicious dinner.

We have been cooking for dinners for ourselves as to save some money, time to be nicer to ourselves!

There's also activities like Star gazing, teaching you on astronomy... Ain't our thing, so ya...

It was about 80ish NZD per pax, including to and fro ride.

Just take a look at this magnificient view~

These are made up of Jelly beans~ Amazing right?!

Please remember to make your reservations. There's 2 time slots for dinner. One at around 6pm, the other at 8.30pm.
I would suggest the earlier one because you can see the sunset and take pretty pictures before your dinner!

Alamak, we could have just try the items here, then we dont have to buy big box of the Pavlova and big tub of Hokey Pokey Ice Cream! lol.

There's a wide spread of International Buffet selection.
Food was not bad, services were pretty good too.
I would recommend to come and have a try, if you don't really have much activities to do in the evening. Good views, good food.

Day 6:

Heading to Arrowtown and then to Franz Josef...
Oh crap, seems like our trip is coming to an end soon... Why oh Why....

Poor Lijia... Due to bad weathers, she did not managed to go ahead with her sky diving.
Out of 3 activities... 2 was out. Oh please let everything be fine for our hiking at the Fox Glacier.... Preaseeee~

Back to Fergburger again before we leave Queenstown!

We also decided to try the Fergbaker which was next to it.

The pastries were a little pricey. Taste wise, hmmm not very impressive though.
Stick to Fergburger la!

Bypass McDonald, and decided to take a look at their menu.
They have got pies! and lotsa beef burgers~

Back to Cookie Time shop again, to buy more goodies.

Saw someone having this, so thought we should try too because it's so cute!

We spotted Devil Burger!
Another Must-try in Queenstown!

Welcome to Devil Burger!

The burgers and fries were GOOD!
Big portion too!

Just look at that! Look at the layers! They are serious with both the quality and quantity!

Satisfied! He gave a 9/10 for Devil's burger!

Next up: Arrowtown~

And it started to drizzle again. But that won't stop us from taking photos!

I bet it would be so pretty during Spring or Autumn!

Spotted a lonely dog~

Hey, you over there... look like some big bully~ Shoooo

Lonely doggie... seems like he wants some petting~

Dog lover~

Hey you there, you have crossed the territory!

Happy dog now with everyone playing with him.

The punk.

Wanna play chess?

Apple Tree~

Looks like its been photoshopped! whahahah

Arrow River~

Toilet break cum Coffee break~

Acting all emo~

Another Toilet cum Coffee break~
Now I know where the extra 2KG comes about

This carrot cake was so YUMMY!
The cream cheese was so good. Cake was moist.

Just stopped over to take some pics.

Oh my.... Are you serious? It's the end of Part 2 already?
Time just flies so fast when we just starting to enjoy?
Why oh Why~

Stay tuned for part 3 of NZ trip~

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