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New Zealand 10d9n South Island 14May-24May 2016 (Part 1)

At last! We settled our air tickets, lodgings, itineraries, activities and transportation for our 10days 9nights New Zealand Road Trip!

Air tickets: Qantas Air $1, 143

We booked a little late, so the prices went up. You could easily get it at about SGD$900ish if you were to book them earlier. Taking SQ will be a direct flight, but at a slightly more pricier side of SGD$1300-$1500.

Our planned itineraries are as shown below. If you want more details in excel file, do drop me an email. :)

Please remember to plan your trip well. Check the time needed to travel from one place to the other. Also check the season, weather and temperature of your planned trip. Nearing and during Winter, you will have a shorter day, hence it would be better to reach your destination of the day before sunset. It's pretty dangerous and a little scary to drive when night falls. Not a lot of street lamps along the road unlike Singapore. Roads are mostly single file and have lotsa bends.

DateDayTravelling TimeTimeLocation
14-May-16TimeFlight transfer to Sydney then to NZ
15-May-16Day 1CC to Lake Tekapo1420Arrive Christchurch
1500Collect Car
1530Christchurch Supermarket
2h53m1630Christchurch to Lake Tekapo 
1930Check in Lake Tekapo stay
16-May-16Day 2L.Tekapo - L.Benmore-L.Pukaki -Mt Cook - Twizel0900Lake Tekapo - Breakfast and pictures 
1h11m1000Lake Tekapo to Lake Benmore
1h34m1230Lake Benmore to LakePukaki
32m1500Lake Pukaki to Mount Cook
27m1630Mount Cook to  Twizel
17-May-16Day 3Twizel-Te Anau -L.Manpouri0900Twizel - Te Anau
4h19m1430Check in Te Anau
20m1600Te Anau - Lake Manpouri
1900Lake Manpouri - Glowworm
18-May-16Day 4Te Anau - Fiordland national park-Queenstown-Moke lake0900Te Anau
2h9m1000Te Anau - Fiordland national park
4h20m1300Fiordland national park-Queenstown
19-May-16Day 5Queenstown - Skydive - Lake Wakatipu - Glenorchy - Paradise0900Queenstown
1200Moke Lake -  Lake Wakatipu - Glenorchy
- Paradise
20-May-16Day 6Queenstown - Arrowtown - Lake Wanaka - Mount Aspiring - Fran Josef0900Queenstown
22mins1300Queenstown - Arrowtown
1h1415Arrowtown - Lake Wanaka
4h22m1900Lake Wanaka - Mount Aspiring -
Lake Matheson - Franz Josef
21-May-16Day 7whole dayFranz Josef - Fox Glacier
22-May-16Day 8Franz Josef - Alpaca farmstay900Franz Josef
2h12min1230Franz Josef - Hokitika
3h1530Hokitika - Alpaca farmstay
23-May-16Day 9Alpaca farmstay - Christchurch
24-May-16Day 100330Car rental co.
0410Check in Airport
0610Flight transfer to Sydney then to SG

Expenses for the whole trip
air ticket$1,143

Please also remember to do advanced bookings for your activities such as Sky diving, Glow worms tour, Milford Sound Cruise, Hiking in Fox Glacier and etc. Don't have to worry if the weather is bad, they will promise full refund. Please check the dates before your trip. And I will fill you in on why afterwards. Also, for such activities where there's a need for weather check, I would recommend you guys to stay there for 2 nights instead of 1 if possible. In case you can't do it on the first day, you may still try your luck for the second day ya.

As for car rentals, there are a few companies where you can rent from. We went ahead with APEX because they have outlets in other cities and the one with the better review too.
Check out below website:

And if you hold a Singapore Car License, you will be able to drive in New Zealand. No need for any online tests or extra charges.

For the first part of the New Zealand blog entry, I will be covering the below places. Let's get going!

(Christchurch - Lake Tekapo - Mount Cook (Lake Pukaki) - Twizel - Lake Manapouri - Te Anau - Way to Queenstown)

Of course before we go on a holiday, we need to pack right? And since its gonna be a scenic trip, we ought to dress up a little, ain't it? Let's see what I've got for cold season weather!

Just pardon me on that little but of the spamming of selfies ok? Once in a while, just let me spam ok? I have been spamming Valerie's pictures. It's my turn now, ok? WaHahhahaahah!

Anyway, we actually wanted to go during April, however due to some personal reasons, it was pushed back to mid of May. And we weren't expecting the weather to be THAT COLD! ArGhhhh~

This dude over here said I'm crazy. He was just going to bring this sweater to 走天涯。
He said he looks cool with that and there's an extra layer inside the jacket which keeps him warm, if its too warm, just remove it.
The jacket is 10 years old~

Ok, done packing~
Off we go now!

Couple luggages!

 On leave liao, Bo tai ji (nothing better to do) please don't look for me.

Even my nails are well prepared for the trip...
Gonna see lots of animals!
Especially Baa Baa and Moo Mooooooo~

14 hours of flight~ Let's go!

And of course, a WEFIE is much needed before flying

Birthday present from Le Hubby~

Thank you very very muchie~

$100 lesser from Boutique due to Duty-free shopping at the airport.

Gucci got new designs for paper bag?

Hungry hungry hungry already~

Our meals on-board

Someone's thirsty!

And the food were not bad~

Time for snack!

 We reached Sydney for transit~

My Virgin ride with Emirates~

Time for food again~

I think I forgot to mention that for this trip, other than sceneries  .. all we did was eat!

Just look at the spread!
It's so good! As compared to Qantas flight, the food on Emirates was definitely better!

And so....... after all that eating and sleeping...
We landed in Christchurch (New Zealand)

There will be WIFI in the car and our apartments, but we just thought that in case of any emergencies, we should probably get one SIM card in case we wanna make any calls.

Just walk straight all the way to the exit near the counter selling SIM card (there is only one counter selling SIM card). There will be something like a bus station where there's different company shuttles picking people up and sending them to the designated car rental shops.

Meanwhile, some jumpshots!




The van that brought us to our Car Rental Shop.

Apex Car Rental

Reached. It's about 5mins drive.

You may *Pre-purchase fuel from the company at a discounted rate of 20% off because you are required to have full tank of fuel when you return the car.

Oh, and we just only got to realise that we booked the car a day earlier than our expected date, to which the car rental company were nice enough not to charge us for the extra day. Wahahahah....

We actually booked a 8-seaters car~

But, when we saw the car, we were kinda surprised that it was so BIG! All of us have not been driving for years.

So, we decided to ask if we can change to a 6-seaters ride instead~

Just take more pic only before switching to the smaller car... Wahahahah~


Although its smaller, but not much difference in the price eh~

Toyota more expensive than Hyundai?
But the fuel was priced slightly cheaper~

Ok, off we gooooo~

Journey begins~

Supermarket-ing first~ before we head to our night stay at Lake Tekapo.

Mars cookie? Sounds interesting. Just buy and try only~

Afghan biscuit? One of the Must eats I read from blog reviews.
Anyway, I'll be doing a separate post on food reviews for this NZ trip. So stay tuned to that too!

Cookie Time
Another must-try and selling at every super market. They even have their own store in Queenstown.

Just take whatever we thought was interesting or mentioned in the "Must-try" food list.

Only $4.90 for Sub of the Day~
Ok, let's just grab that for bites in case we don't get to eat for dinner later, since its gonna be a few hours drive.

There's porkie in Subway!

Roughly about 3 hours drive, slightly more difficult to drive when the sky turns dark.
As there isn't a lot of street lamps along the roads.

And we finally reached our stay at Lake Tekapo.

It's an Airbnb booked by Samuel.
Airbnb stays booked by Samuel and I booked from hotel booking sites. So, we were like competing to see who booked the best stay. Wahahahah.

Moonlight Luna Apartment
(SGD 313 per night for 5 of us)
3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, free WIFI, free breakfasts~

The owner staying at the level 2.

Oats and cereals for our breakfast the next day~

Jam and Honey~

Home made bread by the Owner~ so considerate!

Birthday cake on my bday itself~

Lamington cakes~
From one of the Must-eat list.
It is made of sponge cake coated in an outer layer of chocolate sauce and rolled in desiccated coconut.
I think you can buy these in Singapore, I saw it at some of the cafes before. And hmmm ya, it just taste like a sponge cake with chocolate and coconut. Nothing so WoW about it though. Hahahh.

Decided to go for a walk and star gazing~

But it was so freaking cold that we ended up driving over to the church instead. There was really a sky full of stars! But our lousy camera on our phone wasn't able to capture the wonderful sky.
If only, someone (elise) brought the semi-pro camera la. She said her bag was FULL. Tsktsk~

Day 2:

Helping ourselves with breakfast~

They grow their own grapes too!

Overall, the stay was a pleasant one. Quite cozy, clean and tidy. Provided us with breakfast, moreover it was hand made bread for us too. So nice of the owner. Would rate it a 8/10.

And with the weather already so cold, it had to rain.... alamak.... Please stop raining.
Headed back to the church again, to have a morning view and spend some time taking photos.

Changed to sports shoes, cos the wet weather is gonna drench my flats.

Have you DOTS? lol.

For your information, it was like 7-8 *C that day. This crazy girl machiam not cold one.

The church~

Please stop raining already~ We wanna take pictures~

Can only take indoors for now~

Because it was still raining, we thought its kinda useless to go as planned.
So we decided to forgo visiting Lake Benmore as its gonna be a to and fro route.
Instead, we headed straight to our Twizel stay to put our luggage down, more supermarket-ing and rest-up a bit in hope for a better weather afterwards.

Rathlin Cottage (SGD 199 per night for 5 of us) booked by me!
So proud of myself because it was the best stay of the whole trip.

3 bedrooms + 2 Bathroom + Free Wifi + Washer + Dryer
Ratings was 9.9/10

There's oven, dishwashing machine, pans and pots, trays, plate, wine glasses, everything you need... it's there. If you wanna bake, you may do so too!
There were varieties of sauces too. It was clean and neat too.

There was two living room. Frankly, I think 10 people can stay in this place!


They provide detergents too!
Very well-equipped if i must say so myself!!

Bath tub.
We realized they like to separate bathrooms into two.
One for doing business, the other for bathing.

Super big and comfy living room~

Fire place!

Looks so comfortable right? Like some IKEA bed... Lol

Second Living Room~

Jump shots!

Seems like the Sun is coming out~

Let's go get some lunch first at the nearby restaurants.

Saw a lot of cafes ~

Saw this online when I was doing some research for dining. However, too bad it was closed! Sad!

There's a lot of supermarkets all around New Zealand, so no worries that you might not find any. Haha.

Sam just wanna eat all the FISH & CHIPs for this trip.
Whenever we saw Fish & Chips, his eyes go Blink Blink~ Shiny Shiny~

Hydro Café
25 Market Place, Twizel 7901, New Zealand.

Opened pretty early ya?! But closes early too.

All day platter NZD 19

Happy kid with his food~

Fish and Chips NZD 5.50
Fish was kinda small but it was not bad eh. I like that it was a little creamy under the batter. Batter wasn't too thick too.

Hot chocolate much needed for this uber cold weather.

Next up: Supermarket-ing again as we were planning to cook dinner at our apartment!

It would been such a waste if we don't drink them right?!

 Just drink only~

Another "must-buy" from our list~

We were searching high and low for this Cadbury fish!
But, you know what.... Just don't waste your precious time~

 Another one in the list. For the pineapple lovers~

Childhood moments~

Headed back to the apartment to put down the stuffs and take a short break before we head out for sightseeing!

It's marshmallow coated with chocolate. But really, it's quite awful.

See what I meant by fully equipped?

Most of them who tried doesn't really like it. But Sam and I felt it was right. Its like lemon flavored soda drink.
Lijia said taste like Mama Lemon~ lol.

Just chilling~

Spot the mistake! A funny one! Wahahhah

*hint - Chinese name.

Lijia super duper enjoyed her stay at Twizel.

Rain has stopped.... Time to go!

Someone's pinkie beanie.

Tadaaaa ~ Our driver for the day~

It's freaking cold. No Joke!

On the way to Mount Cook.

Reached Mount Cook... But seems like the Rain God like us pretty much~

If only the sky were clear~

Just as we were heading back... the rain had to stop... Oh Why~!

What so funny?

 Kuku face + Kuku hair~

My lilac hair~

Sky is finally clearing~

More pics below!

Shots with our ride~

Sisters love~

Just randomly taking photos since the weather was so good at that moment~

And... not long after... the sun was setting....

Back to the supermarket to get some stuffs that we missed out~

Kiwano? Let's try!

Pavlova. Another food from our list to try. It is with a crisp crust yet soft and light inside. Kinda sweet too. Something like a big piece of meringue because it is also made from egg whites and sugar!!

Doggies here are pretty fortunate no?

Birthday cake!

Let's start the fire~

Lotsa food... as though we starved for few days

I helped out too ok?!

Beef steak and Lamp chop! Shioks~

In to the oven for roasting!!

Our Chef for the night!~


Yummilicious meal~
And all these cost less than NZD100


Dessert time

Americana flavored Magnum. Coated with Chocolate cookie chocolate. Not too bad, a little on a sweeter side though.

This was the kiwano. It was kinda slimy, a little sourish, but at the same time quite refreshing too.

Even the bedsheets look so nice and new~

Time for masks! The air is so dry here! 
Why his mask fits so well ar?

Wicked witch in the middle~

Sleepy pig.


Hunt for the Banana~

Ok, time for Bed~

Overall for the stay in Twizel is really Highly recommended. We would rate it 10/10. So well equipped, so nice and comfy. If you are staying in Twizel, please make your reservation with them now.

Day 3~

Head off to Te Anau for our Glow Worms activity!
An influential person will enter your life... Woah~

Awesome weather~

Before heading to Te Anau, we searched nearby for Salmon farm, cos someone was craving for salmon...

Feel free to feed the fishes~

It's free... Just try only man~

Salmon chowder which was a little salty to my liking~

Lotsa Moo Mooo... Blue Sky. Fresh air. Its all just so amazing.

On the way and we saw a tour bus ahead of us taking pictures, hence we stopped by too!

Sisters for life~

Absolutely no photoshop at all~

Because the weather was so cold, we often take toilet breaks and drinks and small bites. And we dropped by the supermarket, and Sam thought of trying out their Lottery draws. Maybe we could just migrate here already. wahahahahahah.

Snacking time. We find this Afghan biscuit pretty good eh. Crunchy cookies coated with chocolate.

We were amazed to see that this truck was literally shifting the whole house to somewhere.
Literally, MOVING HOUSE!

Toilet break again~
Now you know why we kept eating? Cos when you need a toilet, you ought to buy something right? And then you start seeing the menu and go hmmm... definitely not here just for a drink.

And guess what... Fish n chip spotted!
Le hubby said of cos need to try right?!

It's Cod fish. I prefer dory for my fish and chip.

Sakura House (per night for 5pax was SGD 257) booked by Le hubby

4 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Free Wifi, Washer and Dryer available.

Acting all emo~

So, after settling down, we were all prepared for our Glow worm cave activity.
Knowing that cave was definitely gonna be much colder, in addition that it was at night, we wore extra layers. All well covered.

When we reached the shop where they will ferry us over to the cave. To our very much surprise, our dear friend, Elise have booked the wrong date. And it's fully booked for the day (and night). Even the slot for the next day was fully booked too.
That was what I meant by, check your bookings!
But well, what done has been done. Things happen for a reason. We managed to get back the full refund. And we used the money for something else in Queenstown! :)

And so, darkness falls, couldn't do much in Te Anau, we headed to the supermarket again, and decided to have big feast instead. EAT AGAIN, I KNOW RIGHT? Wahahahahahah....

Finally found Feijoas! Another one in the checklist!

Never seen this in Singapore either, so let's just buy and try lah~

Tamarillo? Just buy only!

Beef steak so cheap!


Looks like some kind of worms!

Flavors that we don't get to see in Singapore. Buy and try! TRY! BUY! TRY! BUYYYYY!

Let's get started!

Getting Pro in starting fire now~

Hungry man~

Dinner is ready!

Definitely a need to drink every night cos it's too cheap not to drink!

Just enjoy life only right!

Cheers to friendship and life~

So, we tried the golden and green kiwi. Apparently, they are both a little sourish. Even the golden kiwi wasn't sweet eh. Why ar? Why the ones in Singapore are sweet ar? Maybe it wasn't ripe yet?

The one that looks like a tomato, is the Tamarillo and indeed it is a species of tomato, and taste like tomato but with a little spicy note to it.

The one next to Tamarillo was Quince. It taste a little like pear, but its less juicy, less crunchy. I would just eat a pear instead. Wahahaha.

Lastly, Feijoas which was above the golden kiwi. They all tried Feijoas first, and was like commenting it was quite bad, so weird, so sour and so bitter. Wahahaaahahah... So I was feeling a little taken aback to try the Feijoas. But die die have to try right. So, being all prepared to try, I dig the flesh in the middle. It was colourless jelly like flesh in the middle. And it was surprisingly sweet and not that bad leh. So, they thought I was bluffing. Slowly digging the white flesh, it was still sweet. And then, we got to know why it was so awful for them, because they bite the whole thing along with its skin. The skin was really bitter and taste like some Indian spice. So, afterall Feijoas was not too bad!

That's all for Day 3.

As for the stay,  probably because the one at the Twizel was so awesome, and comparison takes place, so we felt the stay was so- so. The seasonings, tea and coffee powder were expired. Bed was a little too soft. Tv was spoilt. But, it was still not too bad lah. Would rate a 7/10.

Day 4~

Nice weather~ Better take more pics first!

RAINBOW spotted~!

Wefie again before we set off!

Heading to Queenstown. But before that, we shall head to Lake Manapouri and Fiordland National Park

It really seemed like the Rain Gods love us a lot. It was pouring, and we couldn't see much so we had to leave the place.

So, along the way, the rain stopped, we quickly got off the car to take some pictures.

The lake behind us is Lake Manapouri~
Too bad, no clear blue sky~

Cute little toadstool!
A little wasted that we did not plan for Milford Sound too. Many locals were saying it's a very nice place. Even better when it's raining and together with the waterfall, it's gonna be very beautiful.
So, if you guys are planning for South New Zealand trip, please do make a trip there for us! Wahahahah.

Toilet Break~

Childhood memories part two~

Came across this honey shop named "Hunny" like how Winnie the Pooh would say it along the way from Te Anau to Queenstown.
The honey here is definitely cheaper than the ones in Queenstown.

For more info:

Bought this for our breakfast for the following days. This was so good man! But I don't think you can bring this back to Singapore, especially if you are going to transit in Australia.

Along the way to Queenstown, there's a place called the Devil Staircase, a section of New Zealand State Highway 6 in Otago. It stopped raining, so quick quick more photos!

No Photoshop at all ok?! Picture perfect shot!!

We will be back!

Hey guys, for goodness sake, stay off the cliff.

The Sun is setting?!?!! Come on? Please stay a while longer!

And we reached Queenstown!

That's all for my PART 1 of our New Zealand South Island trip.
Hope you have enjoyed reading all these!
Stay tuned for PART 2.

Thanks for reading.
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