Monday, June 06, 2016

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe SG

Address: Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 3, Arrival Hall Central #01-22
Opening hours: 24 hrs
Just touched down at Changi Airport from my New Zealand trip and thought why not give the new Hello Kitty Café a try since we are already here. So I don't have to travel from Jurong to Changi again~ hehe.

It was so sweet of my bro to surprise us with little Val at the arrival hall. Missed her so much~ This have got to be the longest we ever separated. I was looking at her photos so much everyday even though we video call almost everyday while i'm there.
The queue wasn't too long, probably about 5 to 6 groups in front of us.

When we were given our seats, I looked around and realized that there are a few empty tables. If this is so, then what's with the long queue outside? Are they trying to create a misconception to make people feel that the Hello Kitty Café is still very packed? Hmm..

Val is so cute lah :)

So, Hello Kitty Café do not serve children cutleries. When we request for children cutlery, we were given disposable cutleries. When we request for children cutlery, we were given disposable cutleries instead. You mean you weren't expecting any kids to patronize your café? Well, luckily the least they have is baby chairs. But then again, if you have baby chairs, then why not cutleries? Hmmm...

Kitty Meets Benedict, Twice!
 I only tasted saltiness of this dish.
Overall, a terrible dish.

I couldn't remember the name of the drinks and couldn't find it on their website. 
They only tasted alright.But majority of the drinks have some sort of ginger in them.
Why oh why? Cannot give us more normal drinks ar?

Hello Sunshine
This photo above is what it was shown on the menu. So, okay I can tell why it's called Hello Sunshine. But please look at below photo, which was what I gotten.
How to Sunshine like that? Where's the sunny side up? Where's the flower?
Why is the bread burnt?

 And the Kitty Crouton was so hard and oily.

Oops Kitty Did it Again!

 Ordered some fries because Le Hubby wasn't hungry, so just some fries for snacking. I am just wondering what is with all the fancy schmacy names for all the dishes ah? Are they trying to be funny? Can you imagine telling your orders to the waiter/waitress, "Hi, can I order a portion of your Oops Kitty did it again?"

Just for photo taking purpose. Val did not eat the fries.

 Rose, Rose I Love You

 Again, the naming of the dish. Telling the waiter, I would like to have a "Rose, rose I Love You". Isn't that weird? Arghhh...

And you know what, the funny thing was, when we were served this dish. This waiter was telling us, Hi, this is your "Rose, rose I Love you", it's not I love you, it's the name of the dish. Ok, I get it, please, buzz off already. Why give such naming in the first place?

 And this dish is another disaster. I don't even know what I was eating. The cake was supposed to be sour? And the Peanut Butter ice cream was a tad too sweet for me.

The total bill amounted to about $90ish.
All in all, I felt that the service were slow.
The food was not even at the "OK" standard. They might need to revise their standard.
Expensive yet not nice.
Food: 4/10
Service: 5/10
Overall: 4/10
Will I visit again? No, not worth the hype.


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