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Address: 120 Desker Road S'pore 209639
Opening hours:
Tues - Thurs, Sun 12pm to 10.30pm
Fri - Sat, 12pm to 11.30pm
Closed on Mondays
Contact no: +65 6291 6996

For more updates:

First of all, Happy Birthday Shanna~
May you find your Mr.Right soon and also to meet your goals of course.

Birthday girl get to choose the place she wants dine at.
So, she decided to go with Creatures. Seems rather interesting when I was browsing through their menu online. Recently, I'm pretty into Fusion Asian dishes. So, the menu captivate me quite a bit leh. I was pretty looking forward for the dinner, and of course also meeting my sisters lah~

Not a difficult place to locate, but our dear friend Shanna got lost and took more than 30mins to reach.. Whoops...

Just head to Farrer Park Mrt,  exit via Exit F.
You will see Roberts Lane, just walk straight all the way till you see Desker Rd.
Then keep walking straight and you will spot CREATURES!

This place consist of two floors.

Hey yoz~

The interior concept was modern and nicely decorated. Nice place for photography. Alfresco seating available too. Too bad it's raining. Can't take pic out there. What a waste.

Shanna passed me this packet of Mini Pak Choy seeds...
Time for HDB Mini Pak Choy? Wahhahahaha

Picture with the "popular" Homegrown HDB Mini Watermelon~


Mango sticky rice Tea $6 and Pandan Chiffon Tea $6

For the Mango Sticky Rice Tea, the mango aroma was pretty strong but I don't taste the sticky rice part. Just taste like some normal mango tea.

Same for Pandan Chiffon Tea, we could smell the Pandan aroma but that's all we can smell and taste. 

Ordered these Teas to make us feel less guilty for the sinful meal. Hahaa! 

 Crazy Cheong Fun Revolution $18

Minced Chicken stewed with fried shallots and dark soy sauce, served with steamed 'cheong fun' (rice noodle roll), lettuce and spicy tangy coriander dip

 A very interesting dish. Have you tried eating Chee Cheong Fan but like in a wrap?
We were told by the waiter to try once each of everything, then next to try to combine all of them into a wrap.

I like the Minced Chicken, tender, sweet and savory :)
The dip was rather unique too, a little sourish and a little spicy.

Should have more Chee Cheong Fan la... portion for this was too small (for us)... wahhahah.

 Ngoh Hiang and Cuttlefish Kueh Pie Tie $24

Homemade pork and prawn roll, accompanied by cuttlefish kueh pie tie

 Very generous portion of ingredients in the Ngoh Hiang. Very fragrant and crispy on the outside too. Chill sauce also Bagus!
But Lijia claims that her dad does a better job at the ngoh hiang....well well... will we have a chance to be a judge of it? Next year CNY ya! Better pass us 2 rolls each at least!

As for the Cuttlefish Kueh Pie Tie, it was a little disappointing though. I don't see any cuttlefish in there eh, tasted like any other normal Kueh Pie Tie. No wow factor in contrast to the Ngoh Hiang. 

But still, Cheers to 15years of Friendship.

Ah Gong Fried Chicken & Ah Ma Noodles $23

Crispy Fried Chicken leg with Garam Masala, served with Chinchalok Mayonnaise accompanied by Lamien tossed in shallot and light soy.

Rayne and Lijia super like the noodles. They said there's a familiar taste to it. But the portion for the noodle was kinda small.

Whereas the portion for the Fried Chicken was rather big. I quite enjoy the Fried Chicken with the Masala spice. But the rest don't feel so. Chey. 

Creatures Laksa $24
(Only available on Friday dinner, and full day on Saturdays & Sundays & Public Holiday
Quintessential Nonya Laksa served with fresh prawns, quail eggs, chicken, fish cakes and cucumber laces.

 Laksa oh Laksa... Seems like a Must order too. Cos in the menu stated only available during weekends leh. So, of course must order and try right? Or maybe it's some kind of marketing strategy. Haha. 

 We were served with a SUPER DUPER BIG BOWL of LAKSA. Wahahaha.
But hmmm, we felt the sauce was too thick. Easily gelat after a few mouth of it. The prawn was very fresh though. Nothing special.

 Miso Cod & Ulam Onigiri $32

Oven-roasted Miso Cod, Belachan Assam Herb rice balls accompanied by Cucumber salad in Plum sauce and Lime juice dressing

Looks pretty interesting, isn't it. We all love the fish. It was very tender, moist and the sauce goes along very well. However, for the rice balls I don't think it goes very well with the Belachan Assam herb and the fish. The rice was a little dry too. As for the cucumber, I felt it was quite refreshing with the Plum sauce and Lime juice dressing. A refreshing side dish for such a heavily spiced dish. 

 Next up, cutting open the MINI WATERMELON!

A group of customers who sat next to us were curious about the watermelon. They thought it was a new dish off the menu. So in order to ease their confusion, we started to strike on the topic of our HDB Mini Watermelons! Wahahhahhahaha.... How about some Mini Watermelon Soju? Lol.

 The waiter promised us with a birthday song sang by him, himself, and it was a SUPER LOUD ONE! We were all shocked! wahahha... The waiters there were all very nice and helpful.

Orh Nee Cake $10
Genoise Sponge + Gingko Nut + Coconut Cream + Yam Paste

I was really looking forward to the Orh Nee Cake. And then once again, I was deeply disappointed.
The coconut cream have totally covered the taste of the yam paste. Can't taste the Gingko nut either. Only when I dig from below, I get to taste a little of the Yam paste.

Durian Cake $12
Pandan Genoise Sponge + Pandan Vanilla Chantilly Cream + Mao Shan Wang Durian Paste

Not a durian lover. So, from Rayne's and Lijia's feedback.
They felt it was rather normal, not enough durian puree, durian taste wasn't strong.
Nothing to rave about.
And they very poor thing, have to finish the cake chop chop, cos Shanna cannot stand the smell!

Black Forest Forest (BFF) $12
Kirsch Soaked Pitted Cherries + Chocolate Sponge + Brandy Chantilly Cream + Forest Berry Jam

Like still not very full and satisfied eh. Decided to give them another chance. So, we gotten BFF!
Strong alcohol taste, a tad too strong for me. Cherries and the cream all with alcohol :(
Probably more suitable for someone who like their desserts with alcohol~

Coconut Ice Cream $4

The Coconut Ice cream tasted a little unique, its not the usual milky creamy type.
It was light, probably you won't feel that guilty after eating all the heavy food and dessert.

Act only~

All in all, I like the atmosphere, the interior design, the creativity of the dishes and the customer services. The waiters were all very warm and helpful and friendly. They know their items very well too. However, as for the food, I felt some of the dishes doesn't turned out as impressive as what we imagined it to be. But they are quite generous with the food portions. Dessert wise was a little disappointing and pricey.

Food: 7/10
Service: 9/10
Overall: 7.5/10

Will I visit again? Maybe, to try the other fusion dishes that I have yet to try.

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