Monday, November 04, 2013

Hens Night

Hens Night

It was actually a quite last minute thing, since i was free on a Friday....
So, we had a HEN's NIGHT!

Met up with Sorsan, Rayne and Wendy at Vivo for dinner.
But as usual, Wendy had to leave early, cos she has to wake early the next day for work.

So, another fren of mine, Peishan came to join us. Dressing almost like me.... a black dress with a Zip zip in front!

Camwhoring time in the toilet and some touch up on the makeups!

 photo 1175636_10151623536727549_967686714_n_zps19843bd8.jpg
That's me, sorsan & Peishan!

 photo 1185807_10151623536797549_2083575741_n_zps692a4a9d.jpg
Rayne with a Chaplin top and polka dotty leggings.... always full of weird weird combi... lol..

 photo 1236418_10151623537122549_331008496_n_zps1545aa93.jpg
The small "single tonight" board done by our Ms. DIY last min.

 photo 1238980_10151623536892549_1364397604_n_zpsac94ab30.jpg
and "Bride to be"

 photo 1240351_10151623537292549_1824676695_n_zps3f18a7f0.jpg
Someone decided to remove her polka dotty leggings... wahhahahahha

 photo 1002866_10151623537457549_1265107205_n_zps6eb5b7b6.jpg

Of so many clubs, we decided on District one, since none of us been there before.
And there's free entrances and drinks!
The last time I visited a club was few months back to Clark quay zirca? or rebel... cant remember...
But all were xiao di di and xiao mei mei la... cannot make it la.....
or maybe am I too old for that already?

 photo 602854_10151623537652549_1021824136_n_zpsbf224a31.jpg

District one.... used to be powerhouse?

Free entrance for ladies everyday.
And if you come in 5, you'll get a free bottle of hard liquor... Cool isn't it?
For guys, if you have safra card or posb master/visa card, its free entry too!

 photo 1170920_10151623537852549_82693457_n_zps9c3d5d83.jpg
really a bottle of henessy for free!

 photo 540704_10151623538372549_2016242571_n_zps44bc50c2.jpg
ok, this was for show only.

 photo 1280457_10151623538162549_1125143803_n_zps7c97eedc.jpg
Xindy came to join in the fun too!

 photo 998641_10151623539267549_1178337875_n_zps72764271.jpg

 photo 1185740_10151623538767549_1536132226_n_zps1d89abb6.jpg
Let's drink!

 photo 1238709_10151623538992549_842352381_n_zpsd52e4e6b.jpg

 photo 1237941_10151623545622549_858594987_n_zps646810b4.jpg
Rayne's cousin, Joan came to join us too!

So, what's Hens night without some challenges man.....

My first dare: To ask a guy from next table to treat me a drink.

Seriously, in my mind was.... the next table all like still young eh... I don't think young guys will treat drink de lo... confirm niaos (cheapo) one... lol...

And turned out that the guy at the next table is having his Bachelor night.

So we ended up drinking our own drink straight from bottle la! 2seconds for me... 4 seconds for him...
Eukkkk... It's pretty disgusting...

 photo 1234998_10151623534152549_1341392805_n_zpsc7fcb91d.jpg
This was the Bachelor!

 photo 72795_10151623534072549_306872783_n_zpscc8e911d.jpg
Borrowed their cool cap!

 photo 602857_10151623534202549_307919461_n_zpsb20e8269.jpg
Drink ar!

 photo 1175674_10151623538477549_1791410114_n_zps7b01ef2f.jpg

So, my next dare was to take photos with 10 guys. My frens cheated a little, saying group photo considered as 1.

 photo 1174993_10151623545362549_1676036544_n_zpsde9b896d.jpg
With an angmoh

 photo 1185590_10151623539847549_1023864501_n_zps305f2e04.jpg
hmmm.... no comments..

 photo 1208985_10151623540107549_547693688_n_zps16d19208.jpg
err... they insisted i take a photo with him...

 photo 1229879_10151623539497549_1613025015_n_zpsb616ad0f.jpg

 photo 1235289_10151623545532549_1775942286_n_zpsbafda377.jpg

 photo 1236625_10151623539767549_1080765500_n_zps60da5459.jpg
errr.... hmmmmm

 photo 1236742_10151623539992549_1328833528_n_zpsf787bd46.jpg
I think they are Koreans

 photo 1236876_10151623545482549_1782124446_n_zps6c56b655.jpg
He's a korean too..

And after looking at these pics.... i really do believe that ppl look better in the dark....

Next dare was to dance on the stage.... ok la....

Next was to take my heels and act as if i'm calling....
 photo 1174795_10151623545832549_162198257_n_zps8759c88f.jpg

Jagerbombs. It was sweet and taste ok!
But right after that... ok... Let's go to the toilet!

 photo 1233490_10151623534347549_498218248_n_zps81e7daec.jpg

 photo 1236058_10151623539182549_558157719_n_zpsc385f994.jpg

 photo 1236960_10151623538657549_489624736_n_zpsa68b8fea.jpg

 photo 1240187_10151623534032549_54180333_n_zps130bc03e.jpg
Just drink only la!

 photo 1238940_10151623539367549_322404630_n_zpsd0762b8b.jpg
My bro came to join us after that... I think he's almost drunk!

That's about my hens night.... a simple and fun one!

Next blog entry on my wedding day! Stay tuned!

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