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Valerie's full month celebrations and visiting 2014

Valerie's full month celebration on 02 Nov 2014 + some mini visiting during the month

A simple full month celebration for Valerie held at our Home sweet Home. Cos, there's too much a hassle to hold it anywhere else. You have to bring bottles, diapers, clothing. More importantly, difficult for be to do my pumping of milk right?

We have invited about I guessed 50-70 ppl. Pretty amazing ya, to squeeze all of them in my small 5-rm flat. I have tried to arrange different groups at a slightly different timing. But well, not much of a difference though, haha.

We catered the buffet from Neogarden. We registered to be the member of Neogarden and have 10% off which was of cos cheaper. Everyone commented that the food was good.

Check out their website for more info:





We ordered the full month package cakes for guests from Sweetest Moments.
Gotten the $9.90 ones for most of the guests, and a bigger version $16.90 for families and colleagues at work.

Check out their website for lastest info, I saw there's more choices now.



 photo 10537471_10152475510137549_6933892749442991201_o_zps85zft7lq.jpg

红鸡蛋 - Red egg
Red eggs, Ang Ku Kueh, glutinous rice and some sweet pastries are given as gifts to relatives and friends to celebrate the occasion,
Red to symbolize good luck and fortune.
Eggs represent fertility and their shape symbolizes harmony. (So, if you guys keen on having kids, remember to eat more RED EGGS which are given out! Lol.. Wahahhahahahah!)

Ang Ku Kueh (Red turtle cake) signifies longevity for the baby as turtles have long lives.

Glutinous rice signifies a worry-free life for baby in terms of food and lodging.

Sweet cakes or pastries signify all things sweet and happiness in the birth of the new born baby!

If you notice, I did not shave Valerie's hair. Well, girl mah, I scare it might take a very long time to regrow them again. However, I did a little trim at the sides, to symbolize shedding of birth hair.
Some said you may shave baby's hair either during the first month or the 4th month. But nah, when I was young I also didn't shave what, hair also very nice... lol.

Some of my friends couldn't make it on the actual day, so have visited earlier and later on.

 photo IMG_20141025_150327_zps8di5n2k9.jpg
These cute hand made knitted mittens, booties and headband were made by the talented RAYNE!
One of the 干妈s.

 photo IMG_20141025_150559_zps69pexbfx.jpg

Soundly asleep

 photo IMG_20141025_185732_zps1c0hgzjo.jpg
Burping after drinking milk...

 photo 1956940_10152475456772549_3660187528374605799_o_zpsbojnrv9t.jpg
Awake liao!

 photo 10420236_10152475444562549_3708952903743327769_n_zpsrl3zvudt.jpg
四点金 from her Ah ma! (my mother in law)
So cute right?! Never heard of 四点金 for babies too! wahahhaha

 photo 10679756_10152475444587549_888546583193865038_o_zps0kcezgm1.jpg

 photo 10524218_10152475456572549_8139438188108622685_o_zps2rizp4rc.jpg
That's my mother in law.... Val's Ah ma!

 photo 10658937_10152475456832549_6026226858341185839_o_zps4cae6mux.jpg
Look at the little cute gold ring!

 photo 10669105_10152475456732549_6154890690836211265_o_zpspra0vy4x.jpg
That's her Ah gong - my father in law.

 photo 10702195_10152475456407549_2224712993643162764_n_zpsjhxdmubh.jpg
Annie from AJALYA!! wahahahha

 photo 10427321_10152475455982549_4210113293051342874_n_zpslgrlfjis.jpg
TingTing.... from M.E.A.T (my colleague, haha)

 photo 10421128_10152475456127549_862703358892237944_n_zpsp3hah4r0.jpg
Val and Tim. Just 3weeks apart, but such huge difference in length and weight... haha.
but hmmm... kinda look slightly alike eh... back then.

 photo 10608275_10152475455672549_3251292359499710286_o_zpsocnnsdyn.jpg
Summer - Sam's god sister.

 photo 10609513_10152475456527549_4196133436933046717_n_zps6v4zlrud.jpg
Belinda.... soon to be godmother. haha

 photo 10648960_10152475509942549_8394267489962696140_o_zpslngl2glu.jpg
Wan pin... my sec school friend...

 photo 10801630_10152475456177549_2768203943682414015_n_zps1foskhy2.jpg
Peiyi and family...  Yup, they are twins.

 photo IMG-20141025-WA0025_zpssi9ci81o.jpg
Shanna! One of the 干妈s. so happy huh, Valerie.

 photo IMG-20141025-WA0029_zps9wnzw0t5.jpg
Rayne, the other 干妈. Valerie abit feeling a bit doubtful with this 干妈, dunno she knows how to carry or not.

 photo 20141031_151135_zpsloreajwy.jpg
Wendy, also her 干妈. Comfy Comfy cushion. Oops.
Valerie is so fortunate lah, haha.

 photo 10312147_10152475456322549_2558709881188395565_n 1_zpssafmmha5.jpg
I looked like I'm wearing a wig sia!
That's Yiwen and bf.

 photo IMG-20141102-WA0021_zpshvbw1aef.jpg
Squeeze milk time.

 photo 988956_10152548360847549_3593734519283694121_n_zpszey1oejb.jpg
Showing off my milk production. All mummies can do it too! Go GO, JIA YOU!

 photo 1614217_10152475510022549_8140955343335831788_o_zpseaoypse7.jpg
So cute to see kids together.

 photo 10700132_10152475509917549_4972595424533704278_o_zpshrcrjx9r.jpg
Oops, a bit lost control. Haha.

 photo 1015815_10152475510102549_8969632236998570464_o_zpszqoiovn6.jpg

 photo 10348201_10152475456062549_9129051076727190092_n_zps17ocpq5b.jpg
However, when kids got naughty, they ought to be punished!
Stand at the naughty corner. lol.

 photo 64787_10204847767171234_4547929852695797823_n_zps2rbxw6ka.jpg
Finally, PINE.APPLE.TART reunited! Sorry, but I couldn't remember who was pine and who was tart.

 photo 10425023_10204847348760774_3955627856763387392_n_zpsxqptactd.jpg
Sabrina.... Shall wait for her good news some day.

 photo 10711067_10204847348200760_8776837815920710438_n_zpswrn1gj5e.jpg
Shot taken by Sabrina. Special eyes Xin wen got. Gonna get the red bomb soon!

 photo 10389333_10152507819277549_4008416984448910153_n_zpsulr6a1br.jpg
Just received red bomb from them. Congrats!

 photo 1487881_10152462214617549_8111717973446197403_o_zpswqn6cqsa.jpg
It's AJALY! ok, without the [A]nnie. She came on the actual day instead.
This photo is about a year difference! Top pic was during our housewarming. And I have purposely asked them to wear the same clothes... wahhahahah

A pretty sudden meetup of my JJC 3months course mates....

 photo 10392424_10152552042887549_4371666425945341901_n_zps2y2kwrxz.jpg
That's Georgina.

 photo 10846421_10152552042927549_3762100247025527110_n_zpsa4it7aeu.jpg
The forever talk like machine gun ah lian Eileen!

 photo 10404506_10152552042832549_8664052359612885694_n_zpswkrsbsnk.jpg
Everything also wanna try.... Another one off the shelf soon too.

It's time to OPEN UP THE PRESENTS!!!!

 photo 1381573_10152475455582549_4473843639464150773_n_zpssyxzilrb.jpg

 photo d2642bad-e2ab-4147-8c46-e668dd754678_zps9mtlz9no.jpg
From Poly gang...
I have gave them the list to choose.. wahhahahah...

Oh ya, Mummies out there. You should actually have a list of things to receive as a gift... So that your friends and relatives can do their shopping easier too. And of cos, you'll get something you need which is more practical right?

I personally feel sterilizer is a Need. I thought warmer was good, however, I have never really used it. Haha.

 photo 1380220_10152480338817549_7152662812663464229_n_zps4tdb0df5.jpg
Rompers and handkerchiefs.

 photo 997083_10152480338962549_4213070639717031128_n_zpsku28qg8w.jpg
Pyjamas is good.

 photo 997087_10152480338697549_4886120859554569477_n_zpsntfs6vmi.jpg
Seriously, I was wondering who actually gave this BIG shoes for Valerie.
And yup I managed to find out who's the person, and she said the Sales person said it will fit the baby SOON... Salesperson is a LIAR! lol

 photo 1376391_10152480338602549_1517568981629304859_n_zpsdpgr7ksa.jpg
This mat is really good. No wonder so expensive... wahahahaha

 photo 1920611_10152480339192549_8293460832974232973_n_zpseycffvkw.jpg
From Precious 干妈s

The rattle became Valerie's fave rattle toy. She likes to hold it and shake it.

 photo 9771_10152480338582549_1767668753952306586_n_zpsihfz68j1.jpg
Baby gym preferably for up till 6 to 7months? Cos once they start crawling, you really need the play yard to prevent them from crawling all over.

 photo 1622647_10152495760147549_2196654537391690886_n_zpsru1go2kg.jpg
Cute Chinese new year qi pao... But was too big, shall wait for next year.

 photo 1743739_10152480338942549_4741876856644461429_n_zpsvj5ajaqk.jpg
Full of apples!

 photo 1901123_10152480339022549_2069761992288443796_n_zps0m2uw8dl.jpg
Didn't know Pigeon manufacture baby clothes too?

 photo 10294236_10152480339132549_78328382685434116_n_zpsxzxwaaag.jpg

 photo 1512858_10152480339087549_8558724927523055747_n_zps6qc5u0n9.jpg
Gifts from my former boss. Pretty sweet.

 photo 1908466_10152480339782549_5779178838797583338_n_zpsvczrqmz5.jpg
Minnie Gold pendant from 干妈s!!

 photo 10408851_10152480339737549_543774907898052338_n_zps53oqdqby.jpg

 photo 10269533_10152480339157549_4419668128987655697_n_zpsfv3b2fov.jpg
Always the first thing to come in mind for Mummies - Chicken Essence

 photo 10367155_10152480338842549_2889927663763345569_n_zpsfq61p7x7.jpg

 photo 10421582_10152480338667549_4786222597521406913_n_zpszimr2pdq.jpg
For the pram

 photo 10502049_10152480339537549_1859724260630791445_n_zpsuys56xla.jpg

 photo 10712850_10152480339492549_8839558732876677447_n_zpsqttxmcfp.jpg
Books from Peiyi.

Actually Books are really like Investments. Its pretty expensive and you don't get to see the result so soon. These books are really good, catched Valerie's attention.

Mummies out there, by not buying a romper, you could afford a book for your baby already.
Start early. Babies can start absorbing when she's 5months old already.

Previously, I kept feeling that the books are expensive. I bypasses the book fairs and bookstore a few times without getting anything. And one day, I decided that books are more important than toys and clothes. Why am I able to just easily buy a $10 romper but not a $10 book?

But well, in the end, I buy them all, clothes, toys and book! wahahhaha... cos Crazy mama is CRAZY!

Toys are important too ya. Educational toys to train their hands-on skill and mind.

 photo 10678619_10152480338642549_3878141860571167047_n_zpsv2oygxh9.jpg
In my storeroom now, awaiting for her to be able to play with this!

 photo 10665302_10152480338757549_6942708382658069637_n_zpszcnmf4r3.jpg
Pretty romper from Bro and sis in law. Was told this romper cost $70. Oh myyyyy....
Organic giraffe teething toy. Indeed, she likes to bite it now.

 photo 10632623_10152480338877549_6201762529611526266_n_zpsa55plwm9.jpg
Clothes clothes and more clothes!!!

 photo 10635737_10152480338912549_8810013000633130580_n_zps10hgwp7z.jpg

 photo 10525889_10152480339647549_7259208866927619463_n_zpsy4neutdr.jpg

 photo 10553613_10152480339692549_661298516365460630_n_zpsgc7t5xy7.jpg
Peek-a-boo Minnie mouse from HK Disneyland given by Wanpin!
Valerie really likes this. And nowadays I need this to get her attention while changing her diaper!

 photo 10404413_10152510973177549_3101765766531341680_n_zpsodp2hpoa.jpg
Miss leopard ah lian! lol.

 photo 10734220_10152507843567549_8482347274062850210_n_zpsm2xm3rfm.jpg
From Erick and Kelly.
Can start using when babies start to eat.

 photo 10805810_10152506132447549_2451252341037271402_n_zpsnbft76br.jpg
From Sabrina and Xinwen. Cute handmade angbao...
And I almost forgot about this pyjamas... haha... shall take it out now....

 photo 10367729_10152506030117549_8743005761306617992_n_zpsolkqjlxi.jpg
Rocking horse from Xin Yi....
Probably needs to wait for 1 yr old to sit on this!

Its so cute!!

 photo 10423866_10152480339837549_8817986195052277347_n_zps4gcomnzg.jpg
Ang baos....
Valerie is RICH!

 photo 10629259_10152475456672549_8110447375445744193_o_zpsdrbxd7ak.jpg
Ok, I wanna sleep liao...

Bye everyone!

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