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Kidzania Singapore (Adult Night)

Address: 31 Beach VIew, #01-01/02, S'pore 098008
Contact: +65 66536888
Opening hours: 10am to 5pm daily
(Special event Adult Night: 6pm to 10pm)

For more updates:

Some birdie told us that there was a special event for us, the ADULTS at Kidzania. Isn't that cool?
Back to being Kids, where you have big dream and dream jobs, but time passed and you grew up, you realize those dreams are harder and further and it might not be what you are aiming to achieve for now.

In Kidzania, you get to experience quite a number of jobs. So our aim is to go and try out as many jobs as possible!
However, due to time constraint, we have to prioritize and go for those that we want to do more than the others, of course!

A variety of activities they have as shown in below link:

From Acting Academy Art Studio, Aviation Academy, Bank and Vault, Candy Shop, KFC Restaurant, to Climbing Building, Coach Station, Courier Service, CSI, Dental Clinic, Driving School, Fire Fighter, Ice cream making, Food Scientist, Mountaineer, Journalist, Pizza Chef, Radio Presenter and many more!

 Ok, let's get going!

We reached around 6pm. Luckily, the queue wasn't too bad~

The usual $35 Adult ticket is not applicable for this event.
Its selling at $58! But lucky for us, we got some lobangs and got it at just $40! Yeah!
*For your information, the Regular Adult ticket are for Adults to just accompany their kids with the activities not for them to participate.
So, only for this Special Night Event, We the ADULTS get to experience it!

Put on the sensor watch to check-in and -out of every stations that we have done.

Now that we have gotten our Flight ticket!
Chiong Ar!!!!!

Usually, when the kid visit, they will be given the Maybank ATM card to activate and use them as they go in Kidzania.
But due to the huge crowd, we were all given Kidzo (Cash) instead.

Price for usual entries. It's cheaper to book your tickets online!

Check out below link:

Given a complimentary Adult ticket and 50 Kidzos

Jiang Jiang~ Trying to act young~ Whahahah

The Aviation Station (Pilot or Cabin Crew) is the most demanded job, so always head there first to make your reservation. They will give you a time to be back for the session.

It was still pretty empty when we are inside. So we were like contemplating which job to start first...
AIYA! Don't think so much la, quick hop on to something already!

For some of the more dangerous jobs, you might want to consider buying insurance first!
Real life situations, isn't it? Cool!

We have decided that our first job of the night is be Radio Presenter at Kiss 92FM.
All the great songs in one place!

You get to listen to how's your voice like on air! I mean, how cool is that?


With the code above, you can go online and download the file where your voice was being recorded! Cool!

Well the waiting wasn't that long though, probably 10mins? Wahahah.
according to the chart above. Each session can take up to 5 pax. The whole process might take about 25mins. And you will earn 8 kidzos upon completing the session! Yeah!

eh, stuck?!

Photo taking first~
So cute, of course must take pic first~

We need to learn to how to put out the FIRE~!

And the 3 steps to do when you see there's Fire in your house.

And we really, literally rolled on the floor~

Sitting in the mini Fire Engine ~ So cute lah!

Let's put out the Fire!! Quick! Why are you still smiling?!
Ain't no time to joke around!

This Fire Engine is just suitable for my size~

Oh ya, forgot to mention that my bro is working in Kidzania~
So he's like our personal tour guide for the night~!

Can you tell what's my next occupation?

An Assistant Soup Chef!

Those thin sheets that you see are going to puff into Puffy Pastry!!

Yeah, Free Soup and our own Puff Pastry!

Happy Kid!

Next stop: Aviation Academy

You may choose to be a Cabin Crew or Pilot.
Of course I'm gonna choose PILOT!

Have you seen such a short Pilot?!

Like a cool eh~

It was a fun and cool experience.
We crashed the plane a few times, but luckily we managed to land the plane on where it should be.

Not easy being a Pilot for sure, so many controls and screens to pay attention to!!

Next up: Candy Design Trainee at Sticky

Keep and reuse the hairnet, and you will earn 1 Kidzo!

So, all we do here was to chop the already-made candies~
Ok lah, could be slightly more challenging and fun for the kids though. wahahahahah~


Halloween candies~

They are learning how to make Liquid Soap mixture~
But sadly, we didn't have time for this~

Buy your insurance with AIA before doing hazardous work~

Mountaineer at Mountaineering School~



Next stop: Chef at KFC

Put on your apron, mask and Chef's hat!

All food were alraedy prepared before hand.
All you have to do is to just assembled them and wrapped it up with the packaging!

Nevertheless, FREE ZINGER BURGER!!!

Photos taken by their cameraman~

You can use your hard earned Kidzos to buy some stuffs. But most of them are really expensive, you probably need to work for a few days there to be able to purchase them. Which I think this could be quite useful to educate the kids that you have to work real hard to purchase the stuffs you really want. Learn to use money wisely, and understand that their parents work hard to purchase what they have now.
Of course, there are also Kidzania Shops where you can use CASH to purchase their products.

And before we go~
A photo with their Mascot!
Pardon my weird leg posture... surprisingly, with my height, I could actually block someone from the front... woohoooo~

Didn't manage to make our Paddlepop popsicle in there...
So die die must buy one to satisfy my craving for it!

 That's all!

I truly enjoyed the event. But it was too short. Hopefully, there will be another of such event for us again, so that we could complete the rest of them!

Thanks for reading.
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