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National Kitchen by Violet Oon

Address: 1 St. Andrew's Road #02-01, National Gallery, S'pore 178957
Contact: +65 98349935
Opening hours:
Lunch 12pm to 2.30pm
Tea 3pm to 5pm (Last order 4.30pm)
Dinner 6pm to 10.30pm (Last order 9.30pm)

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Woah woah woah, my boss is coming to town!
Okay, what I meant was that she is coming to Singapore for her first ever visit.
This is my boss and I~

Ok, this has got nothing to do with the title of this entry, National Kitchen.
Just sharing with you a picture of me and a drink at Marina Bay Sand's Sky Park with ma boss~

So, here we go!
National Kitchen by Violet Oon at the National Gallery.

A colleague of mine introduced this place to me, and it was really AWESOME! Totally unexpected!!
Pretty place, Yummy Food!

Crazy bunch of colleagues~

Gorgeous interior, right?~

This one is one of my crazy and lame colleague~

Ngoh Hiang $15

Deep Fried Prawn, Crab and Chicken with Water Chestnut seasoned with Five Spice Powder wrapped in Bean Curd Skin

Not to worry, my Muslim friends, the menu here doesn't consist of Pork nor Lard.
So, of course for this Ngoh Hiang, there's absolutely no Pork too! They are replaced by Chicken.
But they taste just as GOOD too! Crispy Bean Curd skin, and generous amount of fillings in there!

Kueh Pie Tee $17

Thin strips of Bamboo Shoot and Turnip poached in a Prawn Bisque served in a Deep Fried "Top Hat" Cup topped with Prawn, Chilli Sauce and a Sweet Fruit Sauce

Another delicious starters. The deep fried cups were crispy.
Everything smells good and taste even better! This is definitely one of their must try!
 And not to neglect their Chilli sauce! Sedap lah~

Tau Hu Goreng $9

Fried Bean Curd on a bed of julienne Cucumber and fresh Beansprout topped with Violet's Signature Sweet and Tangy Peanut Sauce

No "Wow" factor here though. Save your calories for the SATAY!

Satay $14

Grilled Chicken marinated in Spices and served with a Spicy Peanut Sauce topped with Grated Pineapple, Steamed Rice Cake, Cucumber and Red Onion

This portion of the Chicken Satay was really HUGE! The chicken was tender and juicy.
Goes very well with the peanut sauce. Do remember to mix the grated pineapple and peanut sauce together so that you can actually taste that tangy aftertaste after the crunchy peanut sauce on your palate.

Look at how big it is!

Take a break and let's have a Wefie~

Jasmine Rice $1

Rice for the mains later on.

Sayur Lodeh $13

Mixed Vegetables and Tempeh in a mildly Fragrant Spiced Coconut Gravy

 Nonya-styled curry vegetables~

Sambal Petai with Prawns $18

Stinky Green Bean Fried in a Spicy Dried Prawn Sambal Sauce with Prawns

All the Petai lovers~ This is the Petai dish that is to die for!

Buah Keluak Ayam $23

Classic Nyona Spicy and Tangy Chicken Stew and Buah Keluak Nut infused with Fresh Root Spices of Lengkuas and Tumeric

The chicken was tender. My second time having Buah Keluak. I didn't know the inside of it can be eaten. It is an acquired taste. They said it will be nicer to have it with the rice.
Hmmm, but sorry, I still don't know how to appreciate it. wahahahahah
But overall, it's a nice dish!

Everyone busy taking photos~
Camera "eat" first before us, human!

Udang Goreng Chilli $32

Angka Prawns tossed in a Spicy Fragrant Chilli Padi Garlic Rempah

Beef Rendang $23

Tender Beef Shin braised in a mélange of Spices flavored with Kaffir and Bay Leaves in a creamy Coconut Sauce

Pardon the blurry photo. I did not try this dish since it's beef.
But my colleagues all said it's really good! 

Dry Laksa $21

Fresh Rice Noodles tossed in Violet's Laksa Gravy topped with Prawns, Tau Pok and Bean Sprouts

A concentrated version of Laksa. Not bad, though I still prefer the traditional ones better.

Hakka Abacus Beads $17

Traditional Handmade Taro Dumplings tossed in a mélange of Dried Cuttlefish, Ground Chicken, Dried Shrimp, Chinese Mushrooms, Beancurd and Chinese Celery

Pardon another blurry photo... because everyone are already waiting eagerly to eat them...
Make me Gan chiong only sia!

The Taro dumplings were chewy in a good way. Overall, a pretty decent dish.

Pulut Hitam with Coconut Ice Cream $12

Black Glutinous Rice stewed with Gula Melaka and Coconut Milk topped with Coconut Ice Cream

Pulut Hitam is one of my favourite dessert.
 But sadly, this was a tad too sweet for me.

Kueh Beng Kah $9

Grated Tapioca Cake topped with Gula Melaka Syrup and Coconut Milk

Okay, this is the definitely MUST-ORDER DESSERT! I am not kidding!!
And please eat it while it's hot.
The texture, aroma, taste was so damn good even without the coconut milk.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake $12

Light Butter Sponge topped with Pineapple and a Butterscotch Sauce

This was quite a decent cake. Nothing fancy about this dish.

Our group photo!
Nice and warm bunch of colleagues!

All in all, I enjoyed my dinner. The food were good, customer service was good.
Ambience was okay. More importantly, the place was so pretty, makes everyone's mood pretty too!!

So, go ahead and make your reservation already!
Please be reminded that you need to book them 2 weeks in advance.
I doubt you can just walk in as they are always crowded.

There's another outlet at Bukit Timah.
881 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 279893

But believe me, I bet the things over here will be very much better!
Wahahhahah. That's all for today!

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