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Address: 47 Neil Rd, S'pore 088827
Contact no: +65 94518873
Opening hours:
Mon to Thurs 10am to 11pm
Fri to Sat 10am to 1am
Closed on Sundays

Decided on this café to have a mini birthday celebration for my lil brother, Raymond~
Saw their cool edible terrarium, seemed like a must-try and so insta-worthy no?!

And coincidentally, my colleague were there with her friend too! On the same night! What are the chances!!
Is it the "IN" place now or what?


Roasted Butternut Cream $14
(Crab Salsa, Tomatoes, Truffle oil)

It was a pretty decent dish, sweet and creamy. The truffle smell was strong.
I did not mix them together, just in case Valerie didn't like the truffle oil.
But it seemed alright to her, without and with the truffle oil. She was scooping and enjoying away by herself. Glad that she likes it or maybe she was too hungry... wahahahhah

Crab Cakes $13
(Kaffir lime, Panko, Tomato-Chilli Jam)

The outer breaded layer was crispy. Valerie loves crispy stuffs. Normally, I'll just tell her it's biscuit.
It was quite a refreshing combination. The crabcakes are well combined so when i bite into it, it won't break apart like sand. There are a good amount of crabmeat inside, goes very well with that Tomato-Chilli Jam. The jam gives it a tangy aftertaste. Yums

Chicken with Indonesian Spices $22
(Jewel Pomegranate Cous Cous, Green chilli sambal verde)

I was actually looking forward for this dish. However, it was a little disappointing.
The chicken was a little tad too dry and chilli sambal don't really have that spicy kick.
But at least the portion was quite generous though.

Seafood Cartoccio $28
(Coconut Prawn broth, Daun Kesom)

Another dish that I was looking forward to. It was basically like Seafood in Laksa Broth.
It was not bad. Not too spicy and not too coconut-ty. Valerie was able to take it, but after that she gave us that sour expression though. wahahhaah.
Quite generous with the amount of seafood too. There were salmon, mussels, clams, and prawns.

Pink Risotto $22
(Roasted beetroot, Scallops, Parmigiana)

Here comes one of the insta-worthy dishes. Have you seen Pink Risotto before? And there's no colourings added. The colours came from roasted beetroot. Looks cool, isn't it?
However, there wasn't any wow factor in terms of taste.
It was creamy, but a little gelat after a few mouthful of it.

Time for a wefie!

There's a little terrarium on most of the table.
We didn't have any, so I requested for one and take some photos with it.
Preferred the ones with gold frames though. :(

Twilight $12
(Cointreau Orange curd, Chocolate sponge, Marbling chocolate mousse)
(Contains alcohol)

Here comes the instagrammy dessert! And oops, I didn't realised it contained alcohol.
Valerie took quite a bit of it. No wonder that night, she seems to have quite a good night's sleep.
Before I saw the cake, I was expecting something bigger, like at least my palm size.
 The other layer is just a pretty glaze that gives it that galaxy look, inside is just like other normal mousse cakes.
Nevertheless, the overall combination of the cake was not bad.

Terrarium $12
(Microwave rum sponge, Chocolate soil, Fresh mint custard, Apple compote)
(You can add Rum for $3)

Here comes the highlight of the day~

I didn't order the Rum, thinking that at least Valerie can have it.
But I then read a lot of reviews saying that with the Rum, it will give the taste a different twist.

For me, it's definitely insta-worthy but not so much on the taste wise.
The sponge part was a tad too dry but they already warn us because they mentioned "Microwave Sponge". Somehow, the combination of the chocolate soil, mint custard and apple compote just doesn't seem to blend together. It is not working for me.

In general, it's only just a pretty dessert.



Made an Elmo Birthday card for my bro~

Cute fringe cut by my mum... cute isn't it?

Total damage done ~

All in all, I felt the café was a little cramped on the first level. But it's quite pretty with all the plants and terrariums. Customer services was good. Food were pretty, but taste wise only considerably decent.

Would rate it a 7/10.

Decided to take some shoes shots since my bro and I have gotten the same shoes.

Someone insisted on joining us~

Standing next to me~

Looks like a family shot ya? Wahahah.

Mummy and daughter~

Fat legs we've got!

Happy Birthday, Raymond~

Hope you find your dream job and motivation in life soon~

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