Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Xiao Ya Tou

Address: 6 Duxton Hill, S'pore 089592
Opening hours:
Mon to Thurs 10am to 11pm
Fri 10am to 12am
Sat 9am to 12am
Sun 9am to 5pm

For more info:

Having our quarterly meeting at Xiao Ya Tou~
A birthday celebration for Audrey-cum-Christmas gathering.
Jeslyn suggested this place and I went to google online for its food and place.
It looks pretty vintage-y and insta-worthy.
And so, here we are to check out if they are worth the hype!

Super love the oriental interior but it was a little dark though.
I like to eat my food with bright lighting so I can actually see what I am eating!... wahahahahah


It looks a little messy though.
I didn't realized that those food pic are also included as their food items though.

Wanted to order the Unagi Benedict Slicer initially, but it was not available on weekdays.
Only available on their weekend Brunch, 9.30am to 3.30pm.

Pretty cutleries and utensils

Old skool much~

Our colour theme this year was Red, Green, White.

And someone is obviously not in theme...

Complementary dish (pig ear with cucumber)

Pretend it is not the Pig's ear and try to have a taste at it.
 Its texture feels a little like jellyfish. Quite appetizing.

Crispy Otak Otak Rolls $12
with Tangy Tamarind peanut sauce

We find it quite okay, skin was crispy and goes along with the sauce (taste like satay sauce).
However, Annie felt it taste weird.

Sweet Fish Sauce Cock Wings $12

This was good. Juicy on the inside and a nice charred crisp on the outside.
Even Yang Rui, the non meat lover said this was good!

Stir-fried Chayote $10
(with Dried Scallop and Salted Egg)

Never tried Chayote before. Looks like bitter gourd to me, but fortunately it doesn't taste like one.
It was quite a decent pleasant dish, not as salty as we thought it would be even with the salted egg.

XYZ Ayam Percik $23
Grilled Spring Chicken, Spiced Coconut cream, Grilled Lime

We did not get what we expected from the dish. The overall taste wasn't strong enough. The gravy doesn't seem to blend together with the chicken.
But it was still alright, not that bad la~

Braised Duck $22

We don't quite enjoy this dish. The braised duck were served kinda cold?
Not to our likings. Quite disappointing.

Wok-fried Rice of Duck Leg $13
with Pickled Mustard Leaf, Shaoxing Wine

Looks like Fried rice, tasted like fried rice too.
Not bad~

Crab & Lup Cheong Omelette $9
(Preserved Chinese Sausage and Spring Onion)

The Omelette was very crispy but a little oily.

Baby Red Snapper $39
with Homemade Kimchi

Quite a unique combination.
Turns out quite okay~

Char Kway Teow $13

No Wow factor from this dish.
But it's still a pretty pleasant dish.

Nashi Pear $9
with Yuzu Sha jelly, Plum Sorbet, Sweet Basil, Almond chips

The Sorbet really got a strong Plum taste. Pretty refreshing.

Coconut Tau Huay $6
with Pumpkin Ice cream, sago, Gula Melaka, desiccated Coconut Crumble

Among all the desserts, I preferred this the most.
I prefer sweeter desserts and I like dessert with coconut~
Can't really taste much of the Pumpkin Ice cream though.

Cha Yen Popsicle $6
with Sticky rice, Kaya, Rose syrup pearl

Thai Ice Milk Tea Popsicle.
We found the overall combination doesn't seem to blend well together.

It was a Food Exchange this year.
Bring a food item which you feel is delicious and unique.
And we played a mini game to choose your own present on the spot.

Limin have chosen my present!
And of course!  I have prepared the most "Unique" food.
Freshly Home Baked Bread with Raisins!
A Pineapple tart Keychain.
And some chocolate coated chips as side dish... wahahahah

Yummy yummy~!

Jeslyn gotten her gift from Yang Rui

Oh, and the Rilakuma coaster was from me!

Annie's gift from Jeslyn...

Flown from BKK. Seaweed with Seafood in it...
Indeed quite unique.. have not tried it before.

Yangrui's gift from Limin~

Chocolate spoon!

My gift from Audrey~

Freshly BOUGHT Ice Cheese Tarts.

Lastly, Audrey's gift from Annie~

Always sold out " Salted Egg Fish Skin"

And of cause not to forget the bday celebration for Audrey~

And it's quite funny that Annie had to get a logcake for birthday! wahahaha

Oh ya, its Pistachio Cake from TCC.
Not too sweet, friendly for kids!

May your wishes come true~

Our quarterly meeting concluded!  :)


Total damage :)

All in all, the food was pretty pleasant, it's kinda like an ATAS hawker food with some fusion touch to it. Customer service was not bad. They were quite friendly with all the recommendations and helping us take photos. I have to admit that we were quite troublesome though.. wahahhaah.

Would rate it a 7/10.

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