Thursday, August 21, 2014

HK cafe (Kou Yu Roast) at Jurong Point

HK cafe (Kou Yu Roast) at Jurong Point

Address: JP 2 Mongkok #03-80
              Jurong Point Shopping Centre
              Spore 648331

Contact: +65 67941335

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri
11 am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 9.30pm

Sat, Sun and Public holiday
11am to 9.30pm

Have you guys been to the newly renovated JP2! MongKok!
It's pretty cool. Really got that HK feel.... so you can save $$$ on air tickets to fly over to HK...
Just take a train to JP! wahahhahahahaaaa.....

 photo 20140809_103950_zps6d996465.jpg
Let's head to Wang Jiao, 旺角!

 photo 20140809_103959_zps2e7aa069.jpg

 photo 20140809_103931_zps69745847.jpg
Just alighted from Cathay Pacific airlines :)

 photo 20140818_140052_zps3274f8ec.jpg

 photo 20140809_103500_zps42202c77.jpg
Look at all the signboards.....

 photo 20140809_103532_zps065b3f8a.jpg
Lao Fu Zi!

 photo 20140809_103540_zpsc7f8a6bc.jpg

 photo 20140809_103802_zpsa05eb987.jpg

 photo 20140809_103839_zps926a22e9.jpg

 photo 20140809_103906_zps928fec66.jpg

 photo 20140818_140038_zps5fff5e65.jpg

 photo 20140809_103559_zps9077f232.jpg
Even the signboards to the toilet were so cute!

 photo 20140809_103620_zps483ec524.jpg
But the toilet inside is still the same....
They should have done something about it... lol

 photo 20140809_103708_zps1ec86ab6.jpg
Look at the queue!!
This pic was taken during a weekend even before the restaurant opens.

 photo 20140818_140203_zps35ead8d5.jpg
Please take note of the opening hours! They are close after 2.30pm, and resume only at 5.30pm for weekdays.
oh ya, and there's no TAKEAWAY service.

 photo 20140818_140219_zpsb765eb2c.jpg
So, i was lucky as i reached there around 2pm. There wasn't any queue....

 photo 20140818_140259_zps91527d13.jpg
Pretty much a Hk cafe feel...

 photo 20140818_140318_zps46d1251d.jpg

 photo 20140818_140333_zps5771217a.jpg
Quite a variety of dishes to order....

 photo 20140818_140339_zps06e221c0.jpg

 photo 20140818_140347_zps0881fe08.jpg

 photo 20140818_141122_zps7bca3685.jpg

 photo 20140818_141145_zps9b731a90.jpg

 photo 20140818_141206_zps40acefe1.jpg

 photo 20140818_141330_zps53f1ac2a.jpg
So, we have ordered the above items....

 photo 20140818_141416_zpsdb5675de.jpg
Steam Pork Dumplings, $5

While ordering, i wasn't looking at the chinese words.... so unknowingly i ordered Siew Mai! wahahhaha
Nothing really special about the siew mai... its quite meaty though.... I prefer still prefer the siew mai sold at my school, PSB!

 photo 20140818_141708_zps3c935037.jpg
Bean curd skin roll, $4.50

Taste pretty much normal too. Quite crispy... with prawn fillings inside...

 photo 20140818_141851_zps08880145.jpg
BBQ combo rice (chosen char siew and roasted duck), $8.80

Portion was not as big as what we saw our neighbour beside was having. So was a bit disappointed.
The rice was just plain white rice. Char siew was lean.... so for plpl who like fatty ones... might not like it...
It was slightly dry too. As for the roasted duck, it was quite juicy... but my hubby and I prefer crispy skin...
Oh, and it came along with a citrus dip to dip with the duck.... taste quite not bad.

 photo 20140818_142342_zps490048cc.jpg
Wonton soup noodle, $6.80

The wontons were quite succulent. The noodles and soup was pretty the hk style....
Nothing fancy.

 photo 20140818_141528_zps1dc0246d.jpg
HK style milk tea, $2.80

 photo 20140818_142141_zpsc74b6390.jpg
French toast HK style, $3.00

Very sweet and buttery... probably.. i added too much maple syrup...

 photo 20140818_143851_zpsdc971782.jpg

 photo 20140818_143855_zps20352ac0.jpg

 photo 20140818_143902_zps11ed16cd.jpg

Overall, the place was pretty hk style.... The food were served pretty fast... so your table will be filled with all the dishes very fast. But they cleared the dishes very fast too. Pretty much a HK way of working... everything FAST FAST FAST... order fast, eat fast, leave fast pls.
Pricing wise, affordable.

My hubby and I are not really a fan of HK food.... So, we find the food pretty so so too... Dont really worth queueing la...
I would still visit this restaurant, when i'm having cravings for dim sums and when there's no queue...
since I'm staying so near to Jurong point!

Dim sums from Tim ho wan and East Ocean were pretty not bad too. I will blog on East Ocean next time round!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ramen Time!!!

It's Ramen Time!!!
My hubby loves to eat Ramen.
He always suggest to have Ramen when i have no suggestions of what to eat.

Today, I would like to recommend two Yummy ramen restaurants that is affordable and worth to try!


Address: 181 Orchard Rd, Orchard Central, #07-12/13
Contact: +65 63377166
Opening Hours: Daily from 11am to 10.30pm

I was with my hubby and lil bro at orchard central.... not sure what to eat....
So, we just walk around to see if there's any that caught our attention....
As we walked, we saw the newly open Japanese ramen restaurant...
And of cos... the hubby... said... Let's try....

So we went in, the air con seems to be faulty, and hence i saw a few fans being put at some corners.
But well, decided to give it a try.... seems someone was highly craving for RAMEN!

 photo 20140712_163712_zps3827c688.jpg

 photo 20140712_162444_zps6dc96dea.jpg

 photo 20140712_162448_zpsbc665e05.jpg

 photo 20140712_163657_zps16f89e55.jpg

 photo 20140712_162453_zpsb8d92569.jpg

 photo 20140712_162213_zps0f3eaa3e.jpg
Hubby and my lil bro ordered the original Nantsuttei Ramen $12
- with a slice of chashu

I tried a little of it. The soup broth was great, and the noodles was just nice.Yummy!
My hubby loves it alot too. He commented its one of the best ones that he had tried.

 photo 20140712_162204_zpscfbe2b4e.jpg
I wasn't too hungry. So i have ordered a bowl of Buta-manma $6

Finely chopped chashu stewed in sweet dashi soup and places on top of a bowl of rice.
It's ganished with bannou negi and white sesame seeds.

It comes in a small bowl, just nice for me, since i wasn't too hungry.
Overall, it taste quite not bad, a little sweet and savory. :)

 photo 20140712_162434_zps56235a9a.jpg
Fried Pork Karaage with egg and wasabi mayo tartar sauce $6

This is one of the must try. It was juicy and taste good with the sauce too!

 photo 20140712_162208_zpsde28662c.jpg
Yude Won Ton $6

It's kinda different from other wontons that i have tried. The texture of the skin was quite smooth.
Some may find it slightly thick, but i find it alright for me. The pork inside was quite juicy too.
Worth to try.

Overall, I think its really worth to try their ramen. The price is reasonable, the ramen and soup are good.
Their side dishes are worth to try too.
So, go go go! I heard you should avoid going during lunchtime, cos you gonna queue queue queue...

2. Men-ichi Kyoto Tonkotsu Ramen

Address: Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, #B1-54
Contact: +65 67945125
Opening hours: Daily from 11am to 10pm

Whenever we are at Jurong point, and dont know what to eat....
Hubby will straightaway say RAMEN!
Cos he likes the Ramen here.
And there's always QUEUE!

Their soup broth are really good too!

 photo 20140802_200134_zps636aad68.jpg

 photo 20140802_200201_zpsa07f9266.jpg
Look at the queue! And also because the restaurant isn't very big.
People just eat and go...
Hubby been to Japan... and he said the layout was pretty much like a restaurant in Japan...
The chefs cook infront of you.

 photo 20140802_201245_zps5fe2e4c3.jpg

 photo 20140802_202749_zps22244bdd.jpg

 photo 20140802_201218_zpsca660143.jpg
There were only 2 chefs cooking inside.

 photo 20140802_202843_zps84b9fa3d.jpg
We went there a few times, ordered different ramens.
I prefer the black soup based (garlic base if i'm not wrong)
You may add noodles which is free of charge.

This was ordered by hubby, Shoyu ramen with Gyozo set $17.90
Their soup base were all really good.

 photo 20140802_202805_zps1695a0bb.jpg

 photo 20140802_202516_zps568fcc15.jpg

 photo 20140802_202857_zps8be68d13.jpg
Feel like having salmon. So i ordered the Salmon Ramen $14.90.
Frankly speaking, its kinda weird combi.
Will not order this again, as the teriyaki salmon doesnt goes well with the soup.

 photo 10246837_10152072370187549_5160357776305968496_n_zpse05d214a.jpg
Ordered this previously with their omelette.
The omelette was good! But i realised it wasn't fully cooked kind, so decided to skip it this time round since i'm preggy.

Overall, it's really one of the must try ramen place. Yummy soup broth and affordable. Food served quite fast.
Go Go GO!!!!

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