an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Brussels Sprouts at Sentosa Cove

Brussels Sprouts at Sentosa Cove

Address: 31 Ocean Way #01-01 Quayside Isle S'pore 098375
Contact: 6684 4344
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 5pm to 12midnight
Sat: 12noon to 1am
Sun: 12noon to 12midnight

It was one of our SISTERS' (Rayne) pre B'day celebration! and she decided to have dinner at Brussels Sprouts located at Sentosa Cove.
You can either get there by the free shuttle bus from the Beach station bus interchange or to drive in which is much easier :)
We chose to take a cab at vivo which cost about $10.

It was a cooling evening. It's a pretty place with nice ambience to bring your partner, friends or family along.
Took quite a number of photo with Wendy's camera. And something cool she gotten at Sim Lim....
Flash Air memory card! You can save the hassle from transferring photos from your camera to your computer then to your phone... blah blah blah....
Transfer your photos from your camera to phone in seconds!!! and you can upload straightaway into FB, instagram, etc.... :)

Ok, maybe i sua ku la... should be out in the market long ago... wahhahahahaa

 photo 10423660_10152155158051150_9195386911193155314_n_zps68215594.jpg

Although we took quite a number of photos..... But too puis liao....
Shall just post some of the less unglam ones...

 photo IMG-20140805-WA0002_zps1db33b5e.jpg
Really wanna dye my whole head black... but because of babypoo!! 我 忍!

Anyway, its' Rayne, Shanna, Wendy and ME!!
Our Lijia... still working in Saudi...

 photo 20140805_184229_zps49ad3dfa.jpg
Nice weather, pretty scenery, good accompany

 photo IMG-20140806-WA0012_zps4159c601.jpg
This is how big i am now! 19kg liao!!!

 photo 20140805_184247_zps7bd30763.jpg

 photo 20140805_184250_zps19f59155.jpg

 photo 20140805_184421_zpse77d898f.jpg

 photo 20140805_184425_zpsf712db40.jpg
There's a number of eateries along the whole stretch. Can try others the next time.

 photo 20140805_185305_zps4eabe881.jpg

 photo 20140805_185314_zps06dd0608.jpg

 photo 20140805_185414_zps782e0434.jpg

 photo 20140805_185321_zps54df919c.jpg

 photo 20140805_185504_zps47df40d6.jpg

 photo 20140805_185426_zps0d09f0ab.jpg

 photo 20140805_191124_zpsfa6d5b03.jpg
Floris Apple

Rayne ordered this, it was with about 3.5% alcohol if I'm not wrong. She said not much of alcohol taste, kinda taste like apple cider.

 photo 20140805_191425_zps4761cb42.jpg
Peach Fizz

 photo 20140805_191439_zps5d402d92.jpg
Soup of the day - Carrot and Zucchini

The soup was very rich and smooth. Yummy!

 photo 20140805_191534_zpsbad98d3f.jpg

Fries served when order a pot mussels or clams.
Free topping up of fries.

We ordered two flavors:
Clear - Vin Blanc (Onion, parsley, butter, celery, leek, white wine)
Cream - Ostendaise (Fish stock, lobster bisque, grey shrimp, mushroom)
$20 each (including fries)

The clear soup with white wine was a little bland.
I prefer the Lobster bisque soup base which was recommended by the waitress.
It taste stronger which blends well with the mussels.

I smelled chilly crab from the next table, smells good! Should have tried that.. but we have ordered too much food...
Try again next time then!

 photo 20140805_191515_zps9f8d7681.jpg

 photo 10007035_10152162124826150_3429918243599832890_n_zps5a6927d4.jpg
Steak Frites Salade - Classis sirloin with fries, side salad and caramelised shallots with choice of sauce (blue cheese) Medium rare
Ordered by Rayne
Photo taken by Wendy
Looks good right!!!
According to Rayne, not much taste of blue cheese, meat seems a little dry...

 photo 10557246_10152162090836150_3563798897942367717_n_zps13bf8120.jpg
Pates Aux Coquillages - Pasta with mussels and prawns tossed in seafood based cream sauce
Ordered by Wendy
It's creamy and taste alright
So much of mussels that night!! lol

 photo 20140805_191746_zpsb48b1284.jpg
Vis En Frites - The belgian version of fish and chips (beer battered)
Nothing special, just feel like eating fish and chips that night...
The portion was quite big...
So much of Fries.... don't even need to top up fries.

 photo 20140805_192204_zps8320c102.jpg
Portobello Grilles - Grilled portobello mushrooms with tarragon butter
This was so super yummy! i super like!
Its so juicy! Must eat!

 photo IMG-20140805-WA0004_zps24a813c6.jpg
Piggy cake from Breadtalk Icing room
The hat was from the restaurant~ So cute right...

 photo IMG-20140806-WA0003_zps3b78a1ef.jpg
Happy Birthday to our Youngest Sister!
May your wishes come true...
All the best in your new role.
Thanks for always being there for all of US!

 photo IMG-20140806-WA0002_zps5b7e1e08.jpg
That's Shanna and Wendy!

Oh ya, in case you realised Shanna didnt order anything?
Cos she's on strict reset detox diet for the day... lame right... Oops...
So she ordered garden salad which is like just a chunk of lettuce... double oops :(

Overall, I feel it's a good place to chill and dine at Sentosa cove. The restaurant ambience was not bad. The place wasn't pack, probably due to a weekday night. Their service was also not bad. The waiters were quite efficient. The food was not bad. Price range would be about $35 to $50 per pax.

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