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PocoLoco Microbrewery

Address: 21 Jurong Town Hall Road, Snow City Level 2, Snow City, S'pore 609433
Opening hours: 12-3pm, 6-11pm daily.
Contact: +65 8438 3833

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Christmas gathering with fellow colleagues and the theme as shown below!

Decided on Pocoloco since most of us stayed in the West, and I have been wanting to try this place too...
Seems like a nice place to chill and drink...

Christmas at Snow City.... very apt. Acting like winter only~ Whahahahaha

Polka Dot Nails, Sweater and Specs~

Gotten my cute Pacman sweater from Soeur. Co
My colleague saw it in Taobao with pink and blue in colour too~

Val also in polka dots, but nah... she's not joining us for the party though! Oops.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow~

Polka dotted bottoms~

Polka dotted jumper~

Outdoor view~

Group Selfie! (Groupfie) ~

Polka dotted handphone casing~

Polka dotted top~

Polka dotted spag~

Polka dotted blouse~

Needless to say,  i think we all know who's winner gonna be~

Sexy polka dots~

Guy in Polka dotted tee~ so Sporty... I approve! :)

Ok, time to EAT!

Zuppe di Melone - Chilled Melon Soup with Parma Ham $5

Cold soup, are you able to accept this? I still prefer my soup served hot :)
But it wasn't that bad though, more like a dessert, cold melon dessert with that salty tease from the parma ham~

Zuppa di Pesce - Tomato Seafood Soup $6

Not a lot of seafood in it though but for the price we are paying, it's not too bad
~ taste wise also not too shabby :)

Fried Calamari with spicy Tomato sauce $7

So cool to have this cooler cup, kept our beer chilled throughout the whole night.
This is good invention, other places should start using this concept too~

Cheers.... Beer less than $10! Just WACK only! WACK!!

Catch of the day - Ocean Trout $20

Pardon the shadow~ everyone niaoing me... say quickly! quickly!.. they wanna eat liao... super hungry!
So, I didn't had the time to QC my photos, just take and MOVE ON!

The fish skin was very crispy, yums!

Granchio - Crabmeat in pink sauce $12

Quite generous with the crabmeat, but gets a little gelat at the end~

Manzo (Pasta with Beef in Truffle cream sauce $12

Carbonara (cream pasta with bacon) $11

Puttanesca - Pasta with Anchovies, Capers, Black Olives, Cherry Tomatoes & Basil in Tomato sauce $11

Tasted a little fishy, most probably from the Anchovies. 

Porcini - Risotto with Porcini mushroom $13

This is the result of us being too hungry~ thus blur pic!

This was good, strong aroma of truffle~ Yums!
But but but, got a little gelat at the end too~

Pollo alla Milanese - Breaded Chicken with Arrabiata sauce $15

This was really good~ Crispy outside, tender inside~
I likey~

Funghi - Sautéed Mushrooms $6

Before we proceed to desserts~
Let's have our Gift Exchange first!~
Food(s) gifts exchange to be exact~
And so we played a game of choosingand snatching gifts~

Huiyu with her Durian Jam!

Shin Yin with her Plum wine flew from China~

Rachel with her Beanboozle jelly beans surprise~ smelly socks~

Jing ling with her Green tea powder... from Japan or Hong Kong.. 傻傻分不清楚

Guowei with lotsa snacks!
So cute!!
Injeolmi snack~ Pikachu Cup noodles, Butter caramel Pringles
Such a lucky pick!!

Kay Yan, the only one without a Food gift~ Wahahha... but still a cute gift!

Jamie with COCONUT! wahahahah

My gift from Japan~ Matcha Mochi!

Hong yu gotten my gifts!
Freshly baked Bread with Raisins, Chewing gum, Chocolate popcorn, Pineapple tart keychain, Gudetama coaster~ All food related!!

Peiyi ~ Coffee powder with biscuit!

Ok, everyone is contented with their gifts.
Let's get back to more FOOD!


Chocolate lava cake $10

We felt the lava inside the cake was not hot enough but at least it still flowssss.
I, personally doesn't like the Vanilla ice cream, felt it was too thick and creamy.

Tiramisu $6

Crème Brulee $5

Panna Cotta $5

We felt their desserts were only average, you may want to skip their dessert.
Their mains were actully not bad though~

Everyone helped to 打灯~ wahahahaah

While we do wefies~


And of course, in order to get my present, you have to play along with what was thrown to you too!

Blow the Polka dot balloon~

Winner goes to Pei Yi!

A polka dot food! wahahahah DANGO!
Suits the theme so well right?!! Wahahaha.. Shamelessly praising myself~


Who's this bimbo ar?

why am I so short?~

 Fun gathering~

Thanks for being so sporting, everyone!
It was a fun night!

All in all, we felt the food was not bad and very affordable.
We all had a main dish, shared appetizer, beers, desserts~ But we only paid about $28 per pax?
Their customer services were good too, very prompt and courteous. Nice ambience for chilling too~

I would rate it a 8/10.

Thanks for reading.
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