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Yunomori Onsen & Spa Kallang Wave Mall Singapore

Address: Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place, S'pore 397638
Contact: +65 6386 4126
Opening hours: 10am to 11pm daily

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The first authentic super sento Japanese Onsen in Singapore! Although they have been here for more than a year, and we only decided to pay them a visit now! It was intended to be a little farewell for our Elise who is leaving us yet again~

There's a special 1 for 1 promotion at $38 ($40.66 after GST) until 16 November 2016. However, it is only valid for Mon to Wed, 6 to 11pm. Not available during public holidays. We went on a Friday morning, to beat the crowd of course.

Yunomori offers a wide range of Onsen bath and facilities. Each bath provides a relaxing and therapeutic experiences, as well as its own benefits. They also provide traditional Japanese Onsen therapies and Thai spa treatments.

Enough said, follow me and let's go!
Be environmental friendly and take the MRT to Stadium Station!
Alight and walk straight towards the Kallang Wave Mall!

Oh and a reminder, there's no need to make any reservation for the Onsen. But you do have to make appointment if you are going for their spa and massage.

Lockers for your stinky shoes~ wahahahah

Rayne and Wendy~

Wendy joined us before going for work... 真伟大!wahaha

Jia jia & Me~


Super cute signages~

Kenna Photobombed

Go ahead and choose your Yukata~

Will be given 1 Yukata, 1 piece of towel for bathing, and a face towel~

And of course if you are of those conservative kind, you can request for paper undergarments~
But bare in mind, you are gonna see plenty of naked women in there. All sorts of different sizes of naked women. Full Monty!!

Be prepared to see your friends go NUDE too! Wahahahahaahah

Their vanity~ So pretty right?
So well equipped with the hair dryers, lotions, hair tie, comb (all disposable of course!)

Locker opened with just a tap~ and it's waterproof!

You are supposed to wear the Yukata only after the Onsen though.
But we were just too eager to take some photos first.. Wahahahaha

Ok, here we go~

And sorry, we are not allowed to take photos in the Onsen area.
So I took some photos from their website.

You may click below link to view more.

There are different baths in there~
-Bubble bath, Soda Spa, Jet Bath, Silk Bath, Cold Bath, Hot Bath, Sauna, Steam Bath

For more details regarding the bath, please click below link.

You are opened to hop on to any of the bath with unlimited time~
Of course don't soak for too long, you might faint in there!

 Okay! And we are done with our Spa and baths~
I felt my skin glowing~ so smooth and full of radiance~

no joke~ really awesome!

 Time to look pretty~

Pinkish cheek~

Thanks Mama san~

Next one~

Four Beauties~

Went crazy~

Siao Char Bor alert!

And off we go to the restaurant~ for FOOD!!

Who's that ghostly figure? lol.

Ghostly us~ Preparing for Halloween ar?

And here we are, at their Yunomori Café~

Food at quite reasonable price~

Complementary drink for all of us~

Imitating us~ Copy cats!

Oden Set. Something like Japanese Yong Tau Foo!
Hot, Soupy food, exactly what we need after the Onsen.

Recent craving for Edamame~

 Food were generally good~

We were so full after that~!

And next, we proceed to the resting area~

It's really so relaxing~ Feeling zen~

And our friend, Wendy really fallen asleep~

Actually if you are not in a rush, you could seriously just spend your whole day there~

Go for another round of Onsen after a short nap.
$38 is so worth it right?! Whahahaah

All in all, we really enjoyed ourselves throughout the entire time in there.
It's very relaxing and cozy. I could feel my stress stripping away from me. It doesn't felt like i was in Singapore at all. HAHA! The staffs were very nice and polite.
The food was not bad~
 I would rate it a 4.5/5 overall.
So, do make your way there already!

Thanks for reading.
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