an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Valerie's POP OUT DAY!

Delivery of Valerie

Week 39

I was so big. Look at the BIG FAT ARM.

I was 39 weeks plus. I started to go on leave about a week before my due date which was 07 oct 2014. I went over to my mum's place to stay, in case of any emergency, there's someone to assist me.

Basically, after 38 weeks, the waiting game has started. Not sure when it will come, not sure how does contraction feels like. And what if after week 40, still no contractions, how how how ar? I even went to Google on how to naturally induce labour your own. There's nipple stimulation, sexual intercourse seriously?, castor oil and spicy food, herbs and acupuncture (better don't anyhow try la), exercise, etc. But eh, only try nipple stimulation la, the rest didn't try. Nothing much leh. haha.

So, since my little bro, Raymond went Australia for his NS service, I have the whole room for myself. So, on the 2nd of October early morning, around 3am, suddenly I felt like some fluid flow out. I was so worried, I quickly called my helper, Amy. She was a mid wife super super back then in Philippines lah maybe 27 years ago? wahahhaha.. Oh, for your information, she was here already since I was born! Then I told her, I felt like a lot fluid came out, my underwear wet wet. How how? I thought the water bag burst. Then she said No la.... if water bag burst, the whole bed will be wet already. But still feeling a bit kan chiong, I called hubby but he was still asleep.

Then called the hospital, I said might be leakage of water bag, so they ask me to head down since already wk 39. Then, I went to ask Amy again, water bag break ar? She said no la, mucus mucus. Then I recalled oh yah oh yah, during the pre-natal class, got mention before, when cervix begins to open wider, the mucus is discharged into the vagina. Labour may start soon after mucus plug is discharged.

Then, I went googling again and check out on mucus images (please Google yourself if you wanna know how it looks like) and yup, it does look like it. So, I called back the hospital and said its mucus, so they said then don't need to come to hospital first. Continue to monitor, if there's leakage, then need to head to the hospital liao. Then I kept feeling that my underwear is wet each time I visit the toilet leh... Feeling worried, I told hubby and we called the hospital and they suggested that we go and check out.

So around 9pm, we headed to KKH, brought along my big bag which was prepared 2 month  ago. Told you I super kia su type liao loh. But hubby didn't bring his though, cos we thought most probably we should be able to go back after the check up bah.

Reached KKH delivery suite around 9.30pm. They checked my BP, then after that a doctor came and check if there's water leakage. Then she don't know poke with her finger to check pH I guessed. Then the moment, she poked... I feel more water coming out liao loh. Then she told me, yah, leakage liao... diao... lol. And its 2 cm dilated. Have to admit to delivery suite liao. I was like.. argh... now?!! Siao liao lah.... still got a long day... so early admit, meaning I need pay a lot liao la! siao siao.

My package consist of 8hrs in the delivery suite. Every extra half and hour inside will be charged like $50plus? You will be charged for usage of delivery suite up to the 12th hours. All charges after the 12th hour will be waived. If actual length is shorter than the package's stipulated coverage, they will offer a rebate for unconsumed ward and daily treatment fee.

Doctor was saying that since there's water bag leakage, I will need to be admitted and given antibiotics to reduce the risk of having infection to the baby. For your information, till then I still have got no contractions at all.

I didn't take photos on that day, but I still remember how it looks like. Gotten this picture from the internet.
It was very cosy, cos got aircon shioks shioks ma... haha. Can watch TV also leh. There's a sofa for your hubby to be there with you. Meanwhile, hubby went home to have a bath and brought his bag and stuffs over and gotten a sandwich for me, cos McDonalds close liao. Got to eat something now, cos next morning they will not let me eat anything liao!
Was given antibiotic to prevent infection to baby, and also small dosage of oxytocin to initiate labour which might not have started on its own, so to speed up the pace of labour.
(However, taking oxytocin may cause progress to be too quickly, causing contractions to become difficult to manage without pain medication. May need to discontinued if contractions become too powerful and close together.)
So, I slept through the night, hoping the cervix can dilate more by the next morning. Still didn't feel much contraction.
Around 9plus am, doctor came and check and was still 2cm dilated only. Oh why?! So many hours still 2cm?! Anyway its just the routine doctors to do the normal checks. My gynae, Dr John Tee came two times to check my progress too. Doctor said to add dosage of oxytocin, if I didn't remember wrongly. So, then I started to feel the contractions. People said its like menses cramp x10? I felt its like something inside your stomach, squeezing, pushing very hard. Actually, the pain is still bearable. But to think that I need to have that kind of feeling for 8 more hours. Cos, supposing 1 cm is about an hour mah.
Don't think I can tahan, so I decided to have epidural!
There's 3 types of pain relief:
- Muscular injection of Pethidine (a painkiller) during the early stage of labour.  A drug similar to morphine injected into the thigh or buttock.
- Entonox (also known as the laughing gas) during later stages of labour. You will breathe in through a mask.
- Epidural Analgesia, a local anaesthetic injected into the spine. injection result in a loss of sensation by blocking the transmission signals through nerve fibers in or near spinal cord.
Oh man, writing this now, reminded me of that day now. Seriously, I'm even more scared with the epidural than the delivery. lol. Ok, back to topic.
I didn't bother having the first two reliefs. My mindset was either the epidural or none. Cos I knew the first two wouldn't help much de lah. I didn't wanna ended up having all 3 reliefs. Cos that would mean, my baby is also absorbing all that yah.
The nurses while doing routine check, kept asking if I need any relief. Alamak, don't psycho me leh.
Many people said having epidural, you will suffer in future, having backache, blah blah. Got proof or not? Basically, after giving birth, you ought to have some backaches, leg aches etc la. Go and exercise and keep fit loh. Even doc and nurses said it's not true.
But of cos there's pros and cons of Epidural. You may read more in the internet, but try not to scare yourself too much. What that makes you more comfortable, just go for it.
And so, I decided to take the epidural. So, they called for the anaesthetist. They asked my hubby to go outside and wait, probably the needle is really BIG like what others said? So they don't wanna others to get to excited and scare the patient, haha. My experience with the anaesthetist was really bad. First thing, he asked if I feel the needle that went in is straight or not. Seriously, you ask me ar? I thought you will supposed to poke it in straight for me? Then I kept feeling a bit not right, like I'm feeling slight sting on my lower right back.
Then he asked for probably his senior to come and check. And I sort of heard his conversation like inject crooked or something. That moment, I was like oh gosh, oh god please let everything be fine. Then the senior anaesthetist, poke in the needle again, and this time round he told me, there will be slight current. And I was like Huh? current? what current. Why got current one? But afterthat, ok everything is done. Thank god, everything was fine!
Few minutes later, anything below my waist is numbed, I don't feel anything liao. The instant relief was shioks. Can go back to sleep liao.
So, about 1 o'clock in the afternoon, Dr John Tee came, and it's only like 4cm dilated. He said if by 6pm still not fully dilated, then I'll have to go for C-sect. Oh my, I have waited for so long liao, need to go c-sect in the end?!! I don't want la....

Then, I just prayed that everything will be fine and a smooth delivery. And I continue to slack and sleep. Not long after, around 3pm. Dr John Tee came again and said it's fully dilated liao, can start to push and deliver liao. Hubby and I were so happy! But then, just as I thought oh can deliver liao. Then doctor said need to turn off the epidural for the moment, to have the feeling of the contractions in order to PUSH!

So, not long after, I started to feel the contractions, oh man. Then you'll be thinking why ain't the GUYS doing this instead... lol!

Around 3.30pm, the nurse in charge was saying that probably we could try pushing now. So, I was like hmmmm I will be delivering the baby here huh? I thought like I was going to push into some operating threatre, with all the nurses and doc in green, everything green lah. So, it was not. See la, TV always misleading. Only, probably for C-sect, you will be going to the operating threatre.

So, at that moment, all the breathing that I have learnt during the courses, I have just forgotten it all. lol. But, no worries, the nurse will teach you how to do it. The nurses were all very nice and helpful. And so, we started the push. Hubby held my big fat left leg, and the nurse held the other. When the contraction came, I have to PUSH like nobody's business. Push and push, and according to them, they can sort of see baby's hair la.. But already push like half and hour leh, still don't wanna come out sia!

Here comes my gynae! Dr John Tee. He said it's taking too long, I must deliver soon! Stressed stressed! He asked me to push a few times, and he push hardly on my stomach. But still can't leh. So, he requested to use forceps which was his expertise.

I have already asked about this to my gynae when I went for checkup. Between forceps and vacuum, he is more specialized in forceps.

And checked out the risks of using forceps.
So, there's some risks to the mother and child.

For the mother,
- pain in the perineum (tissue between vagina and anus)
- lower genital tract tears and wounds
- difficulty urinating
- uterine rupture
- weakening of muscles and ligaments supporting our pelvic organs

For the baby,
- minor facial injuries due to pressure of the forceps
- temp weakness in the facial muscles
- minor external eye trauma
- skull fracture
- bleeding within the skull
- seizures

Minor marks on your baby's face after a forceps after delivery are normal and temporary. Serious injuries are rare.

ok, read too much again will make you think too much liao. So, I just trust my gynae.

Just as I was pushing pushing and pushing. In my mind, I was thinking, could have just undergo C-section, so fast and chop chop don't need have so much to do now. And then, just as I was thinking, oopss... VALERIE is OUT! Woah, the feeling is like so magical! So UNBELIEVABLE!

Can't imagine something that big can just come out from my little V... lol V came out from V. oops... wahahhaahah.



Huh?! Only 2.935kg? Then, why I gained 28kg??! I thought baby was going to be like a huge baby 4kg. Diao... all the fats to myself liao loh.

So, after she's out. Doctor say, can start to switch on the epidural. Cos, doctor needs to stitch back the wound.
Basically, after giving birth, I felt numb liao, don't really feel much when doctor was sewing back my poor little V. lol. I was actually asking hubby if he saw the doctor stitching, and he said yah leh. Doctor kept pressing my stomach so that all the blood is out. And I thought I was laosai-ing, lol.

 Oh ya, and for your info, they did not do any shaving for me before the delivery.

See la, see la... big fat arms!
Anyway, this picture is to show skin to skin contact la... wahhahahah

Little tiny Valerie got a lot hair leh, and eyes opened already. The start of the Mama Journey.
Delivered her around 4plus pm. Was then pushed to the Private A ward.

Found this picture in the internet too.

The ward was pretty awesome. Shioks cold room, with TV, sofa for the hubby.

While looking for the picture of the KKH ward, I found this link showing different hospitals Class A ward too.

Anyway, back to topic. Before giving birth, I have already wrote a TO DO list for hubby after i gave birth.

1. Call the lady to collect my placenta (gonna make into pills)
2. Call my confinement lady to preempt her that I have delivered. (Will elaborate more on her at my next blog)
3. With the details, go do register the birth cert for Valerie

Talk about placenta, I have chosen to make my placenta into pills. My sis in law recommended this lady to me. Please let your gynae know beforehand, even during your normal checkups that you wanna keep the placenta. On the day itself, you may remind them too.

Check out below link for more info.

However, the picture above should be how the placenta looks like! The one in heart shaped, I think it's the cord lah.

So, I read online about the benefits of the placenta, and how much that my sis in law had experienced for her first child. According to her, she said she felt more energetic after popping the pills, which was much needed after during your first 2 months after giving birth.

Some countries, you won't even be able to get back your placenta, and rather people sell them for $$$.

Under the aim of their company,

We believe that the placenta has postpartum healing benefit in decreasing the likelihood of postnatal depression; increasing and enriching breast milk production; decreasing the incidence of iron deficiency; replenish essential hormones such as oxytocin which results in a calmer mother.

Placenta encapsulation is a process in which placenta is boiled; dehydrated, blended into coarse powder and encapsulated into small capsules.

I also read that there were people who brought back their placenta and COOK?!! Eukk, sorry, I just can't imagine my placenta cooking on a frying pan.. lol. Go and read up more about placenta pills.

So, it's pretty easy upon engaging them. Once, you have paid ($300) and taken up this service, they will create a whatsapp groupchat. Upon the birth of the child, just send them a message and they will come down to the hospital to collect the placenta within 24hrs. It will take about 2 to 3days and they will deliver either back to the hospital or your home depending where you are by then.
Each placenta would yield between 100 to 300 pills.

When all was done and settled, next would be.... HEY, where's my FOOD!
I am so hungry ok! With all the push n push... I am SO HUNGRY!

They have a variety of food to choose.

Food tasted not bad. Have chosen Chinese confinement food and red date tea.
There's all 3 meals for the mummy. During pregnant, just eat like a shioks. Doing confinement, just continue to eat like a shioks. Cos breast milk must be nutritious mah. Always giving myself a thousand and one excuses.

Here comes Baby poo!!!

Aiyoyo, baby crying liao, bully Papi pooo liao.

Hello, Grandpa!

You can choose whether you wanna have the baby with you or they can take care of the baby only when milking time, they will pass the baby over. Of cos, we have chosen to have baby with us. Tired papa has been taking care of her. Cos, I still cant get out of bed. I even have to pee lying on the bed.

My little cutie pie

I was then given painkiller for the after stitching back bah. I remembered saying I have got some heat rash before I gave birth ya. Then the next day after I gave birth, suddenly I have rashes all over. Super duper itchy. Then, they done some ECG test on me, see if everything is fine with me. And eventually they concluded that I have allergy to the painkiller, Ponstan (mefenamic acid). Never know I'm allergy to any meds. But, in my mind I was like... arg... ECG, meds again... etc... $$$$
Siao liao, I wonder how much will my hospital bill be sia.

Then, frankly, I felt a little stressed and down after giving birth. Probably, also tired and don't know how to handle. Having difficulty in breastfeeding the baby. Oh ya, only when I got pregnant, then I know there's 3 types of nipple - short, long, inverted. Haha.. Interesting right, read more online your own. Breastfeeding is really a tiring and painful experience, will explain more in the next entry.

So, actually there's a number of friends who wanted to visit, but I was feeling stressed, so I have asked them to visit at my place instead when I'm feeling better.

Received a little cute hello kitty fruit basket from my flavor division.
A hamper from my team

Baby girl balloon from my precious sisters.

That's Wendy. one of Val's god ma.. haha


Rayne... another god ma.

Sorsan was having something on, and came a week later instead. As for Lijia.. that godma ar... still at Saudi la... haha....

So, I checked out the hospital on Sunday morning. Called my confinement lady on Saturday, and she said she had a fall, couldn't make it on Sunday, can only arrive on Monday. Hubby and I felt super sian, wonder if it's real.... :( But, haha, it all turned out not bad. I'll elaborate more about my confinement lady in my next entry.

We were told that we don't have to make payment first. They will be sending us the bill probably few days later. I was really wondering how much was the bill.

About a week later, we received the hospital bill, to our surprise, we do not need to pay anything extra. Instead, we gotten about $80 return. Oh, think I have forgotten to mention that we have made a deposit of $2595, and deduct medisave of $3050 (max). So meaning, my bills cost about $5k plus. Not too bad, not too much damage. Have a friend of mine, who stayed at Gleneagles 2-bedded have spent 10k cash. I feel KKH Class A ward is pretty good enough, good service, good facilities. All good!

Breakdown of the charges.

Initially I was thinking what was antenatal claim?
So, it's what you spent during your antenatal check ups. So, after you delivered, they will deduct money from your medisave for your bills. Something like taking from our medisave $$$ to pay us back from what we spent during the monthly checkups.
So, which is why I got some money back.

Brought little Val back home.

Will talk more about my post natal experience (confinement lady, massage, breastfeeding, depression, etc) in my next entry.

Stay tuned.



Anonymous said...

Nice reading your blog. How's everything next and is the placenta pills good?

Apple Ng said...

Hi, thanks for reading. For more updates, please check out the entries on the right panel. Placenta pills kept me awake to do my breast pumping and feedings.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Your blog is really helpful thank you. When did you pay the initial deposit of $2595 in cash? Right before delivery?

Apple Ng said...


Yes, made the payment about 3wks before delivery? To also choose the ward.

Anonymous said...

Your entries are so real and hilarious. Really enjoyed reading them :)

x.l said...

Thanks for the detailed explanation! This is so useful for my first pregnancy. May I know from which week did you change to John Tee as your gynae?

Apple Ng said...


Slightly before week 20.
After week 20, many doctors doesn't wanna take in already.


Miss America said...

10k two bedded at gleneagles should be C sec ba

Meanie M. said...


So is Dr John Tee's fees/delivery charges $1192? or is it a separate fee (of how much)? Thanks.

Apple Ng said...

Hi Meanie, I can't really remember already.
Per checkup cost about 90+
Delivery is 1192, miscelleous like suite and medicine as shown in the pic.