an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Thursday, June 09, 2016

Pits & Pans @ Jurong West

Address: 60 Jurong West St 91, Spore 649040 (Nanyang CC)
Opening hours:
Tues to Fri 12pm to 10pm
Sat & Sun 10am to 10pm
Closed on Monday.
Saw on the Instagram of Archipelago Creamery that they recently opened another Café which is also located at Nanyang CC. But this café is more on the savory side. They sell burgers, pizzas and etc, a very simple menu which accommodates the crowds' taste buds. And of course they also carry some desserts too.
So the PIGGY me is here to check it out!
Burger, Pizza & Pasta~
 Please take note, they are close on Mondays!


We are their first customer of the day. Came during lunch time since our company transport alighted us somewhere nearby.

Their Burgers like a nice eh.
But I had enough of Burgers in New Zealand, so I chose Pasta instead.
Pizza was too big a portion for us.
There's 3 of us anyway.

Drinks and dessert menu!
Thai Milk Tea Fondant lava cake, like a interesting eh.
 Best Burger Ever? You sure? We will give the verdict later!
 Chicken Mac & Cheese $12.90

The boneless chicken thigh that came along with my Mac & Cheese was cooked nicely, tender and succulent with a slight charred note. As for the Mac & Cheese itself, it was surprisingly good - very cheesy and creamy!! I thought it will be too gelat after a few mouthful but somehow I managed to finish it! I must be quite hungry. Hahahhahaha

Salmon Ikura burger $16.90
(Salmon burger topped with Ikura and Seaweed)

Ikura are Salmon Caviar. They are what I called "little balls of happiness". Those jewel-like, glistening orange balls of salty goodness will bring the dish to another level.

The toasted Burger Bun was still soft and fluffy! The salmon patty was well cooked, not overdone. And along with that generous amount of Ikura was simply heaven on earth.. HAHA!

 Sir Charles Swiss $13.90
As you all know, I don't consume beef. So I will gather the reviews from my friend. When the burger was served, we thought all that white sauce was mayo and it seems a little too overwhelming for a burger this size to get that amount of mayo. But to our surprise, it is actually swiss cheese and mayo. The friend commented that she loves the bun too! She totally enjoyed the burger!

Decided to go ahead and order their Thai Milk Tea Fondant Lava with Ice Cream $7.50.
I mean, how often you come across Thai Milk Tea Lava ,right?

The cake was moist, not too sweet! But we all felt that they could do more with the Thai Milk Tea flavor. It tasted a little like our Chinese Huat-Kueh 发糕 (Chinese cupcake-like pastry) shown below.


Lava did not ooze out eh. Dessert was a little disappointing.
But will come back again to try other mains.
All in all, I like the food and atmosphere.
Food: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
Will I visit again? Yes, I would like to try the rest of the menu.
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Updates from my 2nd and 3rd visit:

On my 2nd visit~
Came here again to try out their Pizza and giving them another chance for their molten lava cake.

 Smoked Duck Pizza $14.90

Cos there wasn't any description for their pizza, so we don't know what other ingredients were in it.
And when I saw it, I was like WAH.... got scallop eh!

But it's not!! WAHHAHAH, it's LYCHEE! Yes, Lychee! Can you imagine that combination?
Savory and sweet? This is good! Just slightly salty.

Truffle fries $7
Smells good, but taste alrighty.

Well, once again disappointed. Not flowy and not tasty. Ice cream was not bad though. Wahahah.

On my 3rd visit

Cos other colleagues saw I posted on the Yummy-looking Pizza on my Instagram and thought its quite interesting. So I brought them to try!

Baconator $14.90
Bacon- stuffed Pork Patty topped with American Cheese and Bacon~
The Pork Patty was juicy, along with the bacon and melted cheese. Its perfect match~

There's lunch special now.
Free Ice Lemon Tea drink with any Pizza or Burger ordered.

Honey Cajun Wings $10
Recommended by their staff. And this is really Daebak!
Initially I thought it was oil on the grease paper, but I was so WRONG. They were HONEY~
The Fried Chicken was crispy, meat was juicy, drizzled with honey and the Cajun spice just all go so well!
It's a Must to order to the Wings!

Sweet Potato Fries $7
They were not bad too. Sweet and crispy.
It's already my 3rd visit already, so what are you waiting for?!!!

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