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Bangkok Trip 24-26 Apr 2016

Quite a last minute decision to a short getaway trip to Bangkok. Mainly because I was free that week and Jetstar Promotions came at a right time!!

I, personally prefer to travel with Jetstar because they always have the right timing for flights (not too early, not too late!). Best of all, they have promotions quite often too!! So, during their 1 for 1 this time, I decided to go with Yiwen.

We purchased a pair of tickets, including 15kg Check-in Baggage to Bangkok and 25kg Check-in Baggage back to Singapore. Not forgetting the Travel Insurance for the both of us too. All these for only SGD 327 which is only like SGD 163.50 for the each of us...
So, with booking of flights, you will need to look for accommodations too... and I chanced upon Glow Pratunam having their promotions! WIN-WIN!!! Usually, a night at Glow would have easily cost SGD 120ish per night. BUT GUESS WHAT... GUESS!!
With the promotions going on, I only have to pay a mere SGD 50 ish per night! Can you believe it or not!! Do not ponder too much already... just BOOK only!~

DateFlight NumberDepartingArriving
Sun 24 Apr 2016
Change Flight
Airbus A320
Flight Duration:  2hr 25min
Sun 24 Apr 2016
0720 hr / 7:20 am
Changi Airport - Terminal 1
Sun 24 Apr 2016
0845 hr / 8:45 am
Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Main Terminal

Tue 26 Apr 2016
Change Flight
Airbus A320
Flight Duration:  2hr 25min
Tue 26 Apr 2016
1515 hr / 3:15 pm
Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Main Terminal
Tue 26 Apr 2016
1840 hr / 6:40 pm
Changi Airport - Terminal 1
Only flying from a Sunday to a Tuesday. In this way, I can still spend some time with my Valerie on Friday and Saturday mah..
All it takes is some good planning~ hahah!
At least either a Saturday or Sunday are advised when planning for a trip to Bangkok because of its many weekend markets.
Chose the earliest flight because we plan to hit Chatuchak market first right after we settle our luggage.
Are you ready?
Let's go!
Since we are still early waiting for our Check-in... let me have my breakkie first.



Wefie before take off!

Gonna hop onto a Cab to get us to our Hotel first!

It has been more than 3 years since I last visited Bangkok. And now they have this auto-ticketing machine for getting a cab! So advanced liao leh~



By meter~

There's Grab taxi in Bangkok too?

Hey, stop raining leh... We still wanna go SHOPPING~


Have to pay TOLL~
First TOLL ~25 Baht (SGD 1)

Not again?!
Second TOLL~50 Baht (SGD 2)
Total damage: 379 Baht + 50 Baht (Airport charge) + 75 Baht (TOLL) = 504 Baht (SGD 20)
Finally reached our hotel!

Address: 919 Petchburi Road, Kwang Thanon Phayathai, Rajdhevi Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Great location, easy to locate.
It is situated on top of Shibuya.
You may show driver below address in Thai.
919 อาคารชิบูญ่า19 .เพชรบุรี แขวงถนนพญาไท เขตราชเทวี กรุงเทพฯ 10400
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10400






Password for Free WIFI in the hotel :)

Because it was still early, so we still couldn't check in yet.
Well expected, so as planned, off we go to CHATUCHAK!
But before that, let's grab some bite first! Super hungry!


Fried pork for 35 Baht (SGD 1.40)

 Ok, let's go already man!
Many asked me to take a taxi to nearest BTS, Ratchathewi Station, which will cost about 35 Baht on meter. Then from there, take to Mo Chit Station.
Aiya, save the trouble lah. Take a taxi from our hotel to Chatuchak only cost 80 baht which is about SGD 3.20?! Give lah, give la... In Singapore, before the Taxi even move, already $3.70 liao.

Reached in about 20 minutes?



Coconut Ice Cream is much needed for this crazily HOT weather!

35 Baht (SGD 1.40)

Super Duper YUMS~
Maybe also due to the HOT WEATHER!

I was telling Yiwen, "WHY SO MANY BABY CLOTHES AR?!!"
So she replied me saying that these stores have been here all along, it is just that I didn't notice them in the past. When I was here in the past, I was single and available mah. Now that I am happily married and have a lovely girl, I see things in a totally different perspective.
Whoops, I guessed she was quite right about these things.

All for just 100 Baht (SGD 4)
In Sg, these can easily cost SGD 15 and above.

SO CUTE LAHHHHH~ Hot to control? Uniforms? Nautical-theme?

These are so nice and cute too.. But I won't use them, so kinda useless to me...
Lucky me.. if not... $$$ gone~





All these paintings are painted by this guy! So cute leh.



This stall is still here!!!
 I bought my glasses here three years ago!
All of these are going at only 39 Baht~
Only SGD 1.50!!  WHAT~!! I ever thought of just swiping them altogether and bring them back to Singapore and sell sia~


A little upset, I didn't check my items after making payment and left. When I was going through my things in the room, I realized that I had only 3 pairs of glasses when I actually paid the price for 4 pairs.
I decided to take it as it was being ACCIDENTALLY left out then. I wanted to make that missing pair my "Daily" glasses leh...
Anyway, on the side note, many people have been asking me where I do my specs because I always seem to be wearing a different pair everyday~
Normally, I will buy nice and cheap frames (Ranging fro $2-$10).
Then, I will bring them to a Spectacles shop (Nanyang Optical) and have them change the lenses for me. It will only cost me about SGD 80ish. Nothing fancy, just basic lens with thinning of lens.
I have few frams with almost same lens shape so I am able to unclip the lens from this frame and pop it on another frame just like that.
Back to Shopping~

Have some food first...


Saw this Romper so cute... But size so small! Only SGD 8 eh!



Duck Noodle 50 Baht (Sgd 2)
Very nice... and you don't get to eat Duck's Blood in SG!
Must try!


Yi Wen bought lots of medicated oil, machiam Old Lady~
She said they were for her family members, they claimed its very very very GOOD!
We headed back to the hotel, to have a short break before our NIGHT SHOPPING AGAIN at Night Market.



Super Big bed.
Bigger than KING size sia.


Clean and spacious toilet




Wanted to go for a body massage before we head for another round of shopping at night. But we are unable to locate any Massage Parlours leh~ Seriously ah?! When I was in Phuket, they are everywhere, at every corner!
So, in the meantime, we walked around Pratunam Market instead. But most of the stalls are closing already, also because Pratunam Market is a morning market. They open as early as 6am!

The sad face, cos seller doesn't wanna give me cheaper rate. Boo.

Satay at 10 Baht. SGD 0.40 for big chunks of meat!


Tender and Juicy!
Kinda tasted like our Yakitori.

In the end, back to our hotel for Massage.
During Happy hour 11am to 8pm, it's at a cheaper rate.
Took 1hour of Thai Full Body Massage at 300 Baht, SGD 12.








Wash feet first~

Start our Massage~

Hot tea after Massage.
It was not bad, and again... I heard people snoring beside me...
There were times where I felt so comfy till I wanna dozed off to, but the next moment was like Arghh... Pain! How to sleep like that? Lol....

After the Massage, we planned to go to one of the Night Market.
My friend recommended me to go to the Bigger one Night Market which was The First Train Market.
Rod Fai I  - Bangkok Train Market 1 at Srinakarin which was much further.
So, we went to ask the concierge lady for suggestion.
She mentioned that both night markets selling the same stuffs.
The smaller night market is nearer, taking a cab will be cheaper and less jam.
Frequent traffic jam during evening. Hence, we decided to go with the smaller Night market which was near Thai Cultural Centre BTS.
We asked the Concierge lady to help us to write the address in Thai, so that it's easier for the Taxi driver.

So, we reached this place. Immediately, we were like HUH SO SMALL this night market!
Almost thought of getting a cab to the bigger night market.
But lucky, we did not! I checked with my friend online, this wasn't the night market.
We have to walk further down.
But, we shall have dinner first since there's quite some local food here :)





Phad Thai 50 Baht (SGD 2)
Super big portion, but tasted a little bland.

Wanted to order Oyster Omelette, but our dear Yi Wen ordered wrong thing...
became Seafood Soup... Hahah...
But not too bad, there's glass noodles inside too.

Bought Otah too. Yum Yum!

So, you shouldn't be walking toward the BIG C.
Walk towards THAI CULTURAL BTS...
Then, just follow the crowd, it's a road beside the Esplanade Mall.



Walk along the road and you will see this sign on the street lamps.

Finally found YOU!


Lotsa Food stalls, all look so yummy, but we were so full already.
What a waste!




Earring for 20 Baht only! SGD 0.80?!


PJs so cute and sweet!! But too small!


Mango Sticky rice with different colours!

Freshly made Rice crackers.

Mango Sticky Rice!

First day loots~
Didn't buy a lot hor... But I think most $$$ have gone to food.
Realised more baby clothes than mine.
Priorities have changed.

Day 2~

Famous Pork Leg Rice and Wanton Mee!

Long queue sia.
But even so, it was not a long wait.
Seeing the queue outside, you will not wanna stay for long after finishing your food.





They should probably have it in English version instead. Cos all I see were tourists eating.
Don't see any locals eating there eh.

No Branch in SINGAPORE? Ok loh, so?




I still don't understand the rave for their Wanton mee.
Tried their dry Wanton Mee and Wanton Mee soup.
I would definitely prefer the ones in Singapore.

Ok, but I have to say the Pork Leg Rice was really quite good.
The fatty parts especially, Sedap lah!



But Actually, think about it, 1 serving for 100 Baht (SGD 4) considered quite expensive in Bangkok.
I would order the Pork Leg rice but not the Wanton Mee. The portion was small and nothing fantastic about it.

As we were heading back to hotel, which is located at Shibuya Mall, we saw a stall which customized many stuffs (from keychains, pouch to bags etc)
Customised Passport Holder for only 100 Baht (SGD 4). Probably would cost more than SGD15 in Singapore.





Customised Key Chains at 50 Baht only! (SGD 2)



Only got to realize the bear was frowning when we got back to the hotel room.


So cute right?




Next, head to Central World for our Shibuya Toast!





Saw this Hello kitty stall boutique selling Hello Kitty merchandise... Quite cool eh.

Came across this Bakery shop called "Bake a Wish" selling so many Yummy looking cakes!

There was a Buy 3 Get 1 free Promotion!
How can we not buy them?!


Ok, found "After You Café" !
There wasn't any queue though.
So, we decided to come later.
Yiwen wanna go NARAYA first.


Seriously, still so many people buying Naraya stuffs?!


No phototaking... but I just take only man.. wahaha...
The Security guard was saying 1 photo 1000 Baht...
Seriously? Chey Boo!

This Auntie here buying like market buying vegetable sia.
And I got a Naraya Elephant for Valerie~
Ok, headed back to After You Dessert Café.





A wide range of choices but there's only 2 of us, and we were still quite full.
So, in the end we only gotten the Shibuya Honey Toast and drinks.






Tada... we chose the baby size portion.

It was not bad. Not too sweet, bread was cooked just nice, not burnt.
But I wouldn't said its THAT THAT FANTASTIC lah...
Maybe I came with a high expectation with all the good reviews from friends.

Why they always add so much ice in their drinks ar?


 Then we went to the opposite Big C Mall.
And we went crazy with all the handmade customized items selling there!








Bought a little customized pouch for Valerie!

Tadahhh.... so pretty right?

Customised Hand phone casing...

Customised Tee.



Customised Plushies.



Then we went to Big C and everything was so cheap cheap cheap!

Seasoning for less than SGD 1 leh!
Where can you find this kinda deal in Singapore!

Free metal spoon eh... wahahahahah

The cakes we bought!


The straw for decoration only, can't suck anything one. Cheated my feelings.

Next up: Platinum Mall.
Just opposite of our hotel!



Accidentally took this pic... but like a cool eh... got feel. lol

Lotsa couple and family tee.




Super tired and hungry....
Time for dinner!

Found this Thai restaurant near our hotel, just next to the Famous Pork Leg rice stall.








Tom Yum Goong... Looks spicy but its not.

Yiwen had been craving for Omelette rice ever since she saw LadyIronChef posted it on his IG.

Overall, their food were quite decent and at affordable price.


Super Big Squid. Decided to try since it looks YUMS!
But doesn't taste yummy at all and worse still ,Yiwen almost got choked by some plastic while eating it.

Time flies, we are heading back already?!
Chartered a taxi by the hotel at 500 Baht which was cheaper than the cab fare from airport to the hotel. 

Search for the Bananaaaa....

Second Day loots!
Gotten lotsa Family Tees! Yeah :)


Last massage before we go back!


Decided to go for Foot Massage... And it was Damn Shioks!


Day 3~
Pratunam market~

All selling at a wholesale rate. You have to buy at least 3 pieces leh..
And they got to be the same design.. Why why Whyyyyyy


This time round in Bangkok, we tried a lot of their street foods.
And most of them were not bad... Nice!



Full of ice and super sweet Thai Milk Tea.

Yi Wen not giving up her Omelette rice.
And this was rather bland, nothing special.


I thought Mcdonalds was selling Churros.
But was disappointed when I was served with a mini dough fritter (You Tiao).

Carbonara Pie.




Couldn't finish the cakes last night...


Taste like Campbell mushroom soup in concentrated form.

Not nice at all! Too doughy.

Can't suck anything out from the straw leh.

Fried pork with strawberry syrup... wahahhaha.

Boxers for my sisters.

That's all for my short 3 days 2 nights trip!
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Unknown said...

Hi, may I know the name small pouch is it in central world? And do you remember which floor?

Thanks a lots.

Apple said...

Hi, either basement or level 1. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


May i know whether did you asked for meter before you board the taxi at the airport?


Apple said...


from the airport, they are all by meter.

Anonymous said...

You have any idea
How much is a 24inch hard luggage?
Thank you

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Hi, how much did it cost to get to the airport from the hotel? Was it easy to catch a cab?

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Apple said...

Hi Ice princess,

Yes it is easy to get a cab from airport. There's taxi stand. Probably about 350 to 500 baht~

Apple said...

Hi Ali,

Thanks for viewing.

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Tasty Thailand said...

Wow, you took a lot of cool photos :) I have lived in Bangkok for 15 years and you have been to some places I have not been to yet! And I also agree with you on Jetstar. I've flown them a few times from Bangkok to other places in South East Asia, and they are always cheap and have very good flights.

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