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Corene Nail (Eye Lash Extension)

Address: 304 Orchard Rd, #06-11/#01-52, Lucky Plaza, 238863
Opening hours: 11am to 8pm daily
Contact: +65 6767 3764, +65 9791 0079
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My dear friend, Rayne came across this Groupon deal for Eyelash Extensions @ only $28.
It was a pretty good deal.

To be honest, I have never done eye lash extension before, and I have been thinking of giving it a try.
I've seen many of my friends doing those eyelash extension before.
After they have done it, it looked as if them have permanent mascara on. They look more dolled up.

It is like wearing makeup without those time spent in front of the mirror in the morning.
Effortless is what I might call it. HAHA! 

Below is the link, you may want to check them out.

They have 2 shops, at Level 1 and Level 6.
We were instructed to go to the one at Level 1 for the eye lash extensions.

 So, for the $28 deal eye lash extension, you are only doing the one on first row.
Thickness of the lash is 0.2mm.
It was the slightly rougher ones amongst all the lashes there.
The more you pay, the more fine and natural those lashes are.
So, if you want to do a finer lash like row 2, you will have to top up $20.
As you go down the chart, you will need to add more money.
So on, and so forth. $20, $30, $40...
It's pretty simple to understand this logic no?

Choose what you deem is suitable for your face and eyes. 

Above are the "BEFORE" photos, so as to give you guys a comparison later on.


"After" photos!
I chose the C curl, 0.15mm thickness, 11mm in length lashes.

I am really liking the effect!

It's like having mascara on.
Totally effortless make up!

The lady who did the lashes for me was a Taiwanese and I have to say that she was very meticulous.
I don't feel any itch or pain throughout the whole process.
They will also recommend which length and types of lashes to choose from.
I'm glad that I heed their advice. :)

Look at those thick lashes!  

Pretty lashes~ 

 This is Rayne's. Wahahahah.
She chose the C curl, 0.12mm thickness, 8mm and 10mm in length lashes.


These are Shanna's.
She chose C curl, 0.12mm thickness, 12mm in length lashes.


This is their namecard. Do call them for appointments.


My lashes are still intact even after 3 days!

I was very careful when washing my face or when I felt that my eyes was itchy.
Maybe it was because this was my first time therefore I was super careful.
My friends told me they cannot wear their glasses properly cause the lashes are touching the lenses. LOL!
But I am still loving these lashes!

All in all, I felt it was rather worth it.
I paid $48 while the rest paid $58.
They were nice and careful while handling our lashes throughout the process.

The way they recommended what was suitable for us were quite professional.
They are also not pushy at all towards us for signing any packages etc., just kindly explain to us what are the rates if we ever would like to return for touch-up and all. 
But even when we did not sign any packages, they are still very nice to us.
Good service, good result, thumbs up!

I would rate it a 8/10!

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