an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Friday, March 13, 2015

Shangri La, Rose Veranda: High Tea buffet

Shangri La, Rose Veranda: High Tea buffet

Mezzanine Level Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Rd

Operating Hours:
Mon to Thur 11.30am - 6pm
Fri to Sun and PH 11.30am - 2pm and 3pm to 6pm

Wanna try out some taitai life, hence went for a few rounds of high tea session with different group of people. Like a shioks only... wahhahaah
Wanted to try Equinox, however, they no longer have high tea buffet, only the semi-brunch lunch available. And I realized not many high tea buffets nowadays, more of like a high tea set which is non-replenishable.

I think the price has increased. $48++

 photo 20140905_155848_zps31c2cfa3.jpg

 photo 20140905_155910_zpsb69d6a3c.jpg

 photo 20140905_155935_zpsc642a2fe.jpg

 photo 20140905_160128_zpsf0bbc1e7.jpg
There was a whole selection of TWG tea.
However, I was pregnant, so I gave it to my bro instead.

 photo 20140824_181102_zpsf5e19f17.jpg
And I chose Orange juice, for Vitamin C!

 photo 20140905_160805_zpsd938cde2.jpg
A welcome tea, tasted not bad, refreshing... just had a little sip.

 photo 20140905_160755_zps90cb4a41.jpg

 photo 20140905_160215_zps47c4312b.jpg
A variety of savory cooked dishes

 photo 20140905_160221_zps3f035ca5.jpg

 photo 20140905_160228_zps24b4e477.jpg
truffle mash potato..
This was good! I had a few servings of it.

 photo 20140905_160238_zps8eae83a2.jpg
Sauté mushroom
Not bad... but my bro doesn't like it.

 photo 20140905_160245_zps08f6ee0b.jpg
Duck Redang
I find this quite yummy too. Good to go with some rice :)

 photo 20140905_160300_zps27bf3140.jpg
Beef... but I don't take.

 photo 20140905_160308_zps07892d4c.jpg
prawn mee soup. the soup was quite savory, overall was quite ok.

 photo 20140905_160518_zps56f309c6.jpg
Prawns with crispy oat and almonds.
Taste alright, but I think will taste better if its hot.

 photo 20140905_160524_zpsbd1a3579.jpg
Cod fish?
I felt its a bit overcooked? not smooth and tender.

 photo 20140905_160533_zps0b88907c.jpg
Spinach & Ricotta Canneloni
The cheese on top a little hard already. But still taste quite ok.

 photo 20140905_160543_zpsec2e8a7c.jpg
Dim sum...
soso... not really yummy. Kinda like those frozen pack ones.

 photo 20140905_160643_zps05c3e680.jpg
Fried chicken and chicky puffs.
The chicken was not bad, not oily. Taste a bit like Mcdonalds fried chicken.

 photo 20140905_160857_zps6ed483ff.jpg
The sushi n sashimi doesn't seem appetizing, doesn't look fresh.

 photo 20140905_160909_zps20ce4b41.jpg

 photo 20140905_160913_zps9af3b877.jpg

 photo 20140905_160322_zps620b1b36.jpg
Cheese corner.

 photo 20140905_160334_zps867b3739.jpg

 photo 20140905_160452_zps8e0bb29b.jpg
more cakes!

 photo 20140905_160347_zpsf1dc9cdd.jpg
Quite a variety of dessert...

 photo 20140905_160408_zps59b42e85.jpg

 photo 20140905_160420_zpsf8155004.jpg
nonya kuehs... not very yummy though

 photo 20140905_160437_zps7962657c.jpg

 photo 20140905_160819_zps031ff915.jpg
prawn mee soup

 photo 20140905_160826_zps42a170a8.jpg

 photo 20140905_160833_zps6045d8a9.jpg
my bro's.... cos I cant eat SASHIMI!!!

 photo 20140905_161051_zps9feac762.jpg
also my bro's... cos I cant eat not fully cooked food!!

 photo 20140905_162231_zpsec827918.jpg

 photo 20140905_165347_zpsf768328d.jpg
carrot cake was not bad. the carrot is so cute! wahaha... although I didn't eat that.

 photo 20140905_165357_zps2b47f0f8.jpg
only took a bite of everything...

 photo 20140905_165407_zps57a6bdb1.jpg
crème brulee
very sweet

 photo 20140905_165421_zps6c0c5f45.jpg

 photo 20140905_170627_zpsa159c882.jpg
still prefers Canele... but... Canele has closed down!!! so sad.

 photo 20140905_171638_zpsce86d74b.jpg

 photo IMG-20140905-WA0009_zpse88c604b.jpg
Me and my bro and Xindy...

 photo IMG-20140905-WA0014_zpsdaaffe94.jpg
the twins :)

Overall, service was not bad, good ambience. The variety of cos again wasn't what I expected. The dessert were really so-so. But a good place to chill though.

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