an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Dulu kala

Dulu Kala

Beauty World Centre, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd #04-04 S'pore 588177
Opening hours: 12 to 11pm

Dulu Kala is a Perankan restaurant with traditional comfort food at a affordable price.
It's a pretty pleasure and comfy place to dine at.

Check out their website for more info (menu, etc)

It was recommended by some colleagues, saying the food were pretty authentic and good.
I seldom or hardly eaten perankan dishes... except for their nonya kueh...(all the sweet sweet kueh, oh and nonya dumpling ba zhang)

 photo 10494805_10152200067437549_6656992143334874570_n_zps46ac99ca.jpg

 photo 10450431_10152200068977549_4485685893746364334_n_zps0efc8aee.jpg

 photo IMG_20140620_182354_zps3061f4ce.jpg
Coconut drink for the preggy mama.... (during last trimester)
Heard its good for baby's skin? smooth fair skin...
hmmm.... my baby does have smooth skin... but all babies should have smooth skin bah?

 photo mmexport1407221267751_zps7eb647e7.jpg
Sambal Petai

It was my first time trying petai, and it wasn't as bad as I thought, surprisingly good. The portion of petai was quite generous. And it definitely goes pretty well with sambal. Yummy! We even ordered a second serving of this!

 photo mmexport1407221275650_zps047ed393.jpg
Nonya Chap Chye

Consist of cabbages and black fungus and mushroom. Kinda like our usual chap chye, just slightly sweeter with the brown bean paste sauce?

 photo mmexport1407221278643_zps7de50ff3.jpg
Ayam Buah Keluak

It's a bit spicy, a bit sourish. pretty interesting, goes well with rice. But I didn't know can scrap the inside of the nutty shell. What a waste.

 photo mmexport1407221283033_zps4ea83dcd.jpg
Assam Fish Head

This was good. And I believe my hubby will love it. The fish was tender, the gravy was a bit spicy n slight soury. Also, goes well with the Thai fragrant white rice!

 photo 20140620_183754_zps72092e5c.jpg
Bakwan soup

This soup was pretty normal, not what I expected. I find it a little bland though.

 photo mmexport1407221271026_zpsc605a81a.jpg

Not too spicy, just alright for me.

So overall, after tasted perankan food, it wasn't quite what I expected though. I thought it would be pretty spicy and strongly flavored. So, it's actually like some homely cooked food. The atmosphere was cosy, service was not bad. I did not wrote the price, cos hubby threw all my receipts away. But I recalled that it wasn't expensive, definitely affordable price.

Yup, so go try if you are a fan of perankan food, I bet you will love it.

See ya!

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