an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Thursday, July 18, 2013

7days 6nights -beijing--chengde--tianjin holiday~ Part 2

7days 6nights -beijing--chengde--tianjin holiday~ Part 2

Day 3

 photo SAM_4958_zps8e5fc013.jpg

First stop: Tong Ren Tang....
Selling some chinese medicine... after some pulse readings for you....
Almost bought something back... but was being stopped by my mummy... lol..

 photo SAM_4959_zps413cc3a5.jpg

 photo SAM_4960_zpsdd285ba3.jpg

Went to a nearby street markets nearby...

 photo SAM_4962_zps617b9bd9.jpg

 photo SAM_4963_zps77b9c456.jpg
Fried dumpling... looks good but doesnt taste yummy at all...

 photo SAM_4964_zpsa4355550.jpg

 photo SAM_4968_zpsfb2c3c8d.jpg
Our lunch place...

 photo SAM_4969_zps73d31d77.jpg
It's buffet lunch...
Seems like a lot of variety...
But seriously... they doesnt taste good at all.

 photo SAM_4970_zpsbec9718b.jpg

 photo SAM_4971_zps54de76d6.jpg

 photo SAM_4973_zpscbf8a8d0.jpg
Trying very hard to act like they tasted yummy~!

Next stop: Happy Valley...
Cos my bro likes Theme Park!
and so which is partly why we have chosen Nam Ho... cos their package includes a theme park.

 photo SAM_4974_zpseb73b64c.jpg

 photo SAM_4978_zps4f46bbf8.jpg
It's jump shot taking time.

 photo SAM_4980_zpsda93baf3.jpg
My turn.

 photo SAM_4981_zpsc5286d65.jpg

 photo SAM_4984_zpsf89c7dbc.jpg

 photo SAM_4986_zpsb5d9e5a5.jpg
Big pink ant....

 photo SAM_4987_zps7a25be42.jpg

 photo SAM_4990_zpse0c2cea9.jpg

 photo SAM_4996_zps0d29c92a.jpg

 photo SAM_4997_zps5a0d0d2b.jpg
Mummy seems to be enjoying well.

 photo SAM_4998_zps6375d36d.jpg

 photo SAM_4999_zps705eb6aa.jpg
That's my bro in the middle~

 photo SAM_5004_zps12e549f8.jpg
He said... this is NO KICK~!

 photo SAM_5005_zps6319b4bc.jpg

 photo SAM_5020_zps8bbeb27d.jpg

 photo SAM_5047_zps80ce143e.jpg
Nothing seems scary to him...

 photo SAM_5062_zpsba54e755.jpg

 photo SAM_5067_zps7495290f.jpg

 photo SAM_5070_zpsc9375eb9.jpg
Oso no kick to him... he said... it's boring~

 photo SAM_5077_zpsc646ae7f.jpg

 photo SAM_5080_zps3dd5f979.jpg

 photo SAM_5088_zpseeffbc2b.jpg
Nice shot taken by me~

 photo SAM_5089_zpsf13ca91c.jpg

 photo SAM_5090_zpsd37e6728.jpg

 photo SAM_5092_zps8734b256.jpg

 photo SAM_5093_zpsf6421a22.jpg
Big abacus~

 photo SAM_5097_zps570d3e6f.jpg

 photo SAM_5098_zps1377687c.jpg
Peking duck~
Actually i prefer singapore's 烤鸭

 photo SAM_5099_zpse23a77fb.jpg
Sweet n sour porky~

 photo SAM_5100_zps0f843a51.jpg
Horrible fried fish cutlet

 photo SAM_5101_zps84201b33.jpg
Stired fried chicky...
This tasted not bad...

 photo SAM_5102_zps9a81b254.jpg

 photo SAM_5103_zps7d1d7f90.jpg
Peking duck

 photo SAM_5104_zps80b8e53b.jpg
chicky n zucchini again~

 photo SAM_5106_zps038e135c.jpg

 photo SAM_5107_zps015e6ad6.jpg

Next stop: Shaolin Kungfu act....

Frankly speaking, pretty boring.... My bro and I were sleeping in the threatre~ oops.

 photo SAM_5109_zpsac3417f3.jpg

 photo SAM_5111_zps4e720724.jpg

 photo SAM_5113_zps31a7e132.jpg
Mummy... where are you! i cant find you!

 photo SAM_5114_zpsa79a9d76.jpg

 photo SAM_5115_zpsb34b3f7f.jpg

 photo SAM_5116_zpsb723e12f.jpg

 photo chinatrip2013167_zps4ac71bd7.jpg
Looks pretty cool....

 photo SAM_5118_zps4f88aaa1.jpg

Went to their Food street night market... meant for tourists...
Told by the tour guide to jus take a look and have the feel of it will do...
As the food weren't fresh... and having cars driving around... its pretty dusty and smoky....

 photo SAM_5126_zps4b7cf1e3.jpg

 photo SAM_5129_zps86a3699d.jpg
Have you tried scorpions?

 photo SAM_5130_zpsbe6d631a.jpg
Hey there, Patrick~

 photo SAM_5131_zps783ae05d.jpg

Next stop was their famous shopping centre? Was being brought there just to take photo... cant even do some shopping or relax there... Pretty pathetic...

 photo SAM_5133_zps8e437851.jpg

 photo SAM_5142_zpsad83603a.jpg
The number of pens we bought back for our friends~

 photo SAM_5145_zpsff7cd5bf.jpg
Loots of the day~


Day 4

 photo SAM_5146_zps2c3ca04f.jpg
OOTD time~!

 photo SAM_5161_zps871e3d0a.jpg

First stop: Wax museum....
Initially, my bro and i thought.. it would be like Hong kong's wax museum with all the famous artists over there...
And well.. we were wrong.... it's the boring.... olden times people...
Looks kinda eerie though....

 photo SAM_5167_zpsfd17f56b.jpg

 photo SAM_5172_zpscb903846.jpg

 photo SAM_5173_zps89862598.jpg

 photo SAM_5199_zps188c962b.jpg

Next stop: The must go place in Beijing....
Great Wall of CHina~!

 photo SAM_5241_zps27da0b35.jpg
My mother and I... She buay tahan already.... for walkin for the most time of her whole life....
dunno why was my hair centre-parting...

 photo SAM_5244_zpsbbece4f0.jpg

 photo SAM_5252_zps8e30ce51.jpg
Our target!

 photo SAM_5254_zps74ce0fa7.jpg

 photo SAM_5220_zps4b994673.jpg

 photo SAM_5225_zpse132830a.jpg

 photo SAM_5231_zps2a989f5f.jpg
Ok, let's go!~

 photo SAM_5234_zps8f4da537.jpg

 photo SAM_5235_zpsfb0c28e1.jpg

 photo SAM_5237_zpsc8f8cdcf.jpg

 photo SAM_5238_zps4290824e.jpg
Let me take some more pics... before we start climbling beh...

 photo SAM_5256_zps728adb24.jpg

 photo SAM_5258_zpsd2cb2122.jpg
It really looked pretty awesome...
And knowing the history of it... makes it even more interesting.

 photo SAM_5263_zpsd3910aca.jpg
Ok, i have gave up halfway....i'm the weakling...
My bro have managed to reach to the top and snapped this shot.

 photo SAM_5264_zps6a697c20.jpg

 photo SAM_5272_zps9981cc46.jpg

 photo SAM_5273_zpsb063ca4b.jpg

 photo SAM_5274_zps394bc76e.jpg

Its time for JUMPING SHOTS AGAIN!!! Yeah!

 photo SAM_5279_zps903748bd.jpg

 photo SAM_5280_zps5ee4850a.jpg

 photo SAM_5282_zps00c021fd.jpg
My turn~

 photo SAM_5283_zps54d9fd85.jpg

 photo SAM_5285_zps0d575d39.jpg
My cert... although i did not finish climbing.... lol

 photo SAM_5288_zps0d805d9d.jpg

It's lunch time~!
Trying all sorts of dumpling...
And well... i don't find any of them yummy though~

 photo SAM_5297_zps25f3d536.jpg

 photo SAM_5298_zps2150e016.jpg

 photo SAM_5299_zps7ceb004a.jpg

 photo SAM_5300_zps636b85c4.jpg
CHicky with zucchini again~

 photo SAM_5301_zps4c968885.jpg
My bro's fave vege... celery, but it's oily.

 photo SAM_5302_zpsbc2228fa.jpg
Stir fried fishcake.

 photo SAM_5303_zps6d6761ab.jpg
SO much food for just the 4 of us~

 photo SAM_5304_zps1085ad93.jpg

Next, we went to Beijing Olympic park... to take pics with the BIRD NEST~!

 photo SAM_5305_zps5b374e58.jpg

 photo SAM_5306_zps38dc910f.jpg

 photo SAM_5309_zps60f875dc.jpg
We bought the caps for $2 each? cheap buy right?!

 photo SAM_5312_zps58fcc2fe.jpg

 photo SAM_5313_zps30071e60.jpg

 photo SAM_5320_zpsd16dd92b.jpg

 photo SAM_5326_zps8b699eba.jpg

 photo SAM_5327_zpsf34aba27.jpg

Next stop.... visiting some pearl shop...

 photo SAM_5334_zps3e2bd229.jpg
There's actually 30-40 pearls in the shell... pretty amazing eh....

 photo SAM_5335_zps34d65c82.jpg
Free Foot massage.... of cos meanwhile... promoting their bath salts etc...
But well.. did not buy any..... :)

 photo SAM_5336_zpscd91399e.jpg

Dinner time at the previous thai restaurant again~

 photo SAM_5337_zpsd3960f32.jpg
From the pic you can tell, its pretty oily~

 photo SAM_5338_zpsbb4bc749.jpg
Curry chicken... although tasted abit different from our singapore style...
But mai hiam still buay pai la...

 photo SAM_5339_zps3554683a.jpg
This fried fishyyyy..... tasted a little weird...

 photo SAM_5340_zpsbb5593c0.jpg
Tom yam soup.... previous one tasted better eh...

 photo SAM_5341_zps19ec1ef8.jpg

Day 5:

 photo SAM_5345_zps957576a2.jpg
Why are we both wearing Panda caps???

 photo SAM_5346_zps8636d85d.jpg
Cos, we are going to the ZOO ZOO ZOO, how about you you you?

Was supposed to go Tianjin... But decided to change our itinerary a little....
as was told... journey to and fro tianjin... will take 4hrs? and it will just be like smaller versions of those places tt we have visited in beijing...

So, it will be Zoo time and SHopping time!!!!!

 photo SAM_5355_zpsd35cfac3.jpg
Did you see the panda??

 photo SAM_5373_zpse141b308.jpg

 photo SAM_5384_zps6d800397.jpg

 photo SAM_5387_zpsec5d9ccf.jpg
Zoo Zoo Zoo~!!!!

 photo SAM_5390_zps958f3f41.jpg

 photo SAM_5393_zps4ce6d72a.jpg
Its pretty smelly... the amount of shit and pee they had is really a lot~!!!

 photo SAM_5401_zpsb64987c0.jpg
Did you spot something super big??? lol...

A little girl was asking her daddy: Daddy, why elephant has 5 legs.....
Daddy.... bo wei gong... dont ask so much....

 photo SAM_5407_zps7ab83fd6.jpg

 photo SAM_5409_zps37146880.jpg

 photo SAM_5410_zps5ecc696e.jpg
Say Hi to zebra~!!!!

Lunch time~
 photo SAM_5422_zps63a35e4e.jpg

 photo SAM_5423_zps25af0b1d.jpg
again... chicken with zucchini

 photo SAM_5424_zps639631c9.jpg
sliced duck...

 photo SAM_5425_zps6b13e04a.jpg

 photo SAM_5426_zps4fbbd6e1.jpg
This is pretty not bad.... tofu ...

OK!!! shopping time!!!!

Silk Street Market 秀水街市场

 photo SAM_5427_zpsaa3b29c4.jpg

 photo SAM_5428_zpsaa53ce3a.jpg
Look at the amount of pocky we got!!!

 photo SAM_5429_zpsd01a589d.jpg
The amount of stuffs me bro and i gotten!!

 photo chinatrip2013297_zpsd8e84722.jpg

 photo chinatrip2013298_zpsca6164a6.jpg

 photo chinatrip2013310_zps75724dca.jpg
My loots~


Day 6: to Cheng De

To avoid being late for the train to Chengde.... The tour guide had suggested to take the MRT, which is a good experience to have one at other country.

 photo SAM_5430_zps9a6fbeb2.jpg
Our mrt card~

 photo SAM_5433_zpseabee38f.jpg
Something like ours too ehhh???

 photo SAM_5435_zps708332cc.jpg
Apple farm?

 photo SAM_5438_zps7f67081d.jpg

 photo SAM_5439_zpsc04aba00.jpg
Here comes our mrt.....

 photo SAM_5441_zps68f728ce.jpg
Ok, here we reached the train station...

 photo SAM_5442_zps85fd114a.jpg

 photo SAM_5444_zps5db1321f.jpg

 photo SAM_5448_zpsd8a8fa68.jpg

 photo SAM_5449_zps0be65095.jpg

 photo SAM_5450_zpsc7ca3c70.jpg

 photo SAM_5451_zpsfc017ffc.jpg
ur train tickets~

The train journey was about 4hrs.... its crazy~!!!!

 photo SAM_5452_zps1771ea0c.jpg

 photo SAM_5455_zps9e70cc40.jpg
The summer resort~

 photo SAM_5456_zpsd6856de6.jpg

 photo SAM_5457_zps2bc82c41.jpg

 photo SAM_5458_zpsc5fed2eb.jpg

 photo SAM_5460_zps4a414b6f.jpg

 photo SAM_5463_zps341d17bd.jpg

 photo SAM_5465_zps1b92f886.jpg

 photo SAM_5468_zps484574ab.jpg

 photo SAM_5472_zps6cd8d046.jpg

 photo SAM_5473_zps880ae614.jpg
The place where Huan zhu ge ge acted.....

 photo SAM_5485_zps14e33ef7.jpg

 photo SAM_5496_zpsb01a49c5.jpg

 photo SAM_5501_zps4e22c3c3.jpg

 photo SAM_5502_zpsbd0365b4.jpg

Last Day in China....

Visited Potala palace! quite pretty....

 photo SAM_5504_zpsab859604.jpg

 photo SAM_5510_zps1ac5c5f2.jpg
buai song~

 photo SAM_5511_zpsb39eea6a.jpg
nian zhu...

 photo SAM_5513_zpsa3126a99.jpg

 photo SAM_5514_zps9c9c75f3.jpg

 photo SAM_5515_zps10f6dd23.jpg

 photo SAM_5517_zps3ae0b76b.jpg

 photo SAM_5518_zps30aca01b.jpg
In the past, the emperor have to know how to write 5 languages.

 photo SAM_5520_zpsc043c90d.jpg

 photo SAM_5524_zps48391cfd.jpg

 photo SAM_5534_zps3e4532bd.jpg

 photo SAM_5535_zpsb3a1223e.jpg

 photo SAM_5536_zpse16bd2a7.jpg

 photo SAM_5538_zpsddff8ef3.jpg

 photo SAM_5546_zps3b82c5ff.jpg

 photo SAM_5547_zps8f034bfc.jpg

Frankly... i dont think there's a need to have a to and fro 8hrs journey to CHengde too...
Its a rather small place... cant do much at night too....
Pretty boring~

 photo SAM_5557_zpsd1d3c760.jpg

That ends my China Trip.... a last photo with our tour guide.

Next entry on my Gold coast trip~

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