an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Friday, July 19, 2013

6D4N Gold Coast,2 Theme Parks,SkyPoint + Crab Catching Cruise Part 1

My 2nd trip of 2013: GOLD COAST 
6 Days 4 Night Jun 2013 part 1

This tour package is with Namho again, because not many tour agencies go to Gold coast and also with the 2 well known theme parks.... My bro loves to go to theme parks...

 photo 954870_10151456454952549_1726593259_n_zps2594671d.jpg

ok, so this time round... its really a group tour....
We took SQ about 6hrs flight?

 photo 931259_10151459596952549_1298692055_n_zps3ffe57ff.jpg
My bro bought this for me on the plane... cute :)

When we have reached Brisbane airport... we were kinda lost... no one was holding any Namho signs awaiting for us... So, we became a little kan chiong....
Did they wait for us? Have they left?? Oh no....
Soon, we found some of our tour group peeps...
Then, we asked the security guards around which were pretty helpful, or rather they doesnt want ask to loiter around helplessly....

Not long after, our tour guide arrived... he was late! why like that one.....
Well well... nvm.... then they drove us to a supermarket to have some stock up for the night...
Will be heading to Tangalooma and staying there for a night...

 photo SAM_5769_zps0529a31a.jpg
Woolworths Supermarket~

 photo SAM_5771_zpsced69d1a.jpg
Its their cab... pretty expensive ya~ no joke.

 photo SAM_5773_zpsa1822286.jpg
ok, off we go~

 photo SAM_5774_zps8044798b.jpg
its my giraffeeyyyy

So, our first stop is to Tangalooma Resort~
To feed dolphin, beach walking, water sports, safari ride~

 photo SAM_5776_zpsdedc95cd.jpg
Here's our ferry~

 photo SAM_5777_zps07713dfa.jpg
Do we look alike?

 photo SAM_5778_zps4acbd677.jpg
Or do they look alike?

 photo SAM_5779_zpsce8408e9.jpg
Ok, we definitely doesnt look alike... lol...

 photo SAM_5780_zpsc319a0f6.jpg
That's our boarding pass~

 photo SAM_5781_zps1fe6194c.jpg
Its their winter season over here... pretty cool.... like a shioks~!

 photo SAM_5783_zps4b512c4a.jpg
That's my bro... going all the trips... before enlisting to army~

 photo SAM_5784_zps61ecca4f.jpg
Look at this kukubird~

 photo SAM_5791_zpseefbf8dc.jpg
my bro and i got the best 默契 for taking jump shots!

 photo SAM_5798_zps316c8e16.jpg
ok sleepy... shall sleep in the ferry...
Mummy seems very stiff~

 photo SAM_5801_zps8298f58f.jpg
Ok, we have reached!!! dunno what kind of species of birds they are... but pretty cute!

 photo SAM_5803_zps1b6d3cb6.jpg

 photo SAM_5804_zpsb973a654.jpg

Its lunch time... and we are having buffet~~!!!
Yummilicious... full of MEAT!!! wahhHAHHAhahah... time to GET FAT!

 photo SAM_5805_zps2cc7b630.jpg

Next we had our safari ride... which is pretty cool and bumpy..
Fun experience...

 photo SAM_5809_zps8c2af6fe.jpg

And we reached their so called "Desert"
The sand is so smooth and fine~

 photo SAM_5812_zps2ee064f6.jpg

 photo SAM_5814_zps5ba540ea.jpg
Quick take more pics.. before.. the crowd comes!

 photo SAM_5815_zpsa2405997.jpg

 photo SAM_5816_zps7ce04003.jpg
Standard pose~

 photo SAM_5817_zpsdae34771.jpg
ok, so what are we going to do next?
Someone is demostrating for us on how to go about~
Sliding from the top!!!

 photo SAM_5819_zps3779f5d6.jpg
Look at that... its kinda tiring to climb all the way up!

 photo SAM_5820_zps84c5edaf.jpg

 photo SAM_5821_zpsb4494810.jpg
And here we go!!! Shioks!!!
Its really a great experience... really fun.... was holding to hard i guess... and caused some bleeding on my fingers...

 photo SAM_5823_zpsf614beb7.jpg

 photo SAM_5824_zpsaa8da71e.jpg
great fun'~

 photo SAM_5825_zps1f24d5fc.jpg

 photo SAM_5826_zpsda52650e.jpg

 photo SAM_5828_zps496e498e.jpg
my mummy dare not try of cos....
For her to get up there is already difficult... lol

 photo SAM_5830_zpsc45de613.jpg

 photo SAM_5832_zps8d260089.jpg
Take pics then~ wahahha

 photo SAM_5834_zps3d62c4c5.jpg
Suddenly my mummy started posing for us to take pics for her..

 photo SAM_5836_zps2a78af4a.jpg

 photo SAM_5837_zpsdcb56494.jpg
Lazy to go up for another ride... hence.. jus take MORE PICS!!

 photo SAM_5839_zps44ab44e2.jpg

 photo SAM_5845_zps85ab3626.jpg
ok, dunno what was i trying to do......

 photo 941770_10151459591582549_952189597_n_zpsb598918c.jpg

Tangalooma desert safari!

 photo 7110_10151459594162549_1912785097_n_zpsbd43e0d5.jpg
Adugen~!! Argg... we flew away!!!!!

Anyway, a pcs of this kinda photo.. cost about $16... can u imagine?
Everything over there was pretty expensive....
Wanted to do some water sports.. but it was drizzling and also.. the price were pretty high end...

 photo SAM_5849_zps571c10c4.jpg

 photo SAM_5854_zps324e8796.jpg

 photo SAM_5864_zps0717bdc7.jpg

 photo SAM_5866_zps968f7244.jpg
Fly in the air~!

 photo SAM_5867_zpsdc0d528e.jpg

 photo SAM_5869_zps367623fb.jpg
My turn~

 photo SAM_5873_zps83695532.jpg
Us at Tangalooma...

 photo SAM_5875_zps2b4bb5a3.jpg
Start to miss my hubby a little... Me busy having fun... But hubby is helping out for our house stuffs..

 photo SAM_5876_zpscc539252.jpg

 photo SAM_5877_zpscd2715f9.jpg
It's PATRICK!!!!

 photo SAM_5878_zps286dbfa7.jpg

Night time, there was the dolphin session... wanted to feed themm...
But it was freaking cold... and we were wearing shorts n flip flops...
And feeding the dolphins ain't cheap...

 photo SAM_5880_zps27bfee8d.jpg

 photo SAM_5888_zps203c79d8.jpg

 photo SAM_5890_zpsf23b86c5.jpg

ok, time for bed~


Day 2: Dreamworld

 photo SAM_5895_zps844d0e2d.jpg
Welcome to DREAMWORLD~!

 photo SAM_5896_zpsf8e4ad17.jpg

 photo SAM_5902_zps296c1a05.jpg
forgot what am i pointing to...

 photo SAM_5906_zpsdd5a2c46.jpg
It's kangeroo.... i didnt know u can be that CLOSE.... to a kangeroo...

 photo SAM_5907_zps15fb7113.jpg

 photo SAM_5913_zpsa6728330.jpg
trying to feed the kangeroo... but i scare la...

 photo SAM_5915_zps2768826e.jpg
ok, this kangeroo... i dare to touch.

 photo SAM_5916_zps45a0ef44.jpg

 photo SAM_5922_zps01413223.jpg

 photo SAM_5924_zpscf047ac3.jpg

 photo SAM_5927_zps969e9309.jpg
kangeroo doesnt wanna eat lei...

 photo SAM_5930_zpsc7f9b13c.jpg
ah pui pui koala....

 photo SAM_5932_zps4f8fdd09.jpg

 photo SAM_5933_zps0b640d34.jpg

 photo SAM_5937_zpsd524ae25.jpg
I'm carrying a Koala bear!! have you?

 photo SAM_5939_zpsca9eea7d.jpg

 photo SAM_5941_zpsfb225b5a.jpg

 photo SAM_5946_zpsd4ad2fb6.jpg

 photo SAM_5947_zps6d6bfd04.jpg
Let me go!!!

 photo SAM_5949_zpscc185604.jpg

 photo SAM_5952_zps4affc39c.jpg

 photo SAM_5954_zpsc9b325d7.jpg
damn funny expression... she seems happy being locked up...

 photo SAM_5957_zps1db8f2c4.jpg
Arghhh.... my legs....

 photo SAM_5961_zpse2286ed1.jpg

 photo SAM_5965_zpsbdfec4e8.jpg

 photo SAM_5967_zpsb812ba35.jpg

 photo SAM_5974_zps1d5b04b4.jpg

 photo SAM_5977_zps067125e9.jpg

 photo SAM_5979_zps7356d2fb.jpg
oops... pui liao pui liao...

 photo SAM_5986_zps7ac99e81.jpg

 photo SAM_5994_zps6daf0120.jpg

 photo SAM_6001_zps07077ca7.jpg
Kungfu panda!

 photo SAM_6011_zpsab75396d.jpg
Dig nose~!!!

 photo SAM_6029_zpseb6ef4e2.jpg

 photo SAM_6030_zps6980187e.jpg
smelly armpit!

 photo SAM_6033_zps1af63e94.jpg

 photo SAM_6048_zps7127396f.jpg

 photo SAM_6051_zps9b4de6e6.jpg

 photo SAM_6056_zps98a01503.jpg
ok, finally he;s saying that this one got kick...

 photo SAM_6069_zps3f8a4620.jpg

 photo SAM_6071_zps0151a391.jpg

 photo SAM_6072_zpse9d448f7.jpg

Next, we head to surfers paradise....

Skypoint is Australia's highest external building climb. It has one of Australia's fastest elevators from ground to level 77 in 42.7 seconds.

 photo SAM_6103_zpsde561a05.jpg

 photo SAM_6075_zpse36f76af.jpg
There's a monitor in the lift!

 photo SAM_6076_zps1de26d0b.jpg
Look at the magnificence view.

 photo SAM_6077_zps3d37ec2d.jpg

 photo SAM_6078_zps5d22c97f.jpg
mummy looking so blur....

 photo SAM_6082_zpsb0f4515b.jpg

 photo SAM_6086_zpscacb96b3.jpg
trying to be emo..

 photo SAM_6088_zps4902aff9.jpg
emoing in process...

 photo SAM_6091_zps3650ee3c.jpg

 photo SAM_6101_zps9409b372.jpg
ok, down we go~!

So, we head back to our hotel....

Then we went to do some shopping at the shopping area around our hotel...

 photo SAM_6104_zpsb7e41e0c.jpg
Hello kitttyyyy~!!!!

 photo SAM_6107_zps088dbd70.jpg

 photo SAM_6109_zps46cc0c3b.jpg
Our loots~!

The end of Day 2 in Gold Coast!

Next entry on Gold coast trip Part 2~!
6D4N Gold Coast,2 Theme Parks,SkyPoint + Crab Catching Cruise Part 2

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