an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Monday, July 01, 2013

25th Birthday 2013 (Part 4 with AJALYA)

Part 4 already~ on my actual birthday~

For the first time, I'm working on my birthday itself, and not having any activities on the day.
Firstly, no more leaves. Secondly, maybe i'm getting old or a better word, matured now? lol... This time round i would prefer to just have a simple dinner at home with my hubby and family members.

 photo abcde001_zpsd43e8a62.jpg
Think i'm getting prettier each day...
Dont you think so too? haha~

So, its my birthday today.... and i know my fellow AJALYA colleagues will not forget about it, with so much hinting that i'll not be taking any LEAVES on my birthday... wahhahahaha

AJALYA = [A]pple [J]eslyn [A]udrey [L]imin [Y]angrui [A]nnie

 photo abcde012_zpsec632165.jpg
a bday small card cum flag... made by limin! So cute~!! my mama...
Limin's is like our mama.... although she's one yr younger than me....
but she's got all that a mama has... lol... except kids.. wahhahahah

 photo abcde013_zpse160fa91.jpg
Oooiii.. AJALYA la... wrong position la Limin....

 photo abcde017_zps435b37d5.jpg
I love my fringe (fyi, i trimmed it myself)

 photo abcde002_zps9c726e1f.jpg
Cheesecake!!! after hinting for so long~ yeah!~

 photo abcde004_zps424a900e.jpg

 photo abcde006_zpsc9b889a5.jpg
Wishing time~

 photo abcde009_zpscf3ce287.jpg
With the flag there... a bit difficult to blow lei...

 photo abcde011_zps578aa9d7.jpg

 photo abcde019_zpsff16be1d.jpg
Thai food lunch ordered by them~!!
Food delivery from this below website
The food taste really not bad, wuite spicy too...
This is the 2nd time that we have ordered this~

Anyway, i have realised that we did not take a group photo that day...
nvm, next year!

End of my part 4 bday celebration~

Last one to go....

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