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Pompompurin Cafe Singapore

Address: Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd #04-08, S'pore 238896
Opening hours: 11am to 10.30pm (Last order 10pm)
No reservations, walk-in only

For more updates: https://www.facebook.com/Pompompurincafesg/

Finally here to try out the newly-opened Pompompurin Café that just arrived in Singapore not long ago.
It's so cute la... of cause must visit and spam many photos!
I wasn't pinning high hopes on the food lah so I told myself just be here to submerge in the cuteness! HAHA!

Come on, Let's go!

YAY to no queue at all! WOOHOOO!
So, the trick is to be there early to avoid the queue! I was already here at 5.45pm.
The queue started at about 6.30pm... and even after my friends and I have our fill of the place, we walked out and still see such a long queue!!!
Sucks to be you guys! HahHAHah.

Please wait to be seated.
No joke, you have to be in the queue to wait for your turn.
Even after they have taken down your name and number of pax, you still have to stay in the queue to wait for your turn.


The Menu~
The few of those "Must-Try" dishes include Taco Rice in a cup of Friendship, Coconut Milk Chicken Curry. And for those who didn't know, there are a few dishes that allows you to bring home their Pompompurin Cup that is served as a sauce cup or a soup cup home for free!!!
FREE!!! F-R-E-E!
So in order for me to bring back the cup, we ordered the Mushroom & Bacon Carbonara.




Quick take pic while there's no one else!


Hi cutie~







I noticed that there were a few Pompompurin plushies were lying around on some of the seats... but none were with us on our table. So out of curiosity, I asked the waitress about the plushies because I really wanted one to cam-whore with!! HahHAha!
Later she told me that all these plushies are randomly passed around the restaurant. So it really depends on luck if you will end up having one dining with you...
So, just go ahead and ask the waitress to "borrow" one of the plushies from other tables so you take take a few shots with it... just like what I did... HEHE!
Tadaaaaaa~ but it was a little embarrasseing though, the waitress had to ask from the couple behind us...
Whoopsy, Sorry neh.

来来, to make it more worthwhile... I took lotsa pic of YOU ok?!!
Pinch your CHEEK!! Whahahha... The plushie had slightly discoloured...
Only opened for one month leh... poor plushie. I bet everyone was snatching you around for a lot of pictures.
The Merchandise shelves were quite pathetic ah...
They should restock faster so as to gain more sales leh.
This kind of merchandise are easy business. So cute, confirm selling like hotcakes.
I'm sure those kids will keep pestering their parents to buy!

The free gift souvenir~

Wanted a seat at the Booth... waited for quite a bit but nobody was leaving so we gave up and just go for normal seats that was already available.
Just sat for about 10 minutes and we saw an empty booth! WAH! Not fated leh! WHY AH!

Pompompurin got tail :) lol


Yums Yums... Here comes our dish!
Mushroom & Bacon Carbonara $26.99
Creamy Carbonara Spaghetti with assortment of Mushrooms and Bacons.
French Baguette with the Salsa dip.
Realised that all the dishes that came with this Pompompurin cup was slightly priced on a higher side. But I got to say that I am glad that we ordered this dish because out of the 3 dishes that we ordered, this is the most decent one.
This Carbonara was creamy and cheesy, not too gelat at all. The Salsa was a tad too spicy for my liking. So for those Carbonara lovers out there... this is your calling!


Taco Rice in a Cup of Friendship $19.99
To eat this, you have to first lower Purin and Muffin (the starch in the cup) onto the meat and veggies on the plate, then mix them together. Oh, and for your information, this dish contains Beef. That little friend on top of Purin's head, Muffin is actually Cream Cheese.
As I don't consume beef, I gathered from my girlfriends that the dish wasn't served hot which I assumed is wrong no? The rice was dry and sticky. And even after mixing everything together, the whole combination taste quite funky...
My verdict is, this is just for consumption for our eyes only. HAHA!

Pompompurin's Coconut Milk Chicken Curry $17.99
(Coconut milk with mild curry, topped with veggies)
The Waitress there was nice enough to let us know that this dish also contains Beef. You see those brown lines on Purin's face? Yea, those are supposed to be made up of Beef.
She said we are able to change it to Chocolate sauce and so we did in order for me to have a go at it too mah.
Again, this dish wasn't served hot. I felt that it could have tasted better if it was a little warmer. Tasted like Thai Green Curry with a stronger Coconut note.

Actually, only when you made payment then you will receive a brand new Popompurin cup. This only applies if you order those dishes that have a cup lah.
I wasn't inform of the new cup rule leh so I was actually quite kan chiong when the waitress was clearing away the cup. I even went to the extend to stop her. I told her I wanted the cup... HAHA!
Super embarrassing lor!
It was until that moment that she told me the brand new cup will be given upon payment.

All in all, I felt that this place and food are really very adorable. It made me felt like I have entered a cartoonland. Which made me feel pretty amazing and so much younger! HAHHAH!
The whole place are very worthy of Facebook, Snapchat & Instagram.
As for the food, I really wouldn't exactly say it is terrible.
For places like these, you would probably come once or twice? Nonetheless, the services was quite goof. They are very attentive and helpful. They answered all our queries without prejudice and even helped us snap a few photos!
Service: 8/10
Food: 5.5/10
Overall: 6.5/10
 Will I visit again? Hmmm, Sorry, No.
Awaiting for the opening of Hello Kitty Restaurant!!! :)
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