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Andhra Curry (Kerbau Road)

Address: 41 Kerbau Road, Spore 219170
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 11.30am - 3.30pm, 6pm - 10.30pm
Sat & Sun 11.30am - 10.30pm
Contact: +65 62933935

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Little India~ (well, the name is because this is where you will be able to find the most items that an Indian needs and also the place where the most Indians gather.)

It has been a long time since I last visited Little India. I still remember the last time I was here, I was also looking for a Sari (Indian's Traditional Clothes) but I didn't get any in the end because it was quite costly.

Sari or Saree's price depends on their quality and the material. The better the material, the more expensive the price.

This time round, my company is having their Dinner and Dance. The theme is Hollywod to Bollywood. Since I know many of my colleagues are going to opt for the easier way which is Hollywood. My group of closer colleagues decided to go for Bollywood.

Met up with (S)abrina, Me (A)pple, and (F)uiting, Thus, forming SAF... Okay, kinda lameeee...

 So, we headed down to Tekka Centre, went the wrong direction but chance upon this restaurant so we decided that we will be back for dinner.

Upon reaching Tekka Centre, we saw plenty of shops selling identical Sari, Punjabi etc...

We went to ask around for pricing. All seems quite reasonable but hell are we so wrong....

Fuiting bought this Pink Punjabi...
It was because she actually wore a Sari before for D&D about 6 years ago so she wanted to try something else

Hmmmm, doesn't quite suit me...

This also No No Nooooo


A little too messy and not meeeee bahhh
Looks more like an (fake) Indian now... But the colours are not outstanding enough!

Sabrina chose this in the end!! Quite special with unique colours too!

Spotted a bling bling and shimmery fitted upper garment which they commonly called a blouse that is cropped at midriff
Since I wanted a black Sari, the top comes in handy and suitable!


Different way of wearing it.


I prefer this way though... and show more my bling bling Top!

Somehow my hair matches the outfit too.. Lol.. Black and Blonde...
It's not done yet! We still need to have our Sari tailored.
But we chose the ready-made ones so we are able to wear it ourselves without much troubles.
YAY! We finally purchased our costumes~~~
We are famished!! We quickly went back to the restaurant we saw earlier on!




Was quite empty.







Waiter came over and pass us the WIFI password! FREE WIFI! I APPROVED!
Not sure what to order as there are a lot of varieties so we asked the waiter for some recommendations.
We ordered Biryani, Kebab, Naan and Curry.
The waiter was a nice guy, good service! He recommended the food to us and even explained to us. THUMBS UP!

Lime Juice $2 (Mine)
The two girls were saying that I was lame not to try their teas because we are eating Indian Cuisine.
Well, they order the teas then I try lah. Same lah~

Masala tea $2.90
Tasted like milk tea except for the bit of spicy aftertaste.
We waited for almost 30 mins for our food with the empty restaurant leh! WHY AH!
But since it's us girls waiting, we filled the time with lots of gossips and other stuffs. LOL!
FINALLY the food arrived. The wait was worth it because the food was really YUMS!

Sauces for the Chicken Kebab and Naan? wahahah

Chicken Kebab $12.90
I think this was the Pudina Murgh Tikka with medium spicy but it was still so spicy!
OMG~~ but yet it is very shioks lah!

Wefie before we tuck in!

Cheese Naan $3.50
This was good! So good to dip with the curry!

Plain Naan $2.50
I would prefer the Cheese Naan though, more flavorful.

Fish Curry $8.90
The fish was soft and tender. The curry wasn't too spicy.
Goes well with the Naan and Biryani.

Too hungry liao.. Let's eat!


Chicken Biryani $13.90
The Biryani smells good, very fragrant, slight spiciness.
Super satisfied with the food and the services!!

At the cashier, we were given these.
It's called Mukhwas, an Indian after-meal snack or rather digestive aid. It also aids to freshen breath because indian food tend to be a little heavy with spices.
It can be made of various seeds and nuts. Take this for instance, these are Fennel Seeds and Dried Coconuts.
I tried a little..... I would say the taste is acquired.. HhahahhHAHA
Overall, I would rate it a 8/10.
Good food, good customer service, the only MINUS point was the food took too long to deliver.
Thanks for reading!
Stay tuned for more updates.



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