Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day trip to Zoo on 27 Mar 2016

A day at the Zoo!
Let's go to the Zoo zoo zoo, how about you you you? We used to go to Zouk, but now times have changed and here we are! ZOOOOOOO!!!

Have you brought your kid/kids to the Zoo yet? You probably should! Let them take a break from technology and have a feel of mother nature~

Sam and I are entitled to get free passes to visit the Zoo from the company that we are working at. Each of our staff pass admits 4 person including the employee. The employee must be present to use the Corporate Pass of course.

There's a 10% off items purchased in the Zoo too if you flash the pass at the cashier.
And since we got 2 Passes, we have admit 8 people!

We arranged to go with Le Hubby's Family.
We reached the Zoo in the morning with our super cute Duckie Family Tee.
It was a sunny but luckily, windy day.

Hi Val pupu~


Map of the Zoo
A Komodo Dragon decided to come and welcome us! Haha!

Checking if we are able to catch any Animals Show.

And the timing for Rides. (Mainly for the kids lah)


It's Hippo

Hi Daddy


Elephants show~






She fell asleep right away after washing up and actually missed quite a bit of her favourite animals.








The Polar bear looks kinda pitiful here~ :(


But we enjoyed the quality time spent with Le Hubby's Family.
Live for the moment. Treasure the people you love.
Say the words you need to say. Appreciate what you have around you~~


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Stay tuned for more updates :)

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