Monday, June 12, 2017

Oh My Tian

Address: 34 Whampoa W, #01-79, S'pore 330034
Opening hours:10am to 10pm, closed on Monday
Contact: +65 6612 1166
For more info:

Continuing from my previous post..... 
In search for a dessert place after our dinner at Platform 1094.
The dessert we had didn't satisfy the craving in us so we are en route to find more desserts!

About a 10min walk to Oh My Tian café.
Lucky it was a night walk and the weather was kind.

I feel that the overall concept is a little messy. This is a place where you can find all sorts of concept all jammed pack in a small place. 
One corner with the Carousel, another corner with Hot air balloons wall paper, another corner with old antique Victorian style furniture?
Kinda weird though.
Maybe that is what the older are trying to portray?
Therefore with this messy concept then they will go "Oh my Tian ah!"
Is it? :/

Ya, Oh My Tian!


Pretty Carousel seats. We didn't had a chance to sit there though~

Anyone want to sit on the 龙椅? Along with those antique looking chairs, suddenly there's a zebra printed chairs. I am really interested in knowing what were the designers thinking when they made this place.

Waffle with Matcha and Chocolate Ice cream.
The colour of the waffle looks rather artificial.
I think they added a little colouring to enhance to colour. 

As for the Ice cream, it was neither creamy nor rich.
Not my usual type of Ice cream~

I guess it it was only insta-worthy then.

As for the Dou Hua (Bean curd), what I saw online versus what we were given (shown below), drastic difference.

The ones that was served to us seems like those remaining beancurd at the bottom of the pile.
Or it looks like some curdled milk. Very badly presented.
I know some photos are for viewing purposes only but this is too drastic.

All in all, I felt the food was overrated.
Probably the place could be insta-worthy, quite cosy though even with its messy concept.
However, I'm sorry but not sorry, I won't be visiting the place again.

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