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Love. Pretty Plus +

Love. Pretty Plus+
Beauty Beyond Size

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To be honest, it is very hard to find Plus-Size clothes in Singapore. What do I mean by Plus-size? Average sizes for Plus-size are from UK12 and above. Think about it, women in Singapore are facing obesity issues. But that does not mean that they cannot look good for themselves or their partners, no? We are not catering enough clothes for the demands of Plus-Sized women in Singapore. They might be obese but they still have every rights to want to dress well.

Embrace their curves!

What are some of the problems you have faced while searching for Plus Sized clothes?

I tried searching online for some plus size clothes but every so often those clothes that I came across are either very gaudy or full of patterns and patterns make you look even larger than the actual size. They are usually made of elastic materials or the cut of those clothes make you look pregnant. And when you managed to find some decent clothes, they are either super expensive or they don't do shipping to Singapore.
What's worse is that the measurements do not match what they gave online. You might be UK18 on this website and then UK20 on another. No returns too! UGH!

So now,  I will be featuring this online shop for the Plus-Size.
Their name have been circulating around the Plus-size sector for quite a while now.
The most common comments are that they have clothes that suit the youngsters and clothes for all occasion and events.

Are you excited?



Love. Pretty Plus+.

Let me give you a little biography of them before I go into more details of their merchandises.


Love. Pretty Plus+ is a online blog shop founded by Xindy in 2012.
Their beliefs are that all Plus Size Ladies deserved to be pampered with stylish yet affordable clothing at wallet-friendly prices. Her clothes prices are never over $59.90. She aims to grow, expand and eventually become one of the well-known names in Singapore (Online and Offline) Plus Size Fashion scene. Their clothes ranging from UK 12 to UK22 is a pretty wide range, I must say.

Xindy herself, is the perfect Plus Size model for her own line of clothes, hence you don't have to worry if the clothes you see online would differ a lot from the actual piece.
Not only that, she often arrange for fitting sessions so that her customers get a chance to feel the quality and see the fitting. Good deal, isn't it?

They also have an exchange policy. If you are unable to fit the clothes, you can exchange them within 7 working days. How are all these not service forward?
They are even manufacturing their own collection so they are EXCLUSIVE!

Check out their FB [Love.PrettyPlus (Plus Size Fashion)] ,
Any inquires, you may email to (


I was invited to help them model for some of their collection.
Although I'm a UK10, I must say some of the clothes fit me quite well too. Some are a little loose, but it's pretty trendy to wear loose clothes now right?

This is my first time modeling. I must say, it was really fun yet tiring at the same time, but a very good experience overall.
Scroll down to view the end product of my shoots. Maybe, just maybe, you might consider using me for your blog shop shoots too? Wahahahahah.

Complimentary makeup and curls done by Xindy~

ELL Scuba O/S Blouse
Available in 6 colours and 2 sizes

Candid shot~ Wahahahahah

A little stiff in the beginning~

Look at our Perfect Model with the correct Posture~

Rubberise Rubber Floral Top
Fits up to UK16

This is stretchable and comfortable.
I got one for myself too!

Lace Tullie Dress

I think I look super professional here. Should I put this pic as my CV photo?  
or maybe I should try sending photos to blog shop owners.
Haha, I wonder where all the confidence came from... Wahahahahah pardon me.

Anyway, this fits UK16-18.
This dress was quite big for my size, so I need the help of some pegs to do magic at the back.
You think all photos on blog shops fits so nicely meh? Haha. It takes a lot of angles and clothes peg to make sure those pictures turn out good.

Donna Floral Suit (2pcs set)

Can you find such trendy plus size clothes elsewhere?
What are you waiting for?
Quick click the link below already!

Love+ Denim Fold-Up Dress

They manufactured this Exclusive piece just for all of you!
Comes with side pockets too.
So pretty, comfy and practical~

Available in 2 colours and 3 sizes.

Love+ Daisy Lolla Dress

Another newly manufactured piece. Available in 2 colours, 3 sizes.
Suitable for a casual dinner, or dating!

Jan Maxi

Suitable for attending wedding dinner~
A little slit at the bottom to add some sexiness!!

 Fenny Tribal Dress

You should already know by now that Tribal trends are coming back right?
This is just nice for a Casual Friday!~
Rainbow Blue Boho Dress

Another tribal casual dress~
It's very light and comfy. Suitable for braving Singapore's weather.

Sunshine Floral Blouse

Having it tucked in or out is equally fashionable~

Wahahah, candid shots la... since it's free right? Just keep taking only~
You think by taking only 1 shot will be suffice? You are so wrong, wrong, wrong!
The camera goes click, click, click, click, and you just pose, pose, pose~ lol

Available in 2 sizes

Love+ Checkered Shirt Dress

They manufactured a shirt dress as they heard a lot of customers are requesting for something like these.
So, your voices are heard!
Tell them more of what you want to see in future.
They will try their best to deliver. :)

Love+ Sheila Pinafore Dress

Anyway, if you haven't realized it already, when you see the name of the product with the word "Love+", it  meant that those are exclusive manufactured by them!

Available in 2 colours, 3 sizes.

Polka Off Shoulder Blouse

Cute and sexy at the same time.

Available in 3 colours.

Knitted Pelplum Top

I heard this went out of stock right after I did the photoshoot.
Oops, but don't worry, black is still available.

Ayana Boho Dress

Available in 3 colours.
Maybe this piece will look better on taller people. HAHA!

Love+ Mia Tulip Dress

Definitely a gorgeous dress for a wedding dinner, wedding anniversary.
Available in 3 colours.

They are also participating in GSS now!
Up to 50% off.

Get a free Shelly wallet worth $36.90 when you spend above $150!

I want to make sure my readers don't walk away with nothing.

I have 3 sets of $30 vouchers to giveaway. No minimum spending for the vouchers.

It is very simple.

Just follow the steps below to qualify.
- Go to their page and like Love.PrettyPlus (Plus Size Fashion)
-Like and follow Apple Pupu
- Like and Share this post
- Leave a comment telling us why do you want to win the vouchers

Do all these and I will pick my favorite 3 comments.
You may be one of the 3 lucky winners!
Good Luck!

Giveaway will end on 15th Jul 2017!
Don't wait already! GO GO GO!

Thanks for reading.
Feel free to drop me a message, and follow me on the social platforms below!
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clovertised said...

I've been reading your blog for the longest time already.
I would love to win this giveaway!
I love how L.P.P have a big range of clothes for people who are going and young at heart.

Looking forward to win this!

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