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A Better Florist

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Okay, so before I start sharing with you all about this interesting florist I came across online.
Firstly, I need to let you know I am a hopeless romantic.
I like giving and receiving flowers on all kinds of occasions.
I mean, I try to give nice and pretty flowers but sometimes they tend to get a little pricey no?
Nothing is perfect lah. Cannot have the best of both world.

So, now... I came across this florist that not only does flowers bouquets. They also give lessons on how to make your own bouquets.

Sessions that allows you to make your own one-of-a-kind bouquets.
It is a pretty good idea. Giving someone a bouquet that have a personal touch.

They do same day delivery and free delivery islandwide too!
Regardless that you're located in Bedok, Tampines, Jurong, CBD or even Sentosa, you don't have to worry, they will deliver to your doorstep without any extra charges. At all!
So just in case you forgot an important occasion, they might be just the one you're looking for.

Looking at their website, you might feel the choices of flowers are quite limited.
Fret not, you can actually customize your own bouquet.
Whether you're looking for roses, lilies, tulips, sunflowers, orchids, eutomas or even succulents, they have them available. They will be able to put together a specially customized bouquet just for your loved ones.
It would make me feel really comforting to know I am able to have these kind of services with just one click away.

Just drop them an email to
call their hotline at +65 3163 1525 

Learn Flower Hacks and Basic Floristry at A Better Florist’s Flower Jamming Session

"Tired of bland and boring floral arrangements? Why not learn floristry hacks and professional flower arrangement so you can personalize bouquets for your loved ones!

The renewed interest in the flower industry has forced old-fashioned brick and mortar flower shops to keep up with the times not only in terms of cost, but also the overall presentation and packaging. Up your floral game by learning the basics in floristry, including modern floral arrangements and flower care.
A Better Florist is opening its doors every Saturday for its weekly Flower Jam Session. Whether you’re looking for fun date activities, quality time with the family or searching for a new hobby—we've got you covered. This week’s jam session will focus on succulents and Australian wild flowers. The plump and hardy succulents are excellent alternatives to the usual filler flowers for their interesting texture and appearance."

"Flower bouquets and fresh cut flowers are no longer just luxury purchases or limited to special occasions. They are now slowly being incorporated into interior designs and apartment living. The good news is, the proliferation of online florists in Singapore have made blooming your house even easier by catering to all your floral needs. Fresh flowers and succulents help remind urbanites of the lush outdoors in an increasingly tech-saturated and artificial environment. Through floral subscriptions, you can get quality and in season flowers at affordable prices. So add some life and warmth to drab and dull rooms by blooming your home with beautiful flower displays.
By participating in our flower jam sessions, even cheap flowers can be transformed into classy décor and luxurious bouquets. Come and learn from one of our talented team of florists on how to bring more beauty and more joy into this world. Enjoy a special rate of only $40 per person (for the first 3 sign-ups).

So do come down and join us! We would love to send everyone home with some wild blooms and even bigger smiles. Sign up here to secure your slots now."

For more updates, please head over to A Better Florist FB Page,


If you have no idea what kind of bouquets to customise, visit their instagram page for some ideas.
Or you can tag them when you received your flowers so they can share your ideas online too!


Get your $5 off for your first purchase on the website!


You don't think I will let you walk away reading this post for nothing right?

They have allowed me to give my readers a little something to start their first bouquets going.

If you order now, just simply apply the promo code "APPLE20" and you get 20% off the total price on your purchases. It is for one time application only.

Flowers well received!
For your information, this is "The Lilac"

Steps on how to keep them blooms gorgeous~
Mine came just in time.
Had to snatch a photo with the bouquet before giving it to my dad.

Lastly, Happy Fathers' Day to all Fathers!


Who says men can't enjoy fresh floral scent?
Hope you like what you read here. I really wish all of you will end up receiving beautiful bouquets of flowers from your loved ones.
Thanks for reading.
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