an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Playground Coffee

Address: 60 Jurong West St 91, #01-04, Nanyang Community Club, S'pore 649040
Opening hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm daily except Monday
For more info:

A new café have taken over the space that was previously Pits n Pans and Ikosushi.
Is the location bad or it's their luck?
I really do like Pits n Pans' food though, just felt that they probably did not do enough marketing therefore not much customers know about them.

Well, maybe they should have approached me for some marketing. LOL!
No amount of marketing is enough marketing, no?
Anyway, enough said, let's check out the new café~

I like their clean and minimalist interior. Makes you feel very at ease.

Their cake counter.

We had our lunch here~

Initially, we thought this café  might be from the same group of people behind Pits n Pans, because their menu kinda look similar.
Smoked duck, Miso salmon, etc etc.

And we did checked with them. Our curiosity got the best of us.
They kindly told us that this café was not related to Pits n Pans in anyway.
They are going for a whole different concept actually.
oh well...

Pulled Beef Grain Bowl $16
 24-hours Stewed Beef, Sous-vide egg, mixed Grains, seasoned Bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes, Slaw salad, Balsamic mixed mushrooms

My colleagues commented that the pulled beef were good. Tender and juicy.
The Sous-vide egg was really smooth. I would suggest you break the yolk and mix together with all the other ingredients, eat it like those Korean Bibimbap.
But then again, to each their own. :)

Salmon Grain Bowl $16 
Baked Miso Salmon, Sous-vide egg, mixed Grains, seasoned Bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes, Slaw salad, Balsamic mixed mushroom

Basically the same sides except the change in the Main protein.

Miso Salmon Soba $15 
Baked Miso Salmon, Soba noodles, pickled cucumber, cherry tomatoes, Balsamic mixed mushrooms, Edamame (Served chilled)

I was the one who ordered this. I like the touch of acidic taste from the balsamic vinegar.
The salmon was done nicely with a pink center.
This dish not only looks healthy and taste as good too.

Truffle fries $9

This was just alright yet a little on the pricey side though.

Smoked Duck Aglio Olio $14 
Smoked Duck, mixed mushrooms, Garliced Breadcrumbs, Basil Pesto, Linguine

The texture of the smoked duck was surprisingly good, very springy and just a nice amount of saltiness at the same time.
But to be honest, I am assuming the smoked duck was ordered in. In-house smoking would have be too time consuming and too high of a cost too.

Aglio olio wasn't too oily and goes well with the garlicky breadcrumbs~

BBQ Pulled Beef Sandwich $12 
Pulled Beef in Homemade Cola-Infused BBQ sauce, Slaw salad, Brioche Bun, Skinny Fries

Total damage for the 6 of us.
All in all, I felt the food was not bad. A cosy little humble café, probably can't chit chat for too long during peak hours, as there are limited seats around. Customer service was very prompt.
Would be good if they can add more items to their menu~ They look promising!

I would rate a 7.5/10.

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