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Platform 1094 Harry Potter-Themed Cafe

Address: 1094 Serangoon Rd, S'pore 328192
Contact: +65 6204 6003
Opening hours:
Tues to Fri 11am to 10pm
Sat & Sun 10am to 10pm
Closed on Mon

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/Platform1094/

Are you a fan of Harry Potter Series?

To be honest, I have neither read nor watch their movies, nope, not even once. Wahahahahahah. I never understand what was the whole series about. All I knew is that they are heavily related to Magic or Spells. Something along that line. Please do not hate on me even though I am not a fan of HP.

Whether or not, it doesn't matter, you can still visit this little humble "Harry Potter" themed Café.

Located at this cozy little corner in Serangoon. Their logo already made you feel very excited already. 

Look at these chairs and interior. Very english.

Props for photo taking. So thoughtful of them. All the wands used by the characters in Harry Potter.

 So old fashion english. They really did put a lot of consideration in the interior. 

We are lucky enough to be seated in front of this nice background for photo taking!

Tissue box? Legit eh~

More props and costumes.
Which house are you? Gryffindor? Hufflepuff? Wait no.... Slytherin?

Frankly speaking, we weren't really expecting their food to be decent, be it quality and quantity.
Hear me out. I have been to a few cafes and when they put effort in interior, they tend to miss out on their quality of food.
But boy, was I proven wrongly.
We are here just for photos! 

But........... scroll down for more...
Give me a chance to speak for their food that surprised us!

This is their beaker of water. LOL! 

Mr Lich's Flaming Brew $15
(The Platform's secret recipe)

 This is definitely the Must-Order dish for Photos, Videos, Instastory, Snapchat or whatsoever social media platform you have.

First, a thin layer of alcohol was lighted and poured on top. (This action will be performed by the staffs) 

And then....

You will be handed a bottle of Cinnamon powder. Just sprinkle the Cinnamon powder like nobody's business. Thus, that effect of those sparkles. Really very magical if I have to say so myself.

And we wonder if that is drinkable afterwards, wahahahahah!

The after math of sprinkling the cinnamon powder.


Truffle Fries $10
 Fries drizzled with Truffle oil served with truffle mayo dip

Drunken Clam Pasta (Contains Alcohol) $16
Spaghetti with Flambe Clams, Garlic, Chilli and Wolfberries soaked in wine

I must say this dish was pretty Shioks lah. It is basically a Vongole.
Its spiciness has got some kicks. Good amount of kick. 
Spaghetti was al dente. 
Overall, this dish was beyond our expectation.

Crab Meat Aglio Olio $17
Spaghetti with Crab meat, Smoked Salmon and Flying Fish Roe tossed in Beurre Monte

Quite generous with the Fish roe as you can see in the picture above.
Every mouth of spaghetti, you will be able to have the bits of Crab meat too. The butter monte gives that pasta a shine and fragrance in every bite. 
A little spicy too, but flavorful.

Schnitzel Sous-vide Duck Breast $19
Crispy Duck breast with bacon cream sauce served with pomelo segments, crispy Chinese kale, pickled beetroot and quinoa with mashed potato

The Duck breast was really crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
Since they used the Sous-vide method, the duck was very juicy too. 

However, probably a little insufficient for one serving like this.
But this was good nonetheless~!

Spam Fries $8
Deep Fried Luncheon meat with Thai Sweet Chilli sauce

Here comes my favourite Luncheon meat~ 
I know it sounds lame to have spam right? A can of Spam in the supermarket selling at $2 but I don't do deep frying at home now, so I can only have it outside.
There's a thin layer of breadcrumbs for the luncheon meat which makes it different from what I normally see in other places. Gives the spam a different kind of texture when biting into it. A good kind of texture! 
Eating it without the dip is equally good too!
I likey!

Pesto Mayo Pork Ribs $22
Butter-cream poached Pork Ribs drizzled with Pesto mayo, served with Grilled Vegetables, Corn, Pickled Beetroot and Mango Mustard Espuma

We find the Mango Mustard mousse very interesting. It is light because Espuma have this kind of effects. It is tangy and very appetizing! I would say the whole combination was pretty funky. Pesto mayo, pickled beetroot, mango mustard with Pork ribs, sounds interesting already isn't it. 

I feel they combine too much ingredients in one dish. It will often makes it very difficult to tell which is the main lead for this dish. Too many ingredients confuses the diner.

However, we don't see the pork ribs going with well with the mango mustard mousse. But eating the Mango mustard mousse alone seemed more like a dessert, or just as a side. Wahahahah~

Labanese Grilled Chicken Pasta $16
Spaghetti with Lebanese Grilled Chicken in Cream sauce, toasted pine nuts and parmesan cheese powder

We like the sauce. The creamy and cheesiness of the sauce with the spaghetti deserves a Thumbs up!
Eat it while it's hot please. Because we all know what will happen when creams dry out. 
But, the grilled chicken breast was a little tad too dry though.
Still prefer thigh meats over breast meats

Black Magic $16
Black Sesame Panna Cotta and Squid ink Profiterole with Mango cream diplomat, crispy Charcoal cake Black tuile lace, dark chocolate soil, blackberries and sweet cream

Do you realized there's a trend now with Black food or drinks. Charcoal food?
Another interesting dish that we ordered to our table.

By now you would have noticed. Their plating and food ideas are very close to those of Semi-Fine Dining or Gastronomy. Using mousse and elaborated plating style.
It takes a lot of effort for plating something like this. A for efforts! Well done!

Interesting dessert as there's different texture and taste with every little thing you see there. Each have their own special part to play in this dish. Be it eating them on their own or eating them altogether.

Ok, done with food~
And it's Photo taking time!


Spamming of Photos below!


Don't touch my owl!


Overall, I felt the atmosphere was not bad, a nice place to chill, especially if you want take photos. The food was beyond our expectations too, probably also because we had a very low expectations for this kinda characters cafes. The food were at affordable price too. Customer service was very prompt too.
I would rate it a 8.5/10.

Do they look like a teacher and a student~


Next, we went to explore another café for more desserts!
One can never have enough desserts!

READ more on my next blog post!

Plan B failed! Closed for Event! :(

Oh my Tian!

Are you feeling as excited as me?!
Come back for more!!  

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