an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sorsan's 27th bday at Haramiya Japanese BBQ Restaurant + Tsujiri Tea house

Saw a food blogger recommended this Japanese bbq place, so have decided to come and have a try.

Haramiya Japanese BBQ restaurant
Address: The Central, Clark quay, #03-87
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 11.30am to 3pm, 5pm to 11pm
Sat- Sun 11.30am to 11pm

For more info, please check out at

Looks pretty grand

Was nearly 7, but restaurant was still quite empty

It's almost like we have booked the whole restaurant.. wahhahaah

Extra ala carte, not included in the buffet


Nice view


Bday girl.

the must take "emo" pic

Cooked food... Korea dishes


Topoki cold and a little tough to bite



Takoyaki seems to have no fillings inside
no fillings? = no feelings... lol

the dishes were all presented very neat

The seasoned raw meat for BBQ and some seafood

The food for the steamboat


Make your own sauce

Soup base

Both quite saltish



Beverage menu




Gotten a carrot cake from Little house of Dreams
Surprisingly, the cake was quite yummy eh.
Tasted better than it's look

Happy birthday Sorsan.
Hope you meet your goals.
But, of cos, to us, would be more of,
Hope you meet the right one soon!

Pretty nice ambience and scenery, the place was quite empty.
I remembered asking if they served water, and they point to the menu, so we thought that probably we will need to order the drink separately then. So, we ordered our own drinks at $2.99.

Then, nearing the end of the dinner, my friend suddenly went to ask for ice water, and we gotten free ice water. So, I was like huh... we could have just save $2.99 x 4. ok, maybe they didn't hear me properly?

The food spread was kinda limited. Although I don't take beef, but my friends do. There's only one kind of beef for barbeque. The cooked food were arranged very neat and tidy, but were kinda cold already. Takoyaki which seems like no fillings inside. No desserts, not even fruits. Service wise was still quite ok, the staffs were helpful. However, overall, still a little disappointing.

Give a rating of 6.5/10

So after that, since it was still early, we decided to have some ice cream for dessert and we saw a newly open dessert store.

And I do have Matcha cravings ever since I saw Daniel's food blog on matcha dessert.

Tsujiri Tea House
Address: The Central, Clark quay, #01-74




Sor san ordered the Shiratama Parfait (Vanilla) $7.50

Looks a little different from the picture though.

Wendy and Rayne ordered Yuzu Vanilla float $6.50

Fisheye wefie!



There was a 1 for 1 promo for the normal cone serving.
But of cause, I wanna try something special and different ma.

I chose the Matcha chiffon Parfait for $7.50.

Sometimes I do wonder why when I saw a yakitori stick for $2, or curry puff for $2plus or some bites for $2-$4, I kept telling myself very ex eh... and don't know eat already full or not. But when it comes to dessert... llaollao la, ice cream la, cakes la... so ex, yet I just pay without much hesitation.

Ok back to the Matcha ice cream. There's red bean paste, matcha chiffon cake, corn flakes below the matcha ice cream.

My buddies they all dislike matcha and red bean paste, lol. They said I was eating until like a shioks like that.

Spreading some icecream and some red bean paste onto the cake and eat like enjoying sia..
and I was indeed enjoying. Cos, its Yum Yum. But, don't know why arg... nearing the end, the matcha like getting bitter....

However, overall, I still find it not bad. But a little ex though, eat once in a while ok la.

Rate it 8/10.

Thanks for reading. See ya.

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