an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Birthday Celebration for J.A.L at Twins Korean Restaurant

Birthday Celebration for J.A.L at Twins Korean Restaurant

TWINS Korean Restaurant
Address: 7 Craig Road, Spore 089667
Opening hours:
Mon to Sat 11.30am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 12midnight
Sun  5.30pm to 12am
Contact no: 6221 5205

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Saw Daniel food blog posted on this Korean restaurant with 2 cute Korean chefs and decided to have a try.

We managed to find our way pretty easy, just next to The Pinnacle.

The TWINS signboard. so cute :)

Have been eyeing at those 2 chefs in the kitchen.
There's really only 2 of them cooking and preparing the dishes.

Here's Chef no. 1

ok la ok la.... order food first la.

Ice cream beer! I think its should be like Timbre's frozen beer?
None of us tried since we all have to work the next day.

This is Yang Rui. She's still single and available.
Guys out there, you still have a chance...
We were busy talking about what kinda wedding she wants till we all got so excited that,
we really want her to get a guy and married soon... lol.

Me, I, Myself.

Jeslyn and Yang rui

Demisoda (lemon and grape soda)

Seafood Pancake.
Served hot, taste good. And pretty generous with the amount of prawn.

Quite a normal dish.
We expected bigger portion though, since it was $18.
The toppoki were cut into halves too.

Soy and garlic chicken wings
This was really good. Very crispy, very flavorful, taste was strong, soft in the inside.

Spicy chicken wings.
This was slightly disappointed as it wasn't as spicy as we thought. It's more of sweeter than spicy note.
So, we prefer the soy and garlic one.

Army soup $35
Also a little disappointing, as we thought it would be a big pot of army stew for the price we pay too.
Taste was so so too.

Truffle fries
Not much truffle taste.

Coffee choco with baileys birthday cake from Breadtalk
3 candles specially for the 3 bday girls.

Jeslyn, Limin and Annie.

Because Jeslyn kept nagging from last year... Haidilao gave me a photoframe for my bday but she didn't got any for her last yr. So, I decided to made something easy and memorable for them.

Finally, a nice group pic of AJALYA!

Free Bean Powder Snow BingSoo
For the Bday girls

And surprisingly, although looks soso, but taste nicer than the one at Orchard central eh.

And Audrey was being a little not herself that day, kept insisting on asking to have the Twins chefs out to take a pic with us...

So, tada... I have requested to have a pic with them.

Their opening hours

Overall, I think the atmosphere was good. A good place to chill and chit chat. We chatted till 11pm and could still went on, but cos all of us have to work the next day, so we stopped at there and will continue again at the next gathering which is I don't know when... hahahah... Maybe Yangrui's shotgun wedding? hahahah.

Their service crew will quite nice and helpful too. The chicken wings were good. Bingsoo not bad.
I would give a rating of 7.5/10. For they have Cutey twins chefs too! wahhahahah.

Thanks for reading. See ya again.
I might be doing something else in my blog soon. Do Check out!

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