an apple a day keeps the doctor away

an apple a day keeps the doctor away


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

思味冒菜 Si Wei Mao Cai
Address: 33 Mosque street, Spore 059511
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 11am to 1030pm
Sat to Sun 11am to 12am
Contact: 6223 1170

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This place was recommended by a china colleague. She made the reservation Weibo/Wechat and we got 10% off the bill.


As usual, we were pretty early since we off work at 445pm.
We reached there around 530pm? So we were their first customer for dinner.

A pretty clean and tidy air-conditioned restaurant.




ah May and ah Ting


oH ya, we are [M]ay. [E]eling. [A]pple. [T]ingting

As usual the skinny ones always like to stand at the back!

Sour plum drink






Century egg with chilli oil for appetiser
Slight spicy, taste a bit like the mala steamboat base...
but still quite alright for me.

Crunchy bittergourd
Surprisingly it wasn't really bitter, but I guessed cos they soaked in some salt water?
Cos it was more on the salty side.

Braised duck with potato.
Potato was soft, duck was tender.
But could be better with more meat.
Some pcs of ducks that I ate were boney....


This dish was rather spicy for me.
And all I know was some fish, with a lot of side dishes(noodle, lotus, veg, etc...) in the big plate.
The fish was tender and the waiter told us it was freshly bought today.
and I just googled... it was Catfish?!



So its like the pork was been cooked twice.. ? haha.
The pork was indeed crunchy though.
But the veg below were a little oily.

Mapo Tofu
Looks spicy, but ain't spicy. This dish was ok for me.

Some beef dish but I didn't take.

Overall, spent about $160

A free polaroid pic for us.

Overall, I felt the dishes were slightly more on the spicy and oily side. Can eat once in a while, but definitely not everyday cos I think gonna be FAT FAT FAT arhhh...
Customer service was good, environment quite cosy. A good experience of having china cuisine. Probably, it might not suit us Singaporean, but I think it's a good try.
I would rate 7/10.


Anonymous said...

wow, looks nice! would want to try someday. how to get the discount btw.

Apple said...

Make reservation through wechat or weibo. Add their account, @新加坡思味冒菜